The NFL draft is only 26 days away.  This is a huge draft, not only for the Chargers, but the AFC West.  Kansas City has the first overall pick.  Followed by Oakland with the 3rd pick and San Diego selecting 11th…. for now.  Rounding out the first round selections are the Broncos with the 28th pick.

With the draft being less than a month away, the rumors of what the Chargers are going to do are all over the place.  I feel fortunate that I will be there live to witness it for myself.

Here at, we’ll be counting down the days by adding a Bolts’ player that’s jersey number corresponds with the number of days left until the draft.

Many of you may not know who Lionel James is or that he was an NFL player.  He happens to be one of my favorite Chargers of all-time.  James was a smaller guy that did it big on the field.  In 1985, he set the NFL record for most all purpose yards in a season.  He was an excellent receiver out of the backfield.  So good, in fact, that he actually switched to wide receiver for a season.  In addition to be a threat catching the ball, James was an extremely dangerous return man.  He finished his short career with 16 touchdowns for the Chargers.

I actually wore the number 26 jersey for one year of rocket football as a child in honor of Lionel James.


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