On November 8th, the day before the Chargers week 10 bye, we here at are throwing a bonfire at Fiesta Island at 6:30 pm.  We would like to encourage as many Charger fans as possible to come out and attend and have a great time hanging out.

Like our meetups that we’ve thrown in the past, we will have a raffle consisting of a few awesome Charger jerseys – Chuck Muncie and Corey Liuget – and other Charger-related items.  If you have ever been to one of our meetups, you already know what a good time we have and that we always try to show our appreciation for the readers and supporters of and your San Diego Chargers.

Because there aren’t as many items for the raffle as people are accustomed to, the ticket prices have been reduced to 2 tickets for $5.00 and 5 tickets for $10.00.

For those of you that enjoy adult beverages, glass bottles are completely unacceptable for the event.  Make sure that the beverages you bring are in cans, not bottles.

Myself and Thomas are asking for a little bit of your help.  We need some fans to bring wood for the bonfire.  We have a little bit, but much more is needed.  If you are able to help out by bringing some wood for the fire, please message me on Twitter @BoogaP, private message me on Facebook Dave Booga Peters or text me at 509-301-5838.

We look forward to everyone coming out and having a great time.  There will be some games set up for people to compete against each other including: an egg toss, limbo contest and a couple of other things.  The group picture will be at sunset in order to have the best photo possible.


Thanks a lot for reading. Thomas and I hope to see a ton of Charger fans there.


Booga Peters



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