Whether or not the seat beneath Chargers head coach Mike McCoy is heating up or not within the organization, the fans have become very vocal about who is responsible for the team’s 2-5 record.

The hashtag #FireMcCoy is spreading like wildfire all over social media.

Personally, I think it is a bit premature to consider firing McCoy, but his 20-19 record as head coach of the Chargers might speak otherwise.

Sunday’s loss to the Raiders was just too much to handle. The team was inept and ineffective in all three phases of the game until the fourth quarter, when it was far too late to affect the final outcome. The score of 37-29 is very deceiving. The Raiders dominated the game, bullying the Chargers all over the field.

The team seemed unprepared for their first divisional game of the season, looking lost and out of sync from the get-go.

There is no denying that this squad has been decimated by injuries since the season began, but all teams go through injury problems. It should no longer been an excuse. The Bolts took the field on Sunday without two of the biggest names in Chargers’ history, Antonio Gates and Eric Weddle. Their replacements, Ladarius Green and Jimmy Wilson, just aren’t the caliber of players as the two future Hall of Famers. The latter, Wilson, played miserably in coverage, while Green filled in admirably, scoring a 31-yard touchdown and two two-point conversions.

But the loss to the Raiders is just one game. It may be the pinnacle of poor play for the 2015 season, but four other losses this season must be added into the equation.

In 39 games, McCoy is only coaching the team to one game above a .500 record. That is just not good enough. Squeaking into the playoffs should not be a goal for this club, much less not making the playoffs at all. How much hope should there be for this team to turn it around after this terrible start? If the past is any indicator, it is not looking too good.

The finger-pointing around Chargers Park has been going on quite often in the last month. Veteran players have been trying to spread a message to younger players about taking things more seriously, working harder to help the Bolts achieve their goals. McCoy himself has iterated that the players and coaching staff must do a better job to right this ship.

But are McCoy’s words falling on deaf ears at this point? Has he already lost this team?

I am not in the locker room or private meetings, but it is fair to speculate that something is being lost in translation during the week when attempting to prepare this team to win football games.

Again, I do not believe that he should be fired right now, nor do I think that Dean Spanos or Tom Telesco would consider canning him any time soon. But the question is worth asking.

Without reopening all of the old wounds of this disastrous year, I’ll get right to the point of this article.

Do you believe the Chargers should part ways with Mike McCoy, firing him from his first NFL head coaching gig?

Please place your vote on the poll and leave a comment stating why you voted the way that you did.


Should the Chargers part ways with Mike McCoy?

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Thanks in advance for voting and commenting. It will be interesting to see what you all have to say.


Booga Peters


4 Responses to Poll: Should the Chargers part ways with Mike McCoy?

  • Bruce says:

    I’m more concerned right now with why the Chargers are having so many injuries last year and this year. Looking at the pre-game injury reports, we have a huge list and the other teams have minimal players injured. Something is wrong or else it’s just bad karma to Deano Spanos for his screwing w/ San Diego. I’d give McCoy the year unless his team doesn’t show up a couple more times as yesterday. Miami put in a fiery assistant and they’re playing really well for him.

  • Eric says:

    I agree with Bruce in that it’s too early to let him go. However, I do feel it’s time he starts dealing with the weak links. Our secondary has continued to get worse over the last 2 seasons and now with Weddle out we are on a path to being the worst in the league. If it’s coaching, FIRE those coaches… If it’s a player issue address it with those players even if you have to CUT someone we are paying a lot of money to (yeah, we all know who I’m talking about). Truth is Weddle doesn’t see a renewal with the Chargers in his future so he’s playing half-hearted. Don’t get me wrong, I still think his half-hearted effort is better than most the people we have back there but you have to deal with the issue rather than just say we’re going to work hard this week. That’s not cutting it anymore and unless you are okay with losing your job at the end of the year you better start working up the chain and figure out where the issues lie. If that means cutting players and firing coaches than so be it.

  • OPBolt says:

    Booga – for me it doesn’t matter any more. He has been an average coach, so the statistics say he will get us to around 8-8 by the end of the season. If you fire him now, I don’t think any other coach will do that well. If you fire him at the end of the year – well, really, who cares what the Carson Chargers do?

  • Anonymous says:

    I had high hopes that this new management after the Norv era would turn this team around. However, after three years of TT giving away draft picks to draft only average picks, and seeing that they don’t know how to use and develop the players they have has been very depressing. I would give him until the end of the season and if he has lost more than he has won I’d say he’s got to go. No trust is TT either. Reich can go TODAY.

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