Brad Sorensen, 27, was picked by the Chargers with the 221st overall pick in the seventh round of the 2013 draft. Sorensen, the Southern Utah product, has never started a game in his career. It is tough to start a game when you are working behind an elite quarterback such as Philip Rivers.

Sorensen has played in every preseason game since being drafted, but his most impressive outing was against the Arizona Cardinals on August 22 of this year.

Sorensen was 13-25 with 122 yards and an interception. Those stats may not sound amazing, but he showed that he could lead the Chargers down the field.

The third-year signal caller had pressure all over him, but he kept calm in the pocket and threw with a great deal of poise. He also showed that he could make quick decisions by hitting his target on time with the pass rush all around him. That is something that Rivers might have taught him along with having quick feet inside the pocket. He seemed to be able to read defenses well, attacking their weak spots. That is pretty impressive for only being in the league for two years. Now that Rivers got his new four-year contract extension, he can learn so much more from him.

Sorensen has done a solid job learning from Rivers. With some time and effort, the 33-year-old might be able to turn Sorensen into a future option at quarterback once No. 17 hangs up his cleats. He has four years to learn all he can from Rivers. That should be plenty of time to learn the position, and learn it well.

He can also learn a lot from offensive coordinator Frank Reich and head coach Mike McCoy. Reich was a quarterback for the Bills, Panthers, Jets and Lions. McCoy has had experience making sub-par quarterbacks such as Jake Delhomme and Tim Tebow into winners. As we all know, he also worked with one of the best passers in NFL history, Peyton Manning.

With all this help, Sorensen could be a great fit as the successor to Rivers. He still has plenty of time to develop, which could mean bad news for the other teams in the league. Don’t be surprised if after Rivers retires that the Chargers organization announces that Sorensen will be the new quarterback of the team.

Only time will tell.


Rick Reiff Jr.


2 Responses to Is Sorensen next in line at quarterback?

  • Bruce says:

    I’m not impressed. Just because has the NFL Prototypical size and arm strength doesn’t make him an NFL QB. I just don’t see it in him.

  • brandon corgan says:

    Sorensen is a stud, he’s just been forced to play with subpar talent (always 3rd string line, 3 string WR’s, guys that will not be on the team). big arm, big frame, athletic and smart. he’s lite it up in training camp, keep him on the practice squad this year and make him the back up next year.

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