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Tony Krvaric, chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County, stood near as war was declared on the Chargers’ downtown stadium plans and then admitted the GOP is in opposition to the Chargers’ plan.

Eric Christen — of the Coalition for Fair Employment and Construction — held a press conference with non-union labor. Christen proclaimed the Chargers’ plans to build a stadium and a non-contiguous expansion of the Convention Center is discriminatory against non-union workers.

Christen went so far as to call Tom Lemmon a “bigot.” Lemmon is the Business Manager for the San Diego County and Construction Trades Council.

Christen also declared war on the Chargers initiative stating, “Should they get the signatures to place this on the ballot, we will aggressively pursue a defeat of this initiative.”

Krvaric admitted that the GOP will stand with Christen in opposition to the Chargers’ plan.  “We are against a tax increase,” Krvaric said.  “We oppose this (the Chargers’ initiative) because it is a tax increase.”

Krvaric continued, “We are opposed to it on the ballot. If something goes on the ballot, we are at default opposed to it.”  


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