Per the Chargers official website,, San Diego has made the 5 necessary moves to drop the roster count down to 75. The following 5 transactions were made just moments ago.


Placed on reserve/injured:


– CB  Marcus Cromartie


– DE  Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe


– NT  Kwame Geathers


Placed on reserve/PUP list:


– G/T  Jeromey Clary




– CB  Brandon Ghee


With the exception of placing Geathers on IR, none of these moves come as a surprise.  Though Tjong-A-Tjoe had a strong shot at the practice squad, once it was announced that he had suffered a torn ACL which everyone knew would end his year.

Losing Geathers is a serious cause for concern.  In typical Mike McCoy fashion, the injury was initially downplayed as not too serious.  I actually like that about him, by the way.  I am sure there are very few of you that agree with that.

The injuries and lack of depth along the defensive line are certainly an area that must be addressed.  All 32 NFL teams are about to have to trim their rosters to 53 players this Saturday on August 30th.

You better believe that Tom Telesco and company are ready to mend a unit that is in dire need of such help.


Thanks a lot for reading.



Booga Peters

2 Responses to Chargers trim roster to 75

  • I had just posted yesterday that hyperextended knee recovery time could be anywhere from 2-8 weeks, it’s not just oh ice it and he’ll be back next week. It’s better than him tear his ACL/MCL, but it still can keep him out a good amount of time, wasn’t sure if they would IR him though.

  • Arnie says:

    Actually I see it another way. The D-line is banged up, but Lissemore an Guy may be ready to go week one. TT has brought in some help, but I think the Chargers are playing a shell game. This move allows them to keep Carrethers off waivers, get him some playing time and they still get to keep Geathers. Guy and Lissemore may be gone next season, and that clears out room for Carrethers and Geathers in 2015. In the mean time we get to see Palepoi, Kruger, and Worthington try to round to the group and hold things down.

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