Writer’s note: I love the Chargers and love to write. That in mind, I’m ridiculously busy with work and especially school. As I look down at my clock on the computer, I see I have 30 minutes of free time. THIRTY MINUTES! I owe Dave a ton of articles, so let me crank one out.

I’ll admit I was a little worried after the first half of the Chargers/Jaguars game. Bortles seemed to have the Chargers number. Nice completion after nice completion and their defense was stepping up. One of my closest friends, and a diehard Jaguars fan, Ken, made sure to let me know through a series of texts.

While my knee-jerk reaction was to blame injuries, I was hard-pressed to do so. Every team has to overcome injuries and various adversities throughout each NFL season. The Bolts are definitely no different. While injuries can be extremely detrimental to an NFL team (especially losing key players from both sides of the ball), I felt a little different during halftime.

Instead of pointing my fingers at an individual issue or issues, I thought to myself, “They’ll figure it out and pull out a win.”

I don’t remember saying that during any other season throughout my Chargers fandom. This is the kind of impact a culture change has brought to San Diego.

Telesco has drafted really well and aside from a couple of special cases (Derek Cox), has picked up excellent players to start and create great depth throughout the roster.

McCoy has only strengthened what Telesco has given him. McCoy is great at adapting, something that is refreshing and makes me never worry about the team. Granted, I was in Arizona during the 4th quarter collapse and wasn’t exactly happy. However, I knew McCoy and Rivers would right the ship for the next week. I think most Chargers fans felt that way.

Bringing this full circle, that’s how I felt during halftime. These guys are great at addressing issues and learning from mistakes. The 2nd half of the game was all Chargers. The defense looked awesome (this was without Ingram, Verrett, Te’o, and Attaochu) and the offense was lighting the Jags up with big plays (no Mathews and playing a center who Philip met last week).

This victory was the essence of a team victory and was really fun to watch.

Through the first quarter of the Chargers season, the team looks great. Even with an insane amount of key injuries, the coaches have adapted game plans and players have stepped up; continuing to push forward and come out with wins.

It’s cliché but every NFL team is a threat which makes every win exciting. Thinking ahead, I have nothing but confidence in the abilities of the Charger organization to continue to provide the fans with great performances and wins throughout the rest of the 2014-2015 season.

Nick Colonna

One Response to The Culture Change We Needed by Nick Colonna

  • Arnie says:

    I can’t help but wonder what the Chargers would look like now, had aj/norv been let go a year earlier? I was not thrilled about it, however I am pleased about the outcome and glad my torment was worth it.

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