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That jersey you were wearing Sunday? Make sure it’s ready to go next week…

After a dismal six weeks without a win, the San Diego Chargers finally returned to the win column after defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars, 31-25. For the first time since October 4, we can walk through the week with our heads held high. It’s up to us as fans to help keep the momentum going.

Let’s make sure that same undershirt is clean and ready to go for Sunday, also.

If you’re like me and millions of other NFL fans worldwide, this is the time to remember everything you did, wore, and ate leading up to the game, and do the same thing the next week. Personally, I got up, ran the morning errands and due to it being an early game on the east coast, did not shower because I did not want to miss the kickoff. I still threw on a clean undershirt and jersey to go with my Chargers’ logo shorts. They’re both noted for next week.

Powder blue Rivers jersey, Hanes undershirt.

Just like last week, even though the Chargers will host the Denver Broncos in the afternoon game, I will not break the routine. No shower until after the game. There may be a constant mist of Febreeze hovering over my seat in the living room for the benefit of anyone choosing to sit near me.

The Chargers need our help to win. If you went to the game this week, go to the game next week. Tailgate in the same spot. Go to the same friend’s house. Eat the same pregame meal. Recapture the magic.

The Bolts played like a team with passion this week and we need to do the same! I implore you, Bolt Nation, let’s keep this winning euphoria going through the last month of the season. We all have to do our part. The injuries won’t subside with our favorite team, but it’s not too late to will our team to victory throughout the month of December!

Let’s Goooooooooo!

Will you participate? What ritual will you continue next week? Post your favorite pregame preparation below.


Bolt Up!!


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