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Wondering whether or not Tom Telesco has the name “Marcus Mariota” inked on the white board for draft day? Let’s take a look at what his being on the Chargers roster could provide.


Height: 6’4″
Weight: 218 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.52 seconds


Marcus Mariota is currently projected as one of the top-two quarterbacks entering the 2015 draft. While at the University of Oregon, he primarily worked out of the shotgun formation. The shotgun formation is one that Philip Rivers likes and the Bolts presently utilize most. Combined with his ability to run for yards, the former Oregon Ducks quarterback could be a dual-threat in San Diego’s offense for many years to come. His speed will be something that defenses will need to take into account, as it helps him escape from the pocket.

In his 41-game college career, Mariota threw for 10,796 yards, and had a touchdown to interception ratio of 105:14. For his final season, he had 4,454 yards passing with four picks and 42 touchdowns (a 68.3 completion percentage), while leading the Ducks to a 12-1 record in 2014. Additionally, he rushed 117 times for 669 yards and 14 touchdowns.


Regardless of what team drafts Mariota, he will most likely need to sit behind a veteran QB for a bit while he learns to better read defensive schemes, identify pre-snap blitzes and recognize when he should step up into the pocket rather than attempt to escape from it.

The NFL comparison for Mariota is Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. They are of similar stature, though at 233 pounds and almost 6’5″, Kaepernick is a bit bigger. Even their college statistics are comparable, despite the Niners’ signal caller having more rushes (600), yards (4,112), and touchdowns (59) over four years of collegiate play versus Mariota, who is entering the draft as a junior.

Three of Mariota’s many awards in 2014 were the Heisman Trophy, the PAC-12 Offensive Player of the Year and being chosen as the Offensive MVP of the 2015 Rose Bowl. He was the first player from the University of Oregon to win the Heisman trophy.



It will be interesting to learn if or when he fits into the big picture for Telesco and company. What do you want to see happen? Please leave your comment below.

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Cheryl White

5 Responses to Draft Profile: Marcus Mariota

  • David says:

    It’s no secret that I’m a huge Mariota fan. Guys humble ,classy and can ball. Would love to see the Chargers do a draft day deal and get him. San Diego fans would fall in love with guy. Boltup and get him.

  • Cheryl White
    Cheryl White says:

    David, while I can eventually see the Chargers moving toward a more mobile QB, I’m not sure that Mariota is the answer. I like what I’ve seen of him, however, I don’t know how long he or San Diego could wait for him to learn how to play at this level. We’ll all find out soon enough! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Arnie says:

    Was that a question or a statement? Looking at this anybody would be fool not to take him. He’s real. He’s legit. That’s not the issue. The question becomes how high of price are the Chargers willing to pay, to get him? If they are willing to pay at all. The jury is in, Telesco isn’t letting go of Rivers to acquire him, so what else to they have? Weddle? Again Telesco isn’t letting him go either. If we don’t believe that, then we have to disregard certain facts, an call TT a liar.
    I would love Mariota as the Chargers QB, I wouldn’t mind if the OTHER three QB’s, the Chargers had private workouts with as the signal callers either. But as long as Rivers is here, Mariota, or whoever, may spend his entire rookie contract, with a clipboard.

  • Cheryl White
    Cheryl White says:

    Statement for me, Arnie…per the article – there are several areas that need to be rectified in order for Mariota to play in the NFL, regardless of whether it be in San Diego or elsewhere. Personally, I think it would be a misstep for the Chargers to trade Rivers. Bottom line, if they do pick up a QB in the draft, that person may be very willing to sit behind Rivers and glean as much as possible from him. By this time next week, everyone will know!

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