First off, I would like to say it is good to be back.  I’ve had a long break from writing due to starting a new job and getting Married (2 weeks ago).  I’m glad it’s football season again and happy to see the site doing well.  Now without further delay, lets get to the predictions.

Well I already know I am going to get a lot of people disagreeing with me here, but that’s half the fun.  I went back and re-watched all the games and I have come up with 2 lists.  What I would do if I was GM, and what I think will actually happen.  Since I will explain everything below, lets jump right into it!

What I wish would happen      What I think will Actually Happen 

Offense – 25                                       Offense – 24
QB – 2                                                     QB – 2
Philip Rivers                                          Philip Rivers
Kellen Clemens                                    Kellen Clemens

Quarterback was pretty easy for me.  With the huge need we have for an extra body on both sides of the line, carry 3 QB’s doesn’t make much sense.  With Sorensen’s preseason performance, he should be a safe bet to make it to the practice squad without getting picked up by another team, but even if he does, he obviously isn’t our future starter so in my eyes, not a big loss.

RB – 4                                                     RB – 4
Ryan Mathews                                     Ryan Mathews
Danny Woodhead                              Danny Woodhead
Donald Brown                                     Donald Brown
Marion Grice                                        Marion Grice

Running back is also pretty straight forward this year.  The top 3 are a lock.  The 4th position came down to Oliver and Grice.  Grice, along with actually being drafted, did enough this pre-season to put himself ahead of Oliver and wins the final spot.

TE – 4                                                     TE – 4
Antonio Gates                                      Antonio Gates
Ladarius Green                                    Ladarius Green
John Phillips                                         John Phillips
David Johnson                                    David Johnson

With no dedicated FB this year, we carry 4 TE’s.  Gates is getting older and is a pretty terrible blocker, but he is healthy, can find seams better than my Vietnamese tailor, and catches everything.  Green is due for a breakout season, and if Gates goes down to an injury, could wind up as a top 5 fantasy TE.  Phillips is a football player and worth keeping.  Johnson is a monster when used as a FB, and in my opinion, under utilized as a passer so he earns the last spot.

WR – 6                                                   WR – 6
Keenan Allen                                       Keenan Allen
Malcom Floyd                                     Malcom Floyd
Eddie Royal                                         Eddie Royal
Vincent Brown                                   Vincent Brown
Dontrell Inman                                  Dontrell Inman
Seji Ajirotutu                                       Seji Ajirotutu

This is the last position that I think the team will do what I want.  Allen and Floyd are the only “locks” here, however I think based on familiarity with the team/Rivers, keeps Royal and Brown here as well.  Inman earned a spot here.  He was the most impressive new WR on this roster.  He was top 10 in the league this pre-season for Rec Yards and was 2nd in YPC for players with 5 or more receptions.  The last spot was hard.  I think Tutu takes the slight edge over Javontee Herndon due to size and experience.  Herndon should be the first player they offer a PS spot too.

OL – 9                                                   OL – 8
Nick Hardwick                                   Nick Hardwick
DJ Fluker                                             DJ Fluker
King Dunlap                                       King Dunlap
Chat Rinehart                                    Chat Rinehart
Johnny Troutman                            Johnny Troutman
Chris Watt                                         Chris Watt
Rich Ohrnberger                              Rich Ohrnberger
Willie Smith                                      Willie Smith
Mike Harris

The first 7 players on each of these lists are pretty solid locks to be there in my opinion.  Willie Smith won the battle over Mike Harris.  Harris will likely be on a short list of people to call if an injury happens but his liability against speed rushers drops him off this list for the team.  However I kept Mike Harris…for now.  Clary is starting the season on the PUP and when he comes back we will need to let someone go.  Harris is good insurance due to his time with the team but can be replaced with Clary when he comes back.

Defense – 25                                    Defense – 26
DL – 6                                                   DL – 6
Sean Lissemore                                 Sean Lissemore
Corey Liuget                                       Corey Liuget
Kendall Reyes                                     Kendall Reyes
Ryan Carrethers                                Ryan Carrethers
Lawrence Guy                                    Lawrence Guy
Doug Worthington                           Tenny Palepoi

Again, the first 3 players on these lists are locks to make the team.  With the injury to Kwame Geathers, Carrethers is a lock too.  Lawrence Guy was injured but he makes the team based on past performance, and the lackluster performance of our new D-Linemen.  Doug Worthington makes the team as the most experienced DT we have left on the roster, plus he looked solid in limited action.  I have the Chargers keeping an extra D-Lineman due to injury concerns, so UDFA Tenny Palepoi makes the team.

OLB – 5                                                OLB – 5
Melvin Ingram                                   Melvin Ingram
Jarret Johnson                                    Jarret Johnson
Jerry Attaochu                                   Jerry Attaochu
Dwight Freeney                                Dwight Freeney
Cordarro Law                                    Tourek Williams

All of the first 4 players on both lists are locks.  I am a little biased against Tourek, honestly I’m just not a fan.  So I was trying to pick between Law and Keiser.  Law won out for me for 2 reasons: 1) He is a better pass rusher (good bull rush, good hands) 2) He is better against the run.  Keiser is better when dropping back in coverage, but Law will be used as a pass rusher when he is on the field so I’m not as worried about it.

ILB – 5                                                 ILB – 5
Donald Butler                                   Donald Butler
Manti Te’o                                         Manti Te’o
Kavell Conner                                   Kavell Conner
Andrew Gachkar                              Andrew Gachkar
Reggie Walker                                  Reggie Walker

I think this is pretty well set.  Not a whole lot of extra choices here and the team likes these guys.

CB – 5                                                  CB – 5
Jason Verrett                                    Jason Verrett
Shareece Wright                             Shareece Wright
Brandon Flowers                             Brandon Flowers
Steve Williams                                 Steve Williams
Greg Ducre                                       Richard Marshall

The first 4 are locks.  The 5th CB was a hard choice for me.  First off, I know the team has been experimenting with Marshall at S the last few weeks and I love that idea because it means Gilchrist is expendable.  So I moved Marshall to the Safeties.  That left the last CB spot down to Greg Ducre, Chris Davis, and Crezdon Butler.  Butler is unique because he would be the only CB 6′ or taller on the roster, but in my opinion, Ducre and Davis outplayed him.  Both Ducre and Davis had very good pre-seasons.  Davis has the slight edge on special teams, but Ducre is a tackler, and this defense needs tacklers in a bad way.  Ducre takes it the last spot and I cross my fingers we can stash Davis on the practice squad.

S – 4                                                    S – 4
Eric Weddle                                     Eric Weddle
Jaleel Addae                                     Jaleel Addae
Darrell Stuckey                               Darrell Stuckey
Richard Marshall                            Marcus Gilchrist

Weddle and Addae are pretty well locked in.  Stuckey earns a spot again due to his awesome special teams play and being decent on the field.  If we have to start him at any point though, I will be slightly worried.  I moved Marshall here due to the team trying him at S and his ability to also play CB.  The team however, seems to really like Gilchrist so they will likely keep him at backup SS.

ST – 3                                                 ST – 3
Nick Novak                                      Nick Novak
Mike Scifres                                    Mike Scifres
Mike Windt                                     Mike Windt

All 3 of these guys are a given.  Novak was VERY reliable last year, and seems to have more power this year after kicking that 55 yarder last night (which would have been good 2-3 more yards back) and his kickoffs look a little deeper too.  Scifres is a beast, not going anywhere.  Windt has been dependable at long snapper and keeps his job again.

Practice Squad – 10
Chris Davis
Tenny Palepoi
Javontee Herndon
Craig Watts
Joe Kruger
Nick Becton
Colton Underwood
Brad Sorenson
2 Released players from other teams

All of these guys deserve PS spots, and I wish I could find them spots on the active roster.  I think we bring back Nick Becton who was released in the 1st round of cuts, if you follow me on twitter you know I really like him.  I also think we bring in 2 other players, likely a LB and either a DL or OL.  If we don’t grab 2 outside players, the last two spots would be Tevin Reese and Chas Alecxih


7 Responses to Boltfanindenver’s Final 53

    • Matthew Stanley says:

      He did have a slightly better avg, but from what I saw, he cannot run inside well, and he doesn’t have the speed to consistently make the edge against the 1st string players he would be seeing in the regular season. I also think Grice’s size helps him more on ST coverage. Grice is also a superior catcher out of the backfield.

      All of that said however, Oliver was def a pre-season fan favorite and I wouldn’t be upset if he got a PS spot.

      Thanks for the feedback though!

  • doug cruit says:

    You did a very good job of picking out the 53 man squad. I would like to pass to you and your new wife “Congraduations and may your lifes to together be blessful and enjoyment. May you both grow old together and enjoy it all.

    • Matthew Stanley says:

      Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed my 53. So far, nothing from a reliable source has any of my choices getting cut lol, but that will likely change soon.

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