The Bolts are 2-5, sitting in last place in the AFC West.

Last place!

Some Chargers fans say it’s the lack of a running game or the inopportune turnovers. Others say it’s the penalties or the play calling. The biggest excuse heard all year: We have a lot of injuries.

Guess which teams in the NFL have injuries?

All 32 of them!

Just like bad calls (I am looking at you, Ed Hochuli), every team gets them.  Good teams overcome them.

The Green Bay Packers lost their top receiver for the season, Jordy Nelson, in the preseason.  They have four players out for the season and they are 6-0, despite losing some key contributors.

The Washington Redskins have nine players out for the season.

The Chargers have two. The players out for the season are guard Johnnie Troutman and defensive end Tenny Palepoi.

The banged-up offensive line has been hit with the biggest with injuries. Center Chris Watt has been on and of the field with injuries. Left tackle King Dunlap and Chris Hairston have also seen injuries this year. The loss of D.J. Fluker was huge.

Tom Telesco had to dig deep to build a new offensive line. The offensive line of third stringers, practice-team players and players released from other teams did alright against the Steelers and especially the Packers. They made it work.

It was brutal to see both Stevie Johnson and Malcom Floyd leave the game against the Browns with injuries.  The Chargers had only suited up four receivers. Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich and quarterback Phillip Rivers didn’t let the injuries defeat them. They made some adjustments, using Danny Woodhead and Ladarius Green more often and got the win.

Do you know what is not a direct effect from injuries? Penalties, especially personal-foul penalties. The interceptions and fumbles are coming from Rivers and Gordon.

There have been no major injuries to the Chargers’ running backs, Gordon, Woodhead and Branden Oliver. The Chargers are ranked 30th in rushing.

The defensive line has not seen one injury this year. That should be the biggest concern. The defense is letting these games get away.

So let’s just drop the injury excuse.  The Bolts, especially against the hated Oakland Raiders, have just not been playing good football.

Let’s hope that the loss to the Raiders pisses them off and they rally together and figure out how to win again.

Thanks for reading.


Laura Leech


One Response to The injury excuse needs to be axed

  • JEFF says:

    Maybe if the OL could be allowed to run block, as in MOVE FORWARD instead of backwards (Pass Protection) they wouldn’t get hurt so often. Also, using a fullback might help the running game(remember Lo Neal). Our offensive scheme is designed to pass…pass………pass.. Not working too well, but if you like passing stats, whoopee! Until the coaches change this, we are headed for the worst season since they only won 1 game

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