After a sloppy, yet impressive, win in Oakland, the Chargers will come home for the last time until Week 11.  The week upcoming could not be more important.  After an AFC West showdown against the Chiefs in Kansas City on Sunday, the San Diego Chargers will have to gear right back up and visit Peyton Manning and the Broncos at Mile High on Thursday night.

With Kansas City (2-3, 0-1) taking off Week 6 with a bye, one can assume they  will come into Sundays contest against the Chargers (5-1, 1-0) well prepared.  While I am always nervous about division games, the Chiefs share something with Oakland this season that makes me slightly more nervous for this matchup.  Kansas City will arrive in San Diego with no division wins.  As I stated in my previous article, nothing makes a rival’s day more than to ruin a division opponents record.  San Diego stands undefeated in the AFCW.  But they’ve only played one game.

While Kansas City only holds a 2-3 record, they have looked impressive at times, with their best win of the season being against the New England Patriots. There are some good and bad things to consider when you look at their team.  Kansas City ranks 5th in total defense with 1709 yards allowed so far this season, yet they rank 14th in yards allowed per game.  This can be a result of their rather early bye.  Kansas City also boasts a “middle of the pack” run defense with a ranking of 13th, yet they are only one of two teams (Buffalo) that have not surrendered a touchdown via the ground game.

With a hot Philip Rivers under center, Chargers fans should be rather pleased to see Kansas City this week.  The Chiefs rank toward the bottom of the league (23rd) in opposing QB passer rating.  The Chiefs also only have two interceptions on the season and allow 7 yards per pass completion.  I see another big day for the MVP candidate.

The Chiefs own the 15th rated rushing attack along with the 31st rated passing game.  The Charger 8th rated defense should fare well against their western foes.

With a monumental week ahead, the Bolts will have to play some of their best football twice within a 5-day span.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty damn confident they will.  I look forward to seeing where we stand in the division after Thursday.


Jarvis Royall

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