This offseason there was discussion about the very scary potential of Philip Rivers leaving the San Diego Chargers via trade during the NFL draft. There was speculation that the team, after flying out a good number of the offensive staff and front office to Eugene, OR to workout incoming rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota, would possibly deal Rivers for the Tennessee Titans’ first-round pick (No. 2 selection overall).

Obviously, that talk is now far off in the rearview mirror, as Rivers was not traded and he was signed to a lucrative contract extension with the Chargers.

Now we’re talking about the potential idea that Philip will run away with the MVP trophy by the season’s end (Most Valuable Player).

Thus far throughout the 2015 season, Rivers has thrown for 2,116 yards, tossing 12 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. His completion percentage is at 70.0%. He currently leads the NFL in passing yards. Andy Dalton sits behind him in second place with 1,761 passing yards.

It is amazing that ever since he was trusted with the starting quarterback position, Rivers has not missed any action. The 33-year-old has 150 consecutive starts, putting his toughness and sheer desire to win on display each and every Sunday.

Did I forget to mention the offensive line?

Oh, man. They have been quite the project ever since Kris Dielman was lost to injury along with Marcus McNeil. Just this offseason, Rivers lost his center of 11 years, Nick Hardwick. The revolving door at the center spot in 2014 was widely covered by the staff here at BoltBlitz and many other media outlets, as well. This season has begun no different, as the team has played 12 different configurations along the offensive line.

But did that provide a hindrance to Philip’s stats?

Sure, the offense has been transformed into a short, quick passing game, getting the ball out of his hand faster than when under the former offensive coaching regime.

The fact that Rivers breaks a few records here and there, puts on amazing performances, makes unbelievable throws (in a good way), takes massive beatings behind a patchwork offensive line that is still a work in progress and still continues to have his consecutive starts train rolling is just amazing.

I think it’s great for a guy like Rivers — who is still heavily disrespected by incompetent football fans — to be putting up the numbers he has in recent years due to so many factors that would make it seem unlikely for him to do so.

So the question remains.

Is Philip Rivers in the running for MVP?

Well, let me ask you this: if the award was given out today, who deserves it more than San Diego’s No. 17?

Precisely. No one deserves it more than Philip Rivers.

The major thing standing in the way of Rivers continuing down the MVP track is the fact that the team has a record of 2-4. They clearly need to turn it around to keep him in the running for an award that he is certainly deserving of at this point.

Before I end it here, I want to mention that he is also on pace to break two records. Peyton Manning’s record of 5,477 yards is in jeopardy of being broken by Rivers. He is on track to eclipse that by over 100 yards. Another record he can possibly break is Drew Brees’ completions record (468).

I honestly believe that those two records will be shattered by him. I have no doubt about it, and hopefully I’ll see it in person myself down the stretch!



– Richie Farley

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