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The San Diego Chargers find themselves between a rock and a hard place. With the words of franchise quarterback Philip Rivers ringing in their ears, they know they have a choice to make.

To paraphrase, Rivers said he’s going to play out his contract, which concludes at the end of the upcoming season, and what happens next happens. He has no interest in playing in Los Angeles and he’s simply going to focus on this season. His decision to play any further for the Chargers rests on what happens with the stadium issue and relocation to Los Angeles.

What’s a front office to do?

The rumor mill has been abuzz with talk of the Chargers possibly trading Rivers to Tennessee in exchange for the number two pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, affording them the ability to draft Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota to be the new quarterback of the Chargers. Other rumors are circulating about Rivers being dealt other places and for any combination of picks and players but that’s all they are, rumors.

Would the Chargers front office really trade Philip Rivers?

We all know football is a business before all things. No player is untouchable. Anyone can and has been traded. All-time legends of the game like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Franco Harris, Ronnie Lott, Deion Sanders, Brett Favre and countless others all saw phenomenal careers end in a jersey other than the one they were drafted in. The Chargers are well within their rights to do their due diligence in searching out options in case Rivers decides to leave if the Chargers relocate.

Obtaining Mariota with the second pick and then a game changing running back like Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley with the 17th pick has to look attractive on many levels. It’s a hyper speed rebuild with the intent of keeping up with the Joneses (Denver) at the same time. The Chargers would be taking two of the most dominant players at their position in college football over the last four years, rolling the dice and hoping to come up roses.

Here’s the problem. They’re still rookies. It’s still too much to ask them to take on such a huge task and expect immediate results. Quarterback and running back are arguably the two most difficult positions to come in and be the day one starter. There will be growing pains. There will be flashes of brilliance some days and startling ineptitude in others until they adjust to the game at the NFL level and some gifted players coming out of college never do. Ask Johnny Manziel how easy it is to go from being a big shot quarterback in college to playing against NFL defenses.

That is the very reason San Diego should not entertain the thought of trading Philip Rivers.

Rivers is the face of the franchise. He is the Captain, the undisputed leader of the team. As he goes, the Chargers go. No team feeds off their quarterback more than San Diego. Rivers has been the consummate team player. Seemingly every offseason the Chargers revise his contract to free cap space to sign players and he does so without complaint. He’s the first man in the facility and the last to leave. Rivers is the player every man in the locker room, rookie or veteran, can look up to and draw inspiration from. Philip Rivers is the heartbeat and the soul of the Chargers and the San Diego fan base.

In the San Diego county, Rivers has made himself at home and become a pillar of the community. He is a role model. Never do you hear of him getting into trouble at the club, getting arrested, bashing media or rival players in social media or falling prey to any other trapping of success afforded to a multi-millionaire athlete. Rivers began a humble son-of-a-coach and has stayed that way. He comes with a blue collar mentality. A true grinder in every sense of the word, he shows up with the traditional lunch pail and hard hat in hand, leaves it all on the field and quietly goes home to his family at the end of the day.

If only more players would follow his example….

I feel a strong connection to Rivers on a number of levels. Being born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina I literally grew up on the N.C. State campus. I saw all of Rivers games at NCSU. There hadn’t been a successful quarterback out of N.C. State since Roman Gabriel back in the 60’s. Logically, Rivers became my favorite player and I was elated when the Chargers fleeced the New York Giants in the Eli Manning fiasco to bring Rivers to my favorite pro football team in 2004.

Few players are more fun to watch than Rivers. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He feels the way we feel sitting in the stands watching the action unfold before us. We live through him. Ironically, I have to admit, Marcus Mariota is my favorite college player since Rivers. Mariota shows the same poise, accuracy, score at any moment capability Rivers did in college. All eyes stay on him and he does not shy away from the big stage. Mariota is going to be an amazing pro and the Chargers have every right to wine and dine him and work him out. That being said, I don’t want Mariota if the cost is Philip Rivers.

It is alarming the Chargers haven’t made significant strides to assure the fan base that Rivers isn’t going anywhere. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. GM Tom Telesco has said he wants to do everything to make sure Rivers retires a Charger. We’re all wise to front office speak by now and what happens at the draft will speak volumes.

I will be attending the draft in person with my Rivers jersey on as it is every year on day one. A nightmare scenario will be hearing that the front office pulled the trigger and sent Rivers to Nashville. Soul crushing would be the phrase that comes to mind. I grew up a Chargers fan. I bleed Navy and Gold. I thought nothing would ever change my allegiance to the one team I hold on a pedestal above all others regardless of sport.

However, I find my faith has been shaken. I’ve honestly had to sit down and reevaluate my allegiance to the Chargers if a trade were to happen.

One man is not bigger than the team but Philip Rivers is the embodiment of the San Diego Chargers. A move like this would make me question the decision making of the front office. Franchise quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. Ask the Browns, Jets, Cardinals, Rams, Titans, Raiders how hard it is to find a quarterback you can rely on day in day out, year in year out. Once you get out of the top ten quarterbacks in the league every team remaining would give anything to have a signal caller as great as Rivers.

To trade Rivers means they have given up all hope on keeping him even if they have signed and sealed documents confirming a move to L. A. sitting on their desk. It means they’re not willing to exhaust all avenues to convince him to stay. I know a lot of this rests on Rivers shoulders also, he is not without blame in this. Philip has painted the Chargers front office into quite a corner. However, aside from Rivers himself coming out and telling the world through TV, newspaper or radio that he is asking to be traded will I be able to forgive the Chargers brass for letting him go.

What are the Lakers without Kobe? Nothing. What would the 90’s Chicago Bulls have been without Michael Jordan? Nothing. What are the Patriots without Tom Brady? Nothing. What are the Chargers without Philip Rivers?…

Would YOU remain a Chargers fan if Rivers gets traded Thursday?

After long thought on the matter I arrived at this conclusion: I have been a Chargers fan since day one and that was three and a half decades ago. The Chargers are part of who I am. I have seen them all come and go both ceremoniously and unceremoniously. I have seen good, bad and inbetween. Without the Chargers I am a man without a country sports-wise. There’s no NBA team, no baseball team, no college team aside from my Alma Mater, N.C. State, that I root for nearly as feverishly. Leaving my Chargers would be like losing a family member.

I’ve been in the trenches with this team too long. I’m past the point of no return with this team. I want my casket to be in Chargers colors and the date(s) we win the Super Bowl to be inscribed upon it. Love won’t allow me to leave but I understand more practical, less emotionally invested fans leaving the Chargers ranks over a move like this. Let’s all hope it doesn’t come to that.


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6 Responses to Will you remain a Chargers fan if Rivers is traded?

  • Great article Greg, you hit the nail on the head. I was born at Balboa hospital in ’68 and spent all of my years through high school in San Diego. My aunt was a season holder during the Fouts/Coryell era and my siblings and I would sometimes be lucky and join her and my uncle to games. My pop warner teams made an annual pilgrimage to a game as well. After leaving San Diego to pursue my adult life, I remained a devoted Chargers fan. The Gibson bat-down and the win over the Steelers in the AFC Championship game after the ’94 season remains entrenched in my soul as the greatest moment of my life as a sports fan. I also attended our single Super Bowl appearance in Miami that year. Throughout the ups and downs since then I’ve steadfastly remained a Bolt fan and successfully passed the torch to my 12 year old son who is a true fan as well.

    So, needless to say, I can’t fathom NOT being a Chargers fan. Aside from friends and relatives, it’s the only identity I still carry as being a San Diego native. If they trade Rivers, it would be evident they are moving on possibly looking to a future quite possibly in L.A. I could probably get over trading Rivers (which be almost unforgiveable) and remain a fan, but if they move to L.A….nope. It would be a painful divorce, but I CANNOT remain a Chargers fan if they aren’t in San Diego. Breaks my heart just thinking about it. Like you said, it would be like losing a family member.

  • It is funny how rumors start, I wonder if sports writers who have nothing better to do make them up..
    The Chargers GM has said over and over they are not trading Rivers. If Phillip plays out his contract the Bolts will franchise him. The team believes it is close to making the playoffs and possibly a Super Bowl appearance. No team has ever traded a starting QB in that position. It would not surprise me if the Titans and Chargers haven’t even spoken. This is all leverage for contract talks. I will have trouble remaining a Charger fan if they move. I do think the Chargers have waited 14 years and the fact their isn’t an actual plan for the team, new stadium speaks volumes about how poorly talented our elected officials are. What did Dick Murphy or Jerry Sanders do to prevent this situation? They are the problem. I fear now it is to late and we the fans get the pain. Yes I agree it is losing a family member. It is a hard road being a Charger fan.

  • OPBolt says:

    Greg – I think the problem is the unstated and glaring underlying presumption (based on parsing Rivers’ comments) that a Rivers trade = the Chargers’ intention move to LA.

    If one could answer your question in a vacuum, then I think that almost all Chargers fans would remain Chargers fans if there is some sort of Rivers trade, although many would wail and moan, much like when Brees was traded, but in the end they will come around – ASSUMING THE CHARGERS REMAIN IN SAN DIEGO.

    However, as long as a Rivers trade is viewed as a precursor to the moving vans – well, hell yes, I think many fans would turn off.

  • Arnie says:

    They traded JR., I’m still here. We said goodbye to LT, Harrison, Merriman, VJ, an many more, and I’m still here. Context. All these things happened and the team “remained” in San Diego.
    This isn’t about whining over losing a good player, and getting over it eventually. All these “rumors” an speculation started because the team is making plans to locate to another city. Rivers if anything has put down roots here, he made a home an developed ties with the San Diego community. To a kid raised in the South, that means something. So I understand his concerns, to want to have some control where he raises his family. So, being a native San Diegan, I root for the home team. I’ve rooted for them when it wasn’t popular, Spanos said ” it’s just business” not for me. So if he relocates, I have some things to think about.
    So at the end of the day, if we’re going to put Telesco on the hook for “front office speak” then we need to find some facts to call his character an integrity into question, that he speaks from both sides of his mouth, or just out right lied.

  • Kenneth Zuorro says:

    Spot on Greg! I had 6 season tickets for 32 years and endured many mediocre to bad seasons and always remained a Charger fan and member of the Charger Backers, their fan club.
    I finally got fed up with A. J. Smith GIVING away all the good players we needed to win a Superbowl, but remained a staunch Charger fan because of Rivers, Weddle and Gates. The smoke in the air is indicating that management is possibly thinking of getting rid of one, two or all three of them. I also am an Alumni of NCSU and have followed Rivers’ career through college and the pros, and if the Chargers get rid of the one spoke of the wheel they need to make it to the Superbowl, I will definitely be cheering for another team on Sundays.
    I feel the Charger front office needs to carefully think about keeping Rivers, because a lot of people I talk to feel the same way I do and if the season ticket sales are poor now, (and they are), wait and see how far they decrease without Rivers.
    I do not think the problem stems from Tom Telesco, but from his boss. This problem was here prior to Telesco and the only constant from those days is still sitting in the big office on the second floor of the Charger Complex.
    Hopefully I will be still cheering for the Chargers for years to come.

  • Greg Williams
    saruman316 says:

    Thanks for all the great comments guys! Just shows there are still passionate Chargers fans out there who see it from a human standpoint, not just a business standpoint. We’re all alike in that we have a strong emotional pull to the team and to Rivers and that has been a source of great memories for us. Losing Rivers and/or the Chargers would be devastating. Let’s hope both stay for a long, long time!

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