Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson reportedly wants out of Minnesota and has stated his willingness to restructure his contract to help to that end. Could San Diego be a landing spot?

Right now this is just a rumor. Adrian Peterson won the first round having his suspension overturned in court. The NFL, as expected, has appealed that decision. He hasn’t specifically asked for a trade, but San Diego is one of the places that is named as a possible landing spot.

The Chargers need help at running back. Ryan Mathews’ contract is up and he’s a pending free agent. His injury history makes a new deal prohibitive. Peterson carries with him a very impressive resume, amassing over 10,000 rushing yards over eight years.

A trade for Adrian Peterson would be on a par with the trade between the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings when the Vikes mortgaged it all for Herschel Walker. How would a full season out of the game affect A.P?  Would Tom Telesco be willing to give a king’s ransom for him in an era where running backs are not valued like they were in LT’s hay day?

What are your thoughts?  Should the Chargers look into a trade for A.P.?

Mike Pisciotta

3 Responses to Adrian Peterson in Lightning Bolts?

  • OPBolt says:

    NO. Keep saying to yourself: YOUNGER + STRONGER + FASTER = CHEAPER. Draft a 2nd-3rd round RB.

    We need way too many upgrades to spend the bank on an over 30 RB. Even if he didn’t take any hits last year, RBs still age in dog years.

    • Mike Pisciotta
      Mike Pisciotta says:

      I agree. Trading for Peterson is too rich for the Chargers’ blood, especially considering they have so many holes to fill. There are other RBs that will come cheaper, not to mention the draft class is deep at RB

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