When I think of a football player, I think of his stats and what he brings to the football field. However, the other night on ESPN, I saw a program on Joshua Perry which touched my heart beyond belief.

Joshua Perry attended Ohio State University. During his senior year with the Buckeyes, he amassed 105 tackles with 7.5 for loss and three sacks. In 2014, he was the Buckeye’s leading tackler along with being a huge blitz weapon. Perry also received many honors for his character and leadership off the field. All the honors he had received while playing for Ohio State prove he is willing to do what it takes to win on the field and the person he is off the field.

Joshua’s biggest fan is his brother Jahred, who has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. It’s a heart-warming story between the two men; a sibling bond that can never be broken.

Jahred and Joshua’s biggest dream is having Jahred go to a game. Unfortunately, Jahred is unable to attend any games due to the loud crowd noises. Jahred, many times, would welcome his brother home from a Buckeye game by greeting him when the bus came in. According to Joshua, the smile on Jahred’s face made his day.

Joshua Perry shows constant leadership on and off the field. He loves giving back to others around him, especially to Jahred. He also enjoys educating people on autism awareness. The man under the helmet is loyal and very kind spirited, a leader our Chargers need on the roster.

My suggestion is get to know the man behind the player, because I have a feeling that once you get to know more about him, his charismatic aura will stay with you forever.

Debra Zettelmier

One Response to Joshua Perry: The man behind the football player

  • Churchill Robinson says:

    Expecting great things from this young man. I believe he has the ability to exceed in the nfl. Teo better shape up and stop missing so many tackles or he might find himself out with Donald Butler.

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