It has been made very obvious that the Chargers are doing what they can to get younger as a football team.  It can also be said that they made a conscious effort to get younger at both the general manager and head coach positions as well.

Tom Telesco has already started to leave his mark on the 2013 Chargers.  He has done so by either releasing veteran players or not re-signing some players that have been wearing lightning bolts for quite some time.

For those of you that had the opportunity to watch the interview between myself and Jerome Watson, @SkinnyDuzIt on Twitter, you already know how I feel about the departing veterans.

As fans, we tend to admire and love the players’ personalities more than we respect, or understand, their ability to continue to play the game at a high level.  It is almost as though fan favorites can be placed into two separate categories.

Those two categories are:

Guys who are still competing at the highest level in comparison to their peers around the league.


Guys that are leaders on the field and in the community and have been around for a long time, or guys that have great personalities, outrageous hairdos, funny cars, or all of the above.  (This group has two major things in common.  Older and no longer producing at a high level.)


Players like Quentin Jammer, Takeo Spikes, Antonio Garay, Randy McMichael, and Shaun Phillips are gone.  I do not see any chance that even one of them are coming back.  Garay is already a New York Jet.  I suppose there is a slight chance that Jammer could return as a strong safety but I do not think that will occur.

Although not as seasoned as the aforementioned former Chargers, Antoine Cason and Louis Vasquez are also no longer on the team.  Neither are older players but it does add to the fact that Telesco has a plan and it does not include either player.

It is always difficult to watch your favorite players be cut or released.  Sometimes it’s even more difficult once you see them wearing another team’s jersey.  But, the fact of the matter is this is a business.  And, quite honestly, they will be replaced by younger, cheaper players that can perform as well, if not better, than the guys who are no longer in San Diego.

I wish them all the best.  They all have made various contributions both on the field and off of it.  It is both of those things that will be missed by some.  The latter will be what the more serious, fact/stat based fans will miss.


Thanks a lot for reading.





One Response to End of the line in Lightning Bolts for Fan favorites

  • Maybe some of you remember the Charger Carnival Cruises ’05 – ’09, I only made it to 4 of them, but after partying for 3-4 days with players and some of their families and then watching them leave ( Osgood, Dobbins, Camarillo, Binn, Hart, Goff, to name of few). We became friends as well as fans of the players and started following them. What was cool about that was it made it easy to choose which game I was going to watch each week (Direct TV NFL Package). And even tho we don’t all know these guys on a personal level, we do know a couple of them will always consider themselves Chargers just as LT did, so where ever they land that’s the game I’ll be watching. To the Players Good Luck in the future except the weeks you against SD, and Thanks for your time here. GO BOLTZ!!! 2013

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