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In the first head-scratching move of the offseason, on Friday the San Diego Chargers signed Head Coach Mike McCoy to a one-year contract extension. McCoy’s contract was set to expire after the end of the upcoming season. The coach will now be with the team through the 2017 season.

The season has been a disaster for all involved so why extend the coach now? In his State-of-the-Team address to the media, General Manager Tom Telesco answered that question. Said the GM:

“We have a belief in Mike and a confidence in him, part of that is the extension.  If you want to be a stable winning organization, you have to weather a couple of storms.  Obviously this year was a big storm, but I think we had to look at it in terms of big picture rather than just this year.  We had to look at it over three years, and Mike took us to a winning record two years in a row.  Eighteen wins over two years, he took us to the playoffs and won a road playoff game which is difficult in this league.  We know we’re disappointed in this year, but Mike is someone we want to build around, so we thought that was important to get that done.” Telesco said.

Playing the loyalty card is not a bad idea when pushing an unfavorable idea through but it should play across the board. Where is the loyalty to Eric Weddle when the All-Pro safety has been a model of stability and leadership in the Chargers locker room since McCoy was in Carolina trying to turn Jake Delhomme into a serviceable quarterback. Weddle didn’t even get a phone call from the GM’s office to address his future, good or bad. Weddle sat at home for the first time in his nine-year tenure with the team because the team told him ‘there wasn’t enough space on the team plane’ for him after they placed him on season-ending injured reserved before the Broncos game.

If the injuries are the main rationale for McCoy getting an extra year why were six coaches canned? Truth of the matter is the team is devolving. The Bolts went from 9-7 and winning one playoff game in McCoy’s first year to 9-7 and missing the playoffs in the second year to 4-12 and into the third pick in the NFL Draft this year.  That’s the epitome of a snowball rolling downhill and not in a good way. Players have to play on one-year ‘prove it’ deals, why not the Head Coach. If he does what he is paid to do he should be able to right the ship next season. Why give him an extra year now?

As much as he’s fallen out of favor among the fan base it seems the players still have a lot of faith in McCoy and that may have been as big a reason for the extra year as any. Philip Rivers was on the radio praising McCoy’s perseverance through this trying season. With the signs getting bigger that the Chargers are about to move to Los Angeles, they may want McCoy in place to bridge the move so they don’t show up in the City of Angels with a coach who is gone a year after he arrives.

That being said, one more season like this one and McCoy should be gone, extension or not. The Chargers are the most talented team in the top ten in the NFL Draft. A turnaround should be expected. A return to the playoffs should be expected. Another losing season should result in a kick out the door.

What do you think Bolt Nation? Do you agree with the GM? Post your thoughts below.


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