Despite painfully difficult Charger losses against both the Chiefs and the Broncos, Antonio Gates has built on his legacy as one of the best tight ends of all-time and one of the best scoring threats of all-time.  His final place among those greats has yet to be cemented in history, but he certainly will finish his career as a first-ballot Hall of Famer when it is all said and done.

Come at me, bro!

I am just kidding.  That being said, you have no argument, that I would be able to comprehend as plausible, as to why Gates is not going to be inducted as soon as he is eligible five years after he hangs up his cleats.

Come at me, bro?

After passing Lance Alworth and becoming the Chargers all-time leader in receiving yardage, Antonio managed to tie for the lead-league in touchdown receptions.  Not bad for a guy that even Bolt fans had given up on; some considered him done and easily replaced by Ladarius Green.  That has not been the case, and Keenan Allen has played a huge part – due to a bracketed defender, and/or double coverage – in the resurgence of the former Kent State basketball player.

Although I am not old enough to have watched the great Lance Alworth destroy the league and its records, I grew up being force-fed how amazing Bambi was as a receiver.  His ability to run routes and go up and snag the ball at its highest point were far ahead of its time.  He continued to make his mark even after being a Charger.  He also made plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

But let’s stick on the subject of Gates.

After coming to the team as an undrafted free-agent, Gates has helped change the way the tight end position is being played in the NFL.  When looking around the league, the position has been transformed from what was, basically, an extra blocker to an athletic receiving option that defenses would have trouble matching up with.


Here’s a look at his numbers up to this point in his career.


TOTAL 751 9,610 12.8 72 96 0 0 0 0 5 4
2014 SD 8 8 32 417 13 34 9
2013 SD 16 15 77 872 11.3 56T 4 2 2
2012 SD 15 15 49 538 11 34T 7
2011 SD 13 13 64 778 12.2 38T 7
2010 SD 10 10 50 782 15.6 48T 10
2009 SD 16 16 79 1,157 14.6 56 8 1 0
2008 SD 16 16 60 704 11.7 34 8 1 1
2007 SD 16 16 75 984 13.1 49T 9
2006 SD 16 16 71 924 13 57T 9
2005 SD 15 15 89 1,101 12.4 38 10
2004 SD 15 15 81 964 11.9 72T 13
2003 SD 15 11 24 389 16.2 48 2 1 1


As you look at his statistics, Antonio is only 390 receiving yards away from reaching 10,000.  Gates is on pace to surpass that mark this season having 417 yards thus far at the halfway point.  He is only one touchdown away from reaching double-digit scores in a season for the first time since 2010.  With four more touchdowns, he’ll be only the 10th player in NFL history with 100 touchdown receptions.

It goes without saying that Antonio Gates has had a remarkable career.  What is even more exciting is that he’s not done yet.  He still has plenty of gas left in the tank to build on what is already a one-way ticket to Canton, Ohio and that golden jacket.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters





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