I had the pleasure of being at the first day of Chargers training camp today.  Due to the fact that there were no injuries, the only negative takeaway I have is that I am, slightly, resembling a lobster.  I was offered sunscreen by my great friend, Chris Garcia            ( @sportsbrain on Twitter ), yet I, regretfully, declined.  I am burnt to a crisp.

But enough about me and my sunburn.  There are a lot of positive takeaways from the first day of Charger training camp.  One of which was getting to see Joel Price again.  He runs the Chargers Twitter account – @Chargers – and you can find his personal account at @joelprice as well.

Let’s go straight to my analysis of the first day of training camp.  I mean, it’s not lot the major networks are talking about it…. AT ALL!


1)  Brandon Flowers is extremely aggressive.  Do not let his size fool you.  He was all over receivers and looked quick all practice long. He actually made me shudder on a few plays where he was right on top on Malcom Floyd.  Lord knows we don’t want him to be the new Shareece Wright, in that he manages to find ways to hurt Charger players during previous training camps.


2)  Donald Brown’s feet are much quicker than I expected.  His ability to cut and change direction is very impressive in person.  Way to go, Tom Telesco.  This signing will pay dividends.


3)  When watching Tevin Reese he bobbled,yet caught, and dropped, a few passes at the beginning of the day.  But he finished strong by making at least three remarkable catches.  There were a few other catches that were impressive as well.  I am a bit concerned that he shows, at times, a propensity to not be able to secure the ball when it initially hits his hands.  But his speed and quickness make him an asset to this team.  Telesco made it clear that he wanted to add more speed.  And he did just that with the acquisition of Reese.  He made plays that other wide receivers would not be able to make.


4)  Jason Verrett is great at high-pointing the ball and his instincts make you forget about his lack of height and size.  Verrett is still not 100%.  But watching him today makes me believe that the Chargers made an undeniably excellent choice with the 25th pick in the first round of this year’s draft.  When you add in his aforementioned traits, and his quickness and speed, Jason is just what this Charger secondary needs in having a playmaker that can contribute right away.


5)  These players were in on punt return duties:  Tevin Reese, Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal.  It would appear that, considering that Reese was the first man up to receive the first punt, the team is looking long and hard at Reese as a punt return guy.  I am not a fan of using Keenan Allen back there; as most of you have read via my posts on, tweets and Facebook posts.  I refuse to be able to get behind using the team’s number one wide receiver as a punt returner.  I don’t like Eddie Royal back there either.  We all should be on the Tevin Reese train and hoping that he continues to produce on a consistent level.


6)  Melvin Ingram had to pull up often.  He was on the other side of the ball and, being a veteran, he knew that getting too close to Philip Rivers was not an option.  He looks fast and ready to make an impact in 2014.


7)  Marion Grice, although he didn’t look overly quick, had a few runs that reminded me of some of the tape I received from Arizona State.  He also made a few catches that would make some wideouts jealous.  He’s got great hands.  I’m excited to see what he can do.


8)  Craig Watts Jr. was effective when on the field.  He needs to work on his footwork a bit, which I’ve told him via text. But his play at the point of attack will, without a doubt, land him on the practice squad.  Book it.  I would not be surprised if he made the 53-man roster.


9)  In his time with the second and third units, Alden Darby was in the right place at the right time.  His coverage was tight and I look forward to his progress once he makes the squad.  Yup, he will make this team.


10)  Marcus Gilchrist looks bigger, and more stout this year.  His muscle mass seems more defined and it looks as though he has embraced his new role as a strong safety on the Bolts.  Only time will tell.


11)  Keenan Allen looks determined and focused.  He absorbed all comments from coaches during today’s training camp willingly.  His cuts in and out of breaks were so solid. His hands continued to prove reliable and I can’t wait to see what he can do during his sophomore campaign in 2014.  Not only will there not be a sophomore slump for Allen, I see him having an even better year this season.


12)  Sean Lissemore looks bigger.  He created a solid push. Yes, they aren’t in full pads, but I might have been too quick to judge him as a starting nose tackle in John Pagano’s defense.  Although I’d still prefer him as defensive end depth, he may be a stop-gap for the time being.


13)  Philip Rivers has one of the quickest releases in the NFL.  Some may question his arm strength, but he gets the ball out so fast.  He is an elite quarterback and those of you that do not believe in him, you should completely reassess your evaluation.


14)  Brad Sorensen was out of sync and threw behind receivers often.  Fans near me wanted to credit the defensive backs for making good plays.  Truth be told, he just didn’t look very impressive.  Sorry to all of you that think “Sorensen is the Charger quarterback of the future,”  I just don’t see it.


15)  The battle at strong safety is hot and heated already.  Although Marcus Gilchrist saw the starting snaps with the first team, Jahleel Addae is learning Pagano’s defense at a quick pace.  I can’t wait for them to put on the pads and see what he can do.  My biggest concern regarding Addae during training camp?  He may hurt a fellow teammate.


16)  Jeromey Clary was on the side cheering on his peers due to being on the PUP list.  Johnnie Troutman saw snaps with the first team.  I am not sure that is conducive to success for the offensive line, nor the offense as a whole.  For those of you that are not in favor of Clary making the roster, be careful what you wish for.  Be very careful.


There’s my incredibly premature breakdown after the first day of training camp for your San Diego Chargers.  Be sure to leave your thoughts below and let me know what you think.  I am especially interested in what you saw if you were there today to enjoy the festivities.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters


2 Responses to My Takeaways from the 1st day of Charger Training Camp

  • Will McCafferty says:

    Nice work, BP. Great to hear about the progress you can already see from last year.

  • OPBolt says:


    I dream of:
    – an offense that improves red zone touchdowns, improves running by at least one yard per carry and protects PR at least as well as last year
    – a defense which drags itself up to the statistical middle of the NFL and creates double the turnovers/sacks
    – a Special Team which gains an additional 8 yds per return and gives up no touchdowns and creates double the turnovers/blocked kicks from last year.

    Is that too much to ask?

    Oh, yea, one final dream – Phillip Rivers has such a good year that all of those pin heads back east will have to acknowledge he is a great QB.

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