On July 14th @ 2:00 pm, City Council will vote to approve $2.1 Million in part to fund an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which is necessary for a stadium vote to take place by January.

If there is a time to attend a rally, this is it. We need all of San Diego out in blue and gold.

The City is quickly advancing with the environmental studies that are required for a public vote in January.

The EIR must be completed and approved by Council no later than October in order to make a January 12 vote possible.

The City is streamlining the EIR process by assigning city staff members to the project in addition to the 60 consultants that would be provided by AECOM.

AECOM provided NFL stadium expertise for Seattle, Miami, Indianapolis, and worked on stadiums for the 2012 London Olympics, 2016 Rio Olympics, and 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Here’s a breakdown of the $2.1 Million expenditure and some background:

Up to $1.2M for consulting firm AECOM
Up to $380,000 for city staff time
Up to $200,000 for conceptual design
Up to $320,000 contingency fund

The total cost will be covered by a $2.1 million one-time payment the city received, as a reimbursement, from the state to cover the city’s costs to comply with some “unfunded” state mandates and new regulations. This will not impact existing budget priorities.


WHAT: Rally before critical City Council stadium vote, then filling the Council Chambers to show support

WHO: All Chargers (and NFL) fans

WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 1:30 – 2:30 PM

WHERE: Civic Center Plaza (in front of City Hall), 202 C street, San Diego California, 92101


One Response to City Council will vote to approve Environmental Impact Report

  • Andrew says:

    Options for a NEW football stadium:
    • First off (WE) San Diego is being re-active to the football stadium! We asked for a stadium-the Chargers asked for a stadium 3-4 years ago, and NO body budged! NOW that there is a threat of losing the Chargers we are reacting!
    • So, Option 1-The team doesn’t get a realistic good deal so they move to LA-Carson.
    • Option 2-reconstruct Mission Valley: Advantages:
    1. Lease costly- there is already pre built construction.
    2. It’s centrally located.
    3. It’s the quickest solution.
    1. The traffic around there is already crazy, even on NON-Game events.
    2. It’s a band-aid because out of 4-5 locations, it’s the worse for a new stadium.
    3. We need a new convention center AND airport! We keep putting band-aids on these items, but the truth is we NEED ALL 3 of these venues. (if we are going to continue to grow!) We should be proactive and build ALL 3 of these necessities! Especially the football stadium AND the convention center!
    4. look at #1!
    • Option 3 & 4-Chula Vista & Oceanside-both viable, but expensive!

    • Option 5-Noone has brought this up, but not only does the Indian Reservation have A LOT of land, they probably would love to have you build on it! I have a suspicion that they would pay for 50% of this.

    A. with ALL the land they have, we can build a new stadium, an airport with TWO runways, (LA has 4-5 airports in their surrounding area) AND a new convention center.
    B. The casinos can be allowed to build new hotels & resorts (80% of their own and 20% others).
    C. this would create mass transit from San Diego to the Indian Reservation-Casinos.
    D. This would create a TON of jobs!
    E. This would alleviate traffic congestion.
    F. the BEST ways to build a city AND bring more money to a city is: 1. Out of country $$(from individuals flying into San Diego, for gambling, & visiting.) 2. Out of state $$ (from individuals flying into San Diego, for gambling, & visiting.) 3. Out of city $$ (from individuals flying into San Diego, for gambling, & visiting.)
    G. (being repetitive) The casino-reservation would put up 50% of the money for this project NOT the citizens!! With 50% of the money put up by the reservation-casinos-we can afford tickets AND food at the game!

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