As if the Chargers hadn’t received enough bad news on the injury report, Ian Rapoport just announced that rookie cornerback Jason Verrett has a torn labrum.  He is expected to miss at least 2-3 weeks.

The entire San Diego squad has been beat up.  Major contributors have been lost for the year, and there are many high-quality players that have already missed significant time.

The secondary was looking great with both Brandon Flowers – who is practicing today for the first time since suffering a concussion against the Chiefs – and Verrett in the defensive lineup.  Flowers was the highest rated cornerback via and Jason was the 2nd rated corner.

Considering the week 10 bye is right around the corner, the Bolts will have some time to get players healthy.  The real question surrounding Verrett, is how accurate is the initial diagnosis of him only missing 2-3 weeks?  Although he played through a torn labrum while he was at TCU, it is said that this injury is more severe than the one he suffered as a collegian.

Until Verrett is healthy, defensive coordinator John Pagano will have to creative in his coverage shcemes.  It is paramount that the front-seven applies pressure to opposing quarterbacks in an effort to help out the secondary.

The recent injury news doesn’t come as a real surprise seeing as Verrett left the game in a sling and has yet to return to the practice field.  Once he is healthy again, and the Chargers get back Brandon Flowers, the defense will receive a boost from the 2014 offseason additions in Jason and Brandon.


Booga Peters

2 Responses to Jason Verrett has a torn labrum will miss 2-3 weeks

  • OPBolt says:

    Booga – I hope your optimism is repaid. Even playing hurt, he may still be the second best CB on the team (that is NOT a good thing!). While I am also hopeful, I remain skeptical that he will be able to come back and be effective.

    Along with multiple other injuries, it just shows how much further TT needs to go. The falloff in talent from starters to backups is still too steep. He is really having to play whack-a-mole this year to try and get and keep players to suit up.

    He is going to need have a terrific draft and FA (start that list with Flowers …) to mitigate longer term issues next year – for example our two currently starting OLBs are octogenarians in football years. He will need to decide whether he can depend on our other star OLB (ingram), our starting RB (Mathews), our starting ILB (Te’o), and our starting CB (Verrett) as they all look they are made of glass and in some cases this is starting to look like a career long label (a’ la Larry English).

    Just think how much this would suck if we didn’t have an all world QB, who, despite everything, might still drag this wagon up the hill.

  • Briana Soltis
    Bri says:

    The great thing about next year is the availibility of funds to play with. That can allow for resignings, FA pick ups, etc. TT has had to deal with a lot of injuries and very minimal cap space. Guys will get healthy, TT will continue on the depth charts, and everything will play out as best as possible.

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