In another edition of Fan Perspective on BoltBlitz.com, we have the pleasure of sitting down with a diehard Charger fan, Vincent Anthony Diano.  He has been supporting the team for almost ten years and he hasn’t looked back since.  He is currently in the law enforcement field and he’s always supporting your San Diego Chargers.

Booga:  What made you become a Charger fan?


Vincent:  In 2006, my dad and uncle bought me a ticket to the Chiefs and Chargers game.  I decided to go and I got to watch LaDainian Tomlinson in action.  It was awesome.  I can’t tell you how cool it was to see him live.  What a player.


Booga:  Who is your favorite player of all-time and why?


Vincent:  Eric Weddle.  I say that due to the David versus Goliath principle.  He may be a smaller player but he plays with so much passion.  He plays bigger than what you would expect from a man of his stature and he is a natural-born leader.


Booga:  What is your favorite Charger moment of all-time?


Vincent:  My favorite moment in Charger history, in my time as a Charger fan, would have to be the Pittsburgh game in 2012 where the Chargers went into hostile territory and beat the Steelers.  My sister is a HUGE Pittsburgh fan and it was nice to see the Bolts win in Pittsburgh.


Booga:  What is your favorite Charger jersey that you own?


Vincent:  I have two.  I have a Rivers powder blue and a Ryan Mathews navy blue.  I take them with me everywhere.


Booga:  What are your expectations for the 2014 Chargers?


Vincent:  I expect the defense to play a lot better.  I have watched both preseason games and I saw a lot of positives and negatives during both games.  But I understand that when you play teams in both the preseason and regular season, you can only show the opposing teams so much knowing that you are going to face them in the games that count.


Booga:  If you had to guess how the Chargers would finish the regular season record-wise, what would that be and why?


Vincent:  I would say that they have a very tough schedule but they’re a much better team than last year.  I love the addition of Brandon Flowers.  I am really looking forward to the three-headed monster at the running back position.  I would expect a 10-6 record.  That relies heavily upon an improved defense due to the draft and signing of Flowers.  It’s also another year in Pagano’s 3-4.


Booga:  How often do you visit BoltBlitz.com and do you listen to BoltBlitzLIVE on Mountain Country 107.9 with Booga Peters and Thomas Powell?


Vincent:  I have yet to listen to the show and it’s only due to a lack of time to do either that or click on the website.  I promise to change that.  But, I will be listening and checking out this website.


On behalf of all of the staff at BoltBlitz.com, I’d like to thank Vincent for taking the time to sit down with us for this phone interview.  He nailed it and we would love to have him call into the show sometime in the near future.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters


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