The Chargers (3-8) are coming off of their first win in six weeks after beating the Jaguars on the road (31-25). Sunday they take on the Broncos (9-2) who are coming off of their OT win vs the Patriots last Sunday Night.

Here are three things you should look for in order for the Chargers to come away victorious.

1.) Make Osweiler remember that he is a rookie starter
What this means is, put pressure on him at all costs. Make him move his feet, forcing him to make quick decisions. Pagano is going to have to “not play scared” and send the house, trusting that his secondary can cover the Broncos receivers one-on-one. If Pagano and the Chargers can do that, they should have no problem stopping Denver’s offense.

2.) Quick plays
We all know about Denver’s defense and their pass rush. One way to render their pass rush ineffective is by getting off quick plays. The Chargers have the personnel to do that with Danny Woodhead, Stevie Johnson, Antonio Gates and, yes, even Melvin Gordon. As Pagano needed to trust his secondary by blitzing, Reich needs to trust his QB and receivers by playing fast, up-tempo offense, getting the ball out quickly. Let Rivers get the ball out and have his receivers eat up chunk yardage.

3.) Touchdowns, not field goals
In order to beat elite teams in the NFL, you need to score touchdowns on drives, especially in the red zone, instead of field goals. Scoring three in the redzone should be considered a failure against a team like the Broncos. You need to score touchdowns, and you need to do it often to beat these guys.

Agree or disagree? Anything I missed that you think I should have mentioned? Let me know below!

– Zak Darman

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