Dear Non-sports fan San Diego Resident,

We’re not going to waste a lot of your time, but we hope you will take a moment to read this letter and consider the many benefits the Chargers provide to the community whether you are a fan or not. We know from the outside football seems like a violent waste of millions of dollars. We are not trying to convince you to like football or the Chargers, but want to explain why keeping the Chargers here is in your best interest. Let’s talk about why you should vote in favor of tax support for a first class multi-purpose event space downtown that will be the new home for the Chargers.

If you are not a Sports fan you might not realize what a dump QUALCOMM Stadium has become. It is the second oldest stadium currently used in the NFL. You don’t care about that we know, but you should care about how much taxpayer money is used to maintain it. The Team says the Q will cost the city $345 million over a decade (2010-20), and that includes $113 million in repairs needed. The VOSD analysis found that losses at Qualcomm average $12.2 million a year — about $3 million less than the team says. Still, $12 million is a lot. The City did an internal report in 2011 saying $10 million a year, with $80 million to repair the stadium.

The city will spend a lot of your money. So why not get a first class facility; not just for the Chargers, but one that helps bring even more conventions, concerts, nationally relevant sporting events and boosts the economy.

I know that, for many years, the local media has referred to the need to build a stadium for the Chargers. But the majority of the events this venue hosts will not be Chargers game. An entertainment center like this will be helpful in maintaining Comic-con an event vital to the economy of San Diego. The convention center expansion looks to cost $520 million and a stadium as much why not combine the efforts? Whatever building we as taxpayers build should host Comic-con events, Conventions, NCAA final fours, Super bowls, Aztec football games, College football championships, and many more things. Oh yeah, 8 times hopefully 10 times a year a Chargers game.

Indianapolis didn’t built a NFL stadium but an event space. They have hosted a super bowl, several college football championships and a NCAA Basketball final four. A study by Indiana University researchers estimates the economic impact at more than $40 million. The annual SEC College football championship has generated over $702 million of economic impact to the city of Atlanta since 2000, an average of nearly $64 million per year and approximately $30.7 million in sales taxes over the same time span.

According to the USA Today The league supports about 110,000 jobs in NFL cities— not just quarterbacks and punters, but also hotel workers and sports-bar employees. Together, the games add about $5 billion to the economies in NFL cities, according to an analysis prepared for the NFL Players Association by Edgeworth Economics. Take the Meadowlands in New Jersey Employs about 4,000 people on an NFL Sunday, including parking attendants, security guards, ushers, ticket takers, janitors, merchandise dealers and concession workers. According to Positively Cleveland, which promotes tourism to the city, estimated that every Browns game brought $7.9 million in business to Cleveland — $63 million a year.

Eight of the 10 top rated TV shows every year are NFL games. The Chargers home games are free commercials for tourism to the cold parts of the country. While many NFL teams roster looks like a police Blotter San Diego’s team has the lowest number of arrests since 2012 and the only player arrested in that time is no longer on the team. The Chargers are a team kids can look up to. Take a minute to go the link below and see the many ways The team and the players on the team give back.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t ever watch a Charger football game it is in the interest of everyone in the county to vote in favor of the Chargers ballot measure. The current stadium is a money pit, and we have a chance as a community to boost the economy it would be foolish not to.

Signed concerned Chargers fan.

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