In a move that seems to be three weeks too late, the Chargers have placed offensive lineman Johnnie Troutman on reserve-injured, according to the team’s official website. Additionally, the Bolts have again waived tight end Kyle Miller.

The Chargers’ roster now sits at 51 players.

After suffering s litany of injuries along the offensive line in Week 3, it would make perfect sense that the team adds multiple pieces to the O-line.

Troutman, a former fifth-round draft choice, has struggled to make a positive impact when he has been healthy. Known more for his run-blocking ability, no one has ever confused him for being a decent pass-blocking guard. With his placement on reserve-injured, it could be that we have all seen the last of Troutman in a Chargers’ uniform.

When looking at the offensive lineman on the practice squad, it could be that the team will add Craig Watts Jr. or Michael Ola to the 53-man roster. Truth be told, both have the chance of being elevated to the game-day roster.

Watts Jr. joined the team last season as an undrafted free agent out of West Texas A&M. He spent all of 2014 season on the practice squad; minus games where he was suspended due to a violation of the league’s policy substance abuse policy.

Ola started 12 games for the Chicago Bears last year. He played every spot along the offensive line with the exception of center. His versatility most likely spurned the interest of general manager Tom Telesco.


Booga Peters


3 Responses to Chargers place Troutman on injured reserve; waive TE Miller

    • Booga Peters
      Booga Peters says:

      Now that CLE is out of the way, the PIT game is huge. The Chargers need to be at 3-2 going to GB.

  • Ken says:

    When will the front office realize that we need offensive linemen who can open holes and block defensive ends??? All last year and so far this year I sit there and watch people push Dunlap, who is bigger than most, all over the field while he just stands there and watches his man run around him and sack or hurry Rivers. Barksdale and Franklin are not much better. Someone needs to light a fire under these guys and start drafting younger players who want to play and not just pick up a paycheck. Oh! We also need a Special Teams coach and players who know how to TACKLE!!!

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