Ever since the Chargers let Jamal Williams go, they have been lacking at one vital position in their 3-4 defense: Nose Tackle (NT). Yes, Antonio Garay stepped in for a while and performed adequately, but he soon put on too much weight and began to get a steady flow of injuries. Now, NT is one of their most glaring weaknesses. With only Sean Lissemore and Ryan Carrethers getting snaps at NT, opposing offenses have been running wild against the Bolts.

San Diego fans often complain about the offense running up the middle too much. Well, it sure seems to work for the other teams. Second and five or worse is all too common as the middle of the Chargers defensive line gets pushed around.

So what can be done about it? Answer: Danny Shelton: Washington – NT


Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 339 lbs.

Projected 40-Yard Dash: 5.1 Sec.

*All pre-combine unofficial estimations


Danny Shelton, AKA “Feast Mode”, often looked like a man amongst boys in his senior year at the University of Washington. The big man is a two gap plug that forces runners to look elsewhere to gain their yards. For a big man, he is extremely athletic and agile. He is able to control his blocker and quickly shed the block to make tackles. In fact, he recorded 88 tackles and nine sacks in 2014. His great strength, size, superior quickness, and speed enable him to get to quarterbacks as well as running backs.

Although comparisons are often unfair to young athletes, NFL.com has Vince Wilfork as the best comparison in the NFL for Shelton. A young Wilfork would fit in quite nicely in the Chargers’ defense, don’t you think?


I project Shelton to be a first round talent. He would be an outstanding pick for the Chargers at 17, but there is a good chance he will be gone long before as Chicago is switching to a 3-4 defense and would love a solid NT to build around.

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4 Responses to Draft Profiles: Danny Shelton

  • Churchill Robinson says:

    He would be an excellent addition, but he won’t be around in the second round. I think our main concern for the first round will be an offensive lineman to protect Rivers and open holes for whatever running back we pick up in the draft or free agency.

    • Will McCafferty says:

      You’re right, Churchill. He won’t be around in the second round. It all depends who TT gets in free agency. If he secures the O Line with FA’s, he can draft a NT in the first. Depends if he wants to go young on offense or defense.

  • OPBolt says:

    Good profile. If he were available at 17, the Chargers would have to seriously consider taking him as he would likely be the BPA.

    BUT, what if, the Chargers have more confidence in Carrethers coming back from IR and filling the NT for at least 1st and 2nd down, with Lissemore being more of the pass down guy? If they are thinking that way, then would you expect to see a late round/UDFA project guy (like Geathers) for NT?

    If so, in this more likely scenario where we assume Shelton is not available, then who do you think are the other potential NTs, and what round? If the Chargers do assume Carrethers is the man, do you think that they would use one of the precious six slots considering all the other holes to fill?

    • Will McCafferty says:

      I have a buddy (Robert Green) who researches the college ranks far more deeply than I do. Here is what he suggests: Other top nose tackles in this draft are Jordan Phillips from Oklahoma projected for late 2nd to 3rd round, Grady Jarrett, Clemson, 3rd round & Tyeler Davison, Fresno St., late 4th to 5th…

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