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That jersey you were wearing Sunday? Make sure it’s ready to go next week…

After a dismal six weeks without a win, the San Diego Chargers finally returned to the win column after defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars, 31-25. For the first time since October 4, we can walk through the week with our heads held high. It’s up to us as fans to help keep the momentum going.

Let’s make sure that same undershirt is clean and ready to go for Sunday, also.

If you’re like me and millions of other NFL fans worldwide, this is the time to remember everything you did, wore, and ate leading up to the game, and do the same thing the next week. Personally, I got up, ran the morning errands and due to it being an early game on the east coast, did not shower because I did not want to miss the kickoff. I still threw on a clean undershirt and jersey to go with my Chargers’ logo shorts. They’re both noted for next week.

Powder blue Rivers jersey, Hanes undershirt.

Just like last week, even though the Chargers will host the Denver Broncos in the afternoon game, I will not break the routine. No shower until after the game. There may be a constant mist of Febreeze hovering over my seat in the living room for the benefit of anyone choosing to sit near me.

The Chargers need our help to win. If you went to the game this week, go to the game next week. Tailgate in the same spot. Go to the same friend’s house. Eat the same pregame meal. Recapture the magic.

The Bolts played like a team with passion this week and we need to do the same! I implore you, Bolt Nation, let’s keep this winning euphoria going through the last month of the season. We all have to do our part. The injuries won’t subside with our favorite team, but it’s not too late to will our team to victory throughout the month of December!

Let’s Goooooooooo!

Will you participate? What ritual will you continue next week? Post your favorite pregame preparation below.


Bolt Up!!


The Greg One





The good news is, to paraphrase the New York Yankees play-by-play announcer…

The Chargers WIN! The-e-e-e-e-e Char-Gers WINNNNN!!

The bad news is they’re still living single in the basement of the AFC West. With the Denver Broncos still winning games despite starting unproven quarterback Brock Osweiler in the place of the injured Peyton Manning. The AFC West and the playoffs are out of reach for the San Diego Chargers. The team is playing for pride and for their jobs at this point. If the road win against Jacksonville is any indication, they will continue to play hard with hopefully different results. The Chargers were one week shy of not winning a game in two months. That’s enough to damage the strongest psyche.

The question is, how is your fanhood these days, Boltfam?

Possibly the one thing worse than a team going on a prolonged losing streak is being a diehard fan of the team on the prolonged losing streak. At the end of the day, those guys still go home to their families, their mansions and multi-million dollar bank accounts. We, the fans, go home to our flats, apartments, homes, run-down cars and enough bills to choke all the bugs hidden inside the walls.

There’s been enough scuttlebutt surrounding the season as a whole with the stadium situation, relocation rumors, contract disputes and a season to forget, to top it all off. I’ve personally talked to many fans who have decided to tie their allegiance to another team. Others have become fed up and wish the Bolts would lose out in order to gain a top draft pick in hopes of getting better next season. Others, like myself, stay all-in win or lose, hoping that win streak begins this week.

No one is wrong.

We all have a point of no return. Some have reached it, some have not. A good metaphor would be the movie Titanic. In the movie, the band kept playing as the ship went down. For those who don’t know, the Titanic was a multi-ton luxury cruise ship that was the first of its kind that hit an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on its maiden voyage.

This season, the Chargers are the Titanic. We the fans are symbolized by the ballroom full of people enjoying the band and socializing. The ship (the season) is sinking. The question is, do you abandon ship and look for the nearest life raft, or make like the band and go down with the ship?

Again, there is no wrong answer.

This season could drive any Chargers’ loyalist to drink, heavily. There are no easy wins when you’re a Bolts fan. There are no games where the outcome is favorably foretold by halftime. We must sweat through every minute of every game, waiting for those final moments when Philip Rivers can take a knee and run out the clock. Our sanity is tested week in and week out. San Diego has one of the most talented rosters in the league, yet this season they can’t seem to get out of their own way. Injuries, bad officiating, questionable playcalling and talent decisions have all contributed to undermining a promising season.

Personally, I’ve been invested in the Chargers since age seven, and this isn’t the first losing season I’ve endured. It is far from it. But, it does seem like the worst losing season, because as you get older, each season takes on more meaning. If you’re a young fan, now may be the time to grab a life raft and jump overboard before too many years of your life have been invested, eventually making turning back impossible.

I’m in the band. Always have been, always will be. Probably singing lead. Where do you find yourselves these days, Boltfam? Band or life raft?


Bolt Up!!


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The Chargers (2-8) have all but checked out on head coach Mike McCoy as they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6). The Jags look to stay on the winning trend, trying to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Here are my keys to victory.

1.) Contain Allen Robinson
The biggest threat on offense for the Jags is wide receiver Allen Robinson. Jason Verrett is going to have to bring his A-game to contain him and I mean like the game he had versus Alshon Jeffery, minus the injury. Robinson has recorded 100 yards receiving in two of his last three games and 90 yards or more in four of his last five. He is their clear No. 1 receiver and one that Bortles looks to more than anyone else.

2.) Pass the ball, Rivers
The Jaguars are ranked 25th in football against the pass and the Chargers rank 2nd in passing offense. The running game is nonexistent for San Diego, so don’t force it. Go right to your strength and air it out. Floyd was back at practice and you still have Stevie Johnson and Ladarius Green. On a lost season, let’s break that record for Rivers. He at least deserves that much.

3.) Play for a purpose
Play for a purpose and that’s the purpose of spoiler. If you don’t like your head coach, fine. But don’t go out there and play for a paycheck. Go out there with a purpose and don’t embarrass yourselves like you did last week. Make up for it by beating the Jaguars and pushing them off their playoff cliff.

Zak Darman



The Chargers have released the injury report for their Week 12 contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bolts are hoping to win their first game on the road in 2015. Although there are a couple of big names who won’t play or may not play, the team is getting relatively healthier.



  • D.J. Fluker  OG (Concussion)



  • King Dunlap  OT (Ankle)



  • Sean Lissemore  DL (Concussion)
  • Corey Liuget  DL (Foot)



  • Jahleel Addae  SS (Concussion)
  • Antonio Gates  TE (Hip)
  • Ladarius Green  TE (Ankle)
  • Malcom Floyd  WR (Shoulder)
  • Manti Te’o  ILB (Ankle)
  • Eric Weddle  FS (Groin)


For what seems like an every-week tradition, the Chargers will be without two starting offensive linemen (Fluker, Dunlap).

The Fluker situation is a bit scary, seeing as he suffered two concussions in only five days. The former first-round pick has had concussion problems in the past. The long-term ramifications of the most recent head trauma is unknown at this time.

Kenny Wiggins is expected to step in and replace Fluker at right guard.

Left tackle Dunlap is going to miss another game due to an ankle ailment. He has been off and on the injury list all of 2015. Though reserve lineman Chris Hairston has filled in admirably, he does not compare to healthy Dunlap.

Defensive end Corey Liuget is listed as questionable, and he may miss another game after leaving the loss against the Ravens in a walking boot. Due to the fact that he is the team’s best defensive lineman, the front seven has been struggling without Liuget in the lineup. Actually, fact of the matter is, the front seven has struggled even when he is in the lineup.

The fact that wide receiver Malcom Floyd is listed as probably goes a long way in showing how much this team means to the veteran.

After tearing his labrum against the Bears, Floyd has pushed through the injury, and it appears as though he’ll be ready to go. M-80 has been quoted as saying that he does have full range of motion, but he will need to be careful to not land on his injured shoulder.

Although the team is headed in the right direction health-wise, the same cannot be said for their performance on the field. The team is looking for its first victory in its last seven games.


Dave Peters





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Another Sunday and another loss for the San Diego Chargers. The team dropped its sixth straight game, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs at home by a score of 33-3.

The Chiefs came into the game riding a three-game winning streak after dropping five in a row. The team was getting hot just as it traveled to Qualcomm to take on the Bolts. The Chargers, on the other hand, had lost five straight as the season was spiraling into nothingness.

The day was supposed to be a special one with the team wearing their powder blue jerseys and the retirement of Chargers’ great LaDainian Tomlinson’s number at halftime. LT was also inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame.

The team was stagnant and inept for all four quarters of the contest, mustering only a second-quarter field goal for its only points of the game. Rookie kicker Josh Lambo nailed a 52-yarder.

Quarterback Philip Rivers was held to a season-low 178 yards passing. He received little help from the receiving corps as the wideouts and receiving options dropped multiple passes, struggling to get open and provide Rivers with the necessary windows to fit the ball in there. The signal caller threw an interception on a screen-pass attempt that Chiefs’ defender Justin Houston took back for a score.

Houston wasn’t the only defensive player for Kansas City to score on the day, as defensive tackle Dontari Poe came in at the goal line, leaping over the pile for the touchdown.

Yup, the Chargers are finding even more inventive ways to give up scores.

Wide receiver Stevie Johnson was the only consistent target, hauling in seven receptions for a team-high 54 yards.

Obviously that is not very impressive, which would be the story of the day for the Bolts.

Speaking of struggling, rookie running back Melvin Gordon continued to be unable to make any kind of positive impact on the ground, rushing for 37 yards on 15 carries, averaging only 2.5 yards per carry on the day.

For the year, Gordon has managed to accumulate only 450 yards in 10 games this year. He still has yet to score his first NFL touchdown.

Defensively, the Chargers played very poorly, missing tackles and giving up far too many explosive plays. Chiefs’ quarterback Alex Smith was surgical, carving up the Chargers’ defense with 253 yards passing on 20 completions out of 25 attempts.

The defense did manage to sack Smith three times with Corey Liuget, Manti Te’o and Denzel Perryman getting their once each. Perryman’s sack was the first of his rookie season. He was one of the only bright spots for the team, flying all over the field and making plays.

The Chiefs managed to churn out 153 yards in the rushing game with Spencer Ware gaining 96 yards on only 11 carries. Ware had two touchdowns on the day with one going for 52 yards.

Other than the special halftime ceremony honoring LT, the most “interesting” part of the loss was a spat between Rivers and tight end Antonio Gates on the sideline.

In a heated exchange between the two veterans, it appeared that Gates told Rivers he would “beat his ass” as the two argued with each other.

That is what this season has become, two of the team’s stars exchanging very heated words. Although it shouldn’t be blown out of proportion, it is not a good look considering how badly the team has been performing.

The 2015 season is all over but the crying. Fans of the Chargers had already begun to jump ship and it is only going to get worse as the team is falling on its face week in and week out.

If the season were to end today, the Bolts would have the second pick in the first round of the 2016 draft. Many have started to hope that the club continues to lose, enabling them to lock in a top-three selection in the upcoming draft.

At this point, due to the inordinate amount of holes on the roster, the Chargers seem to be in position to focus on drafting the best player available come 2016.

The team’s next opportunity to continue its streak of ineptitude is on the road next Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville comes into the Week 12 contest with a record of 4-6, coming off of a victory over the Tennessee Titans.


Dave Peters





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