5 Responses to Inside The Draft with Shane P. Hallam of Draftcountdown.com and DraftTV.com

  • OK, BoogaP…. I just stopped the podcast right away to comment. A tie? Really? You even know that ain’t you, because you were grinning and stuttering over your lines right away… uh-uh.. no mister.

    You are the blue collar fan turned writer, turned I might want my own TV show…the dood in the parking lot outside the stadium (but gonna be in the booth) who knows it like the back of his hand…, watches it with his Pops, been there, officiated that, played it… BACKWARDS HAT sshhhhh.. this is what’s really happening… kinda guy who was auctioning off Ryan Leaf figurines & handing out free preseason tickets.

    Now I am going to press play. God Bless.

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      You crack me up Pete. I had received quite a bit of feedback that people found me to be very knowledgeable and well-spoken…..but the hat and jersey took away from that.

      I was a banker for 5 years. I used to dress like that every single day for work. The jersey and hat thing is something I’ll miss for comfort reasons. Lol. I do still wear them when not on air.

  • I figured. You gotta dress the part, I guess. It’s just funny not seeing you dressed like… well… you. The show is great, no matter what. Once again, nice job with the guests lately. You ain’t effing around! You going to do any live call in shows soon? So your fans can shoot questions at these guys?

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