The San Diego Chargers are officially on the clock. On Saturday, the votes needed to place the Citizen’s Initiative stadium plan on the ballot were verified, with over ten thousand signatures to spare. In November, the San Diego voting public will be able to vote in a new stadium for the Chargers.

Or not.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos released a statement of gratitude to all who helped in getting the stadium initiative to this point. It reads:

Last week, the California Supreme Court blocked a lower court ruling that would only require a simple majority for the initiative to pass, instead requiring a two-thirds vote (67%) for the initiative to pass. That ruling is still in question. The Chargers will proceed in their campaign as if 67% is required.

It’s up to you, the Chargers fans, to come out to vote because to be honest, even 50.1% is going to be hard to come by if there isn’t the same fervor at the polls that there was during the signature drive. All Chargers fans must come out and vote yes and also actively work to sway those who are on the fence on the issue, non-sports fans or those who are not supporters of the stadium initiative at all.

A new stadium for the Chargers will be an economic windfall for the city of San Diego for decades to come. A flood of new jobs will be an immediate result as this new stadium will take years to build. Every major sporting event, political convention, concert, and one-off spectacle (i.e. Wrestlemania, the Olympics, World Cup) will come to San Diego. This also places San Diego in the Super Bowl rotation almost indefinitely.


San Diego is the best destination city in the United States. All those tourism dollars from the aforementioned events are going to flood the city’s coffers. America’s Finest City may well become America’s Richest City.

Do the Chargers have your support? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Bolt Up!!


The Greg One



4 Responses to Statement from Dean Spanos on ballot approval

  • Kenneth Zuorro says:

    I was under the impression that only San Diego residents could vote for or against the Initiative, and not County residents as you have stated above.

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams says:

    You’re right, Kenneth. The vote is only to the residents of the city of San Diego, not the county. Unfortunately, that makes it an even more daunting task and more reason every Chargers fan must go to the polls if this stands any chance to pass. Thanks for reading.

  • JEFF says:

    It’s time for the City, County, and Team leaders to come together on this….NOW! There better be an all out effort by all to promote the benefits a new, state of the art, Convadium will bring to San Diego and the entertainment world in general. Mr. Mayor……..are you with us…..or against us? No more tap-dancing!

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams says:

    Couldn’t say it better myself, Jeff! This is a time we must all band together and make the vote happen! Moreover, we MUST hold the Mayor and the city government accountable. MAKE them reveal their position. It’s going to take more than a few. Chargers NATION must live up to their name if this is going to happen. Thanks for reading and for the comment! BOLT UP!!!

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