Although the fans of the San Diego Chargers may have felt as though they were a part of a victorious battle on Tuesday in what has been a dramatic and exhausting war to keep the team in America’s finest city, it appears that the team may indeed move to Los Angeles.

Despite owner Dean Spanos stating that he would be taking the day off, it is being reported Wednesday that the framework of a stadium deal that would relocate the Chargers to L.A. with the Rams is in place, according to Alex Flanagan of NFL Network.

Clearly, by saying he would be taking the day off, it actually meant that he would be going above and beyond to continue to ensure that the team would relocate.



The writing has been on the wall — quite to the contrary of what many perceived as positive news on Tuesday at the Owners meetings in Houston —  that the Spanos’ family had given up on working with the city of San Diego.

Though it may have been viewed that the organization was filing for relocation as a means to gain leverage over San Diego should the team have decided to return to the negotiating table with the city, it would seem they had no other reason in doing so other than to relocate the franchise.


Of course not.

Does it hurt?


It is incredibly painful that the reality of this situation is that the Chargers will no longer call San Diego home.

But, perhaps, this report is bullshit like so many other reports out there.

If true, the only thing football-wise that could make this worse would be if Dean moves the team and then turns around and sells it in the near future.

Nothing would surprise me at this point.


Dave Peters


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