It is no secret that the last two home games were flooded by fans from the Patriots and Broncos.  Bill Belichick commented that the week 14 game was like a collegiate game at a neutral site.  After losing to Denver yesterday, Charger defensive end Corey Liuget was quoted by Michael Gehlken as saying, “It definitely did feel like an away game.”

Mike McCoy has shown his frustration about the fact that the stadium has been inundated with fans from opposing teams; imploring Charger fans with season tickets to not sell their seats.  On Sunday, his message and hope were not received with open arms, so to speak.

Many fans were upset or sold their tickets anyway.  Liuget’s thoughts were expounded upon by the former first-round pick saying that the Chargers have played 16 away games.

It was obvious after I walked around the parking lot — at the house formerly known as the Murph — that the Bronco fans came out in full force. There was a sea of orange on the visitor’s side and a mass-sprinkling of Denver fans all over the stadium.

The game against New England was one that had opposing fans throwing beers at Charger fans, Brady chants and loud support for the Patriots. Denver fans were incredibly loud on each Bronco defensive play and every successful offensive play by Peyton Manning and company.

The rumors of the Chargers moving to Los Angeles are circulating all over the NFL, social media, newspapers and the local media.  The fans are talking about it with mixed reactions.  Some would still support the Chargers if they were to move, while others want nothing to do with what would most likely be the LA Chargers.  The fact that Qualcomm is falling apart, and the Spanos family has been fighting to get a new venue in San Diego for over a decade, does not help coerce the fans to come and watch games live at the stadium.  Furthermore, the amount of money spent going to a Charger game runs families away when choosing whether or not to attend the games or watch from their own couches.

San Diego Charger fans are in serious danger of losing their team.  It may not happen in 2015, but it is beginning to seem as though it is inevitable.  The lack of fan support at home games may have pushed Dean over the edge and forced his hand.  Of course, there is also the reality that he doesn’t want to lose the Chargers fans in the LA market to an opposing team.  It is a situation that has a ton of moving parts.

I can’t say that I blame fans for their lack of attendance.  I wish this wasn’t the case, but it is out of my hands.  If the Chargers do stay in San Diego until the November 16th ballot proposal, I’ll do my part to vote in favor of keeping them in San Diego.


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Booga Peters

3 Responses to Qualcomm has become a home away from home for visiting teams

  • maybe they should beat teams and spot chocking all the damn time, chargers fan are tired of going to game where there team dont even try anymore, if they cant try for there fans, the fans will stop going to games, we will support through merch and tv instead of buying tickets so are team will have a good lead and lose or not play at all, chargers was a beast of a team 9 years ago, now there garbage sad to say

  • to many excuses coming from that team every year, just to many,there mad at the fans well the fans are mad at them, we say every year win or lose we support our chargers, and the chargers say every year lose, 1963 will be our only championship, the fans have lost faith in this team, no one may like what im saying but know its true.

    • doug Cruit says:

      I know it is hard to sit and watch a team fall on their faces time after time.. TT and MM are trying very to build a team that the fam and city will love but Norv and AJ the both have ruined the tteam for what reasons i don’t know but i am a diehard from 1963 so i have seen the ups and downs but i just feel that New GM and HC are really trying to bring us a winning team.. Let’s give them 2 more years to do this and if they haven’t done so then i can see the chargers going to LA and leaving San Diego with out a team and a big VOID that willl never be corrected look at the Basketball team we had and now nothing is here..

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