The month of the Bolts Fam!

Write a letter

Letter to non-sports fan day Dec. 2nd

E-mail the mayor day Dec. 4th

Express yourself in a letter about what the Chargers mean to you. You can pick important points from the section below or go to this page (Link) to check out my letter. Write the mayor, members of the county council, the Union Tribune, or Dean. A mailed letter means a lot more, but sending an e-mail works.

So just to get in the spirit, we are going to pick a day and we want every to write a letter/ e-mail on that day and send it. Forward the letter to non-sports fans to the people you know in the San Diego region who don’t like the Chargers. (You don’t even have to write your own on that day) We will need their votes too.

Save our Bolts Selfie day:

OK so I get annoyed with the message boards filling up with selfies of fans in their Chargers gear, but hundreds of you do it. So let’s put those pictures to work. Get out a sharpie and write #saveourbolts on a piece of paper. Get in your chargers gear and take a picture. Post your Save our bolts selfie to all your social media. Let’s all do it on one day and make it a trending topic. If you are not in San Diego write “#saveourBolts from ___”

#savethebolts #SavetheBoltsRoger #SavetheboltsDean

Save our Bolts Selfie day Dec. 9th

Make a Video:

Most of you have smart phones, so use here. Shoot a video, from 15 to 30 seconds a minute tops. Talk about what the Chargers being in San Diego means to you. Post it to Vine, Twitter, FB. We all do it on the same day and perhaps we can get a topic trending. I think the video’s should be directed at Roger Goodell and the NFL. #savethebolts #SavetheBoltsRoger #SavetheboltsDean

Save our Bolts video day Dec. 11th

Organize a Rally:

We need to start at Chargers park on a work day. Late afternoon, bring kids after school. Fans of all ages and background together standing in front of Chargers park. Make signs about saving our Chargers. This will get media attention and be noticed by the whole NFL universe.

Next if you live in El Cajon, Lemon Grove, Chula Vista or Carlsbad. Organize your own local Save our Bolts rally. It is easy. If you are on facebook. Pick a time, date and location and make a Facebook event. Then share on Chargers FB groups, post to twitter. Post it with #saveourbolts. Ask your friends to re-post. Show up take pictures. Even if you get 10 people post your pictures. If you promote with enough lead time we’ll try to make it out.

Most importantly, it will show Dean something important. He may need to win a County-wide ballot measure to get a stadium built. Showing him that we can and will organize to help keep the team will show him he can count on us to help.

Rally at Chargers park Friday dec. 12th (Beat Denver and save our Bolts rally!)

Neighborhood (region wide) rallies Dec. 13

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