I’m at a loss for words due to how dismal the first three games of this season have been played. All three phases of the game for the Chargers have looked fairly poor, at times.

Is the season sunk already? I know that we’re only three games in, but it hasn’t been pretty. I’ve seen poor coaching, poor playing and countless opportunities squandered. It goes without saying that the number of penalties on both sides of the ball has been alarming.

Who is to blame for this lack-luster team? Do we blame the coaches, players or both?

If Chargers survive the Cleveland game with all the injuries suffered all over the roster, can the season be turned around?

I’m not so sure the holes in this season can be plugged or enough water bailed out. Did I mention the Bolts’ division rivals are playing at a high level, making things worse? The Broncos enter Sunday with an undefeated 3-0. They play the Vikings at home, providing them a chance to go 4-0. Sadly, the Raiders currently sit in second place with a 2-1 mark. Oakland travels to Chicago to take on the woeful, Jay Cutler-less Bears. They have a real shot at moving up to 3-1. The Chiefs are tied with the Bolts at a mark of 1-2. Kansas City goes on the road for a tough matchup in Cincinnati. They are likely to fall to 1-3, losing to the Bengals.

Will the sun shine and the storm be over when the team gets Gates back? Will No. 85 bring the Offense to life?

Don’t get me wrong, Melvin Gordon and Stevie Johnson have been pleasant surprises this season. Cleveland has the 32nd rush defense in the league. Gordon and Woodhead should have massive games on Sunday.

I can see the Chargers winning and going 2-2 after Sunday as long as they stick to the running game for four quarters. It’s not going to be easy to beat Cleveland.

The San Diego run defense is ranked 26th and the Browns have a decent backfield with Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson. Will the Chargers look dominant against a mediocre Browns team? Or will the “almost champs” show up?

Almost champs, you ask? Yes, they almost win most games…. almost. If the Lions would not have went to sleep thinking they had the victory on lock, San Diego would be 0-3 right now. The Chargers don’t usually get blown out in games; they tend to hang around long enough to give us all heart attacks whether they win or lose.

Will the coaches correct the course of this ship or are the Bolts headed to the bottom of the AFC West; also known as Al Davis’s locker.

If the Chargers do end up in last place in the division, who will go down with the ship? Will people begin to call for the heads of Mike McCoy and Tom Telesco?

Give me your thoughts.

Sam McCranie

2 Responses to Is the USS SAN DIEGO sinking?

  • JEFF H. says:

    Despite what PR and McCoy say, this is a must win. To have a chance at the playoffs, every home game is a must win based on how things have gone on the road so far, 8 -8 won’t cut it and 9-7 might not either, unless that’s what wins the division…….doubtful at best. Maybe next year every draft selection should be OL or DL? The Chargers have very good skill players, but both lines are suspect. Hopes were high that this year would bring better play from all three phases of the team. Once again, empty promises. The more things change…..the more they stay the same. I’m hoping for a victory tomorrow…with all my fingers and toes crossed. Should I watch the game, or will this jinx them. Every year/every game is filled with the same unsure feelings. We, as fans, deserve better. There are some teams that are always on top, year after year. I wonder what that feels like? Go Bolts!

  • OPBolt says:

    I have entered the “show me” state. I think that this is an average team (at best), composed of mostly average to below average talent, with an average GM, and an average HC. I think the coordinators and position coaches range from average to awful.

    On offense we can’t decide what we want to be, and there seems to be a disconnect between the GM, the HC, and the OC and staff. Are we zone blockers or power blockers? Are we a power running team or a zone run team?
    What is our passing game? What is wrong with our 1st Q game plans? This is not all related to the OL injury situation. Good teams MUST have 3-4 bread and butter plays, that they can successfully run, not matter what. I think our OC thinks that the run draw is that play.

    On defense we can’t decide what we want to be – 3-4, 4-3, or 3-4 hybrid (permanent nickel). However, we don’t have the players to optimize either the 3-4 or the 4-3. No matter what we think we are, what we really are is soft and weak up the middle. What little effort there has been to improve the front 7 has not shown up on the field.

    On special teams we are only a couple of games away from the disaster we recently suffered through. There is absolutely no understanding of how to use the special teams as a strategic weapon to gut the other team. The Chargers use it as a sort of on-field practice squad.

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