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The Chargers are heading into their fifth week with great poise and a record of 3-1 being led by the league’s leading MVP contender – Philip Rivers. They’ve been praised and dubbed Super Bowl contenders for their early season success, yet it’s no secret that the running game seems to continuously be struggling in each match up. Averaging only 2.4 yards a carry this year, and with only one rushing touchdown, gives them the distinction of almost last place for total rushing offense. The circling question of who is to blame can be debatable, yet the facts are pointing more toward the offensive line.

When it was announced that Ryan Mathews was going to be out 4-6 weeks due to injury, there was no question that Donald Brown and Danny Woodhead would step in nicely. However, that hasn’t gone as planned, forcing Tom Telesco to make a flood of active roster changes. Brown is now averaging 2.0 yards a game and 6.0 receiving yards. In hindsight, he is playing the role of both Mathews and Woodhead. Yet, how is a running back supposed to complete his job when he isn’t given the proper tools? Let me explain.

The offensive line has made an overflow of changes in just four games played. Nick Hardwick was placed on IR after the Arizona game which required the next center, Rich Ohrnberger, to step up. His performance hasn’t been stellar, yet he has been able to get the job done. However, after playing an incredibly physical game against Seattle, the Chargers found themselves digging for their third-string center to step in. With that said, every opponent that has played Seattle has lost their next matchup – until San Diego.

Already limited at the guard position, and no guaranteed timeline of when Jeromey Clary will be back, we’re left with two great pass blockers to hold the line – RT D.J Fluker and LT King Dunlap. In the last four games, the Chargers have played three of the league’s top 10 defenses: Arizona, Seattle and Buffalo. Keep in mind, Arizona ended last year with the number one ranked rush defense and Seattle’s defense crushed Denver in the Super Bowl with a 43-8 win.

Currently, the Chargers do not have the talent on the O-line to dominate the run game, which leaves the game dependent on Rivers’ throwing arm. With Brown having 50 rushing attempts and sharing the load with Oliver, it’s slowly wearing down each team that the Chargers play.  This eventually tires the defensive line and opens up the passing game.  It may not look too pretty in the boxscore, but the running game is serving its purpose.

Moving into week five versus the New York Jets, the Chargers will need a finely tuned game plan. Currently, the Jets rank #3 in total rushing defense, and #7 in total defense. These numbers are just as scary as going back into week one and two – in addition to an injury-ridden secondary. In order for the San Diego Chargers to defeat the Jets, the offensive line needs to step up big, open the gaps for the run, and hold firm for the entire game. Adding the way Rivers is connecting with his receivers and the defense’s continued success, there are no reasons as to why the Chargers can’t add another one to the win column.


Briana Soltis




In 2013, Keenan Allen balled out as a rookie.  He set a Charger rookie receiving yardage record and he continued to get better each and every game as the season progressed.  He was voted as the “Offensive rookie of the year” by the Pro Football Writers of America; an organization that I have been a part of for the last 8 months.  You know I voted for him.

Allen was suffering from a groin injury that slowed him down.  His ability to cut in and out of his breaks was affected.  Prior to the week 4 contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Keenan had yet to have a statistically strong performance.  That was set to change this past Sunday.

Through the first 3 weeks of this season, Allen’s numbers looked like this:  12 receptions for 109 yards.  After a 10 catch 135 yard performance, Keenan is turning up the heat and proving that he’s the number one target for quarterback Philip Rivers.  This was evidenced by his work against the Jags.

His 10 receptions set a career-high for the second-year wideout from Cal.  San Diego was in desperate need for a number one receiver and they found just that in Allen.  Even though this is just his sophomore season in the league, he is already one of the best route runners out there.  He worked on adding size and speed during the offseason and his hard work is going to continue to pay off.

Keenan has a permanent chip on his shoulder after falling to the third round of the 2013 NFL draft.  Once fully healed, you’ll see his explosiveness return to his game.  Allen’s ability to create separation and high-point the ball make him an option on every passing play.  The further removed he becomes from his groin ailment, the more you’ll see Keenan make his mark as one of the better wide receivers in the National Football League.

His next challenge will be against the New York Jet defense and a banged up secondary.  The Jet defensive line is one of the best in football, but look for Allen to be targeted early and often on quick timing routes that will set him up to gain yards after the catch.  He may not finish the game with 10 catches, but he will rack up yards and most likely surpass 100 on the day.


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Mike McCoy, Philip Rivers, Eric Weddle



A quarter of the season is officially in the books.  I am pleased to announce that I am undefeated thus far with my predictions from back in August.  Read the article on for verification.  If I am in fact the second coming of Nostradamus, then the Chargers will be sitting at the break with a 7-2 record.  This piece is not a narcissistic ploy to gain accolades.  Rather an opinionated report card on the AFC West during the early stages of the 2014 season.


1 – San Diego Chargers.  Grade A –


Our beloved Bolts have won 3 games in a row in dominating fashion.  Included in this 3 game streak was the victory over the defending Super Bowl Champions.  Philip Rivers is heading up the MVP talks with his play thus far.  Rivers is ranked 2nd in the AFC in passing yards (1,155), 2nd in passing touchdowns (9), and is ranked first in the entire NFL with a passer rating of 114.5. Overall, the offense ranks 2nd in the AFC in passing yards per game and 3rd in points scored.

The much-anticipated three-headed monster, BMW, has been hampered by injuries and non-existing running lanes. The Chargers rank 15th in the AFC in rushing offense and it’s the one true eyesore for this team.  On the defensive side of the ball, John Pagano has his boys playing at an optimal level; comparing it to years past.  As it stands, our Bolts’ defense ranks 7th in the AFC in passing yards per game, 4th in rushing yards, and tied for 5th in sacks.  Yet another significant stat, is that Pagano’s defense is only allowing 15.8 points per game, which equates to 3rd in the AFC and 5th in the NFL.  With the Jets, Raiders and Chiefs up next, the Chargers should be in the driver’s seat heading to the main event on Thursday Night in Denver.


2 – Denver Broncos:  Grade B


The reigning AFC champions are off to a 2-1 start and coming off their early bye week.  Denver made headlines with their offseason signings. In the AFC, Denver ranks 4th in passing yards per game, 13th in rushing yards per game and 12th in scoring.  Even with a winning record, the Broncos have not put teams away like they did during their Super Bowl run last year.  The defense, which made tremendous upgrades during the offseason, ranks 15th in the AFC in passing yards per game, 6th in rushing yards, and 8th in sacks.  The defense is allowing 22.3 points per game which if they did not have the offense that they do, their records could easily be 0-3.  Clearly this team is made up of all-stars.  But they are not playing as a team.  Denver faces a grueling stretch with opponents like Arizona, Jets and San Francisco before hosting San Diego.


3 – Kansas City Chiefs:  Grade B-


After beginning the season 0-2, the Chiefs, to some reporters and analysts, were prematurely written off as a playoff team.  Since the losses to Tennessee and Denver, KC has won two in a row.  The last victory was a thrashing of the New England Patriots.  Is this a resurgence, a fluke or are the Patriots not as good as they have been in the past?  Currently, the Chiefs rank 13th in the AFC in passing yards per game, 2nd in rushing yards and tied with San Diego for 3rd in scoring.  The offensive line has done well helping Jamaal Charles and second-year Knile Davis become a potent 1-2 punch in the backfield.  With that being said, they have allowed 13 sacks to Alex Smith; polar opposite of the San Diego line who has only allowed 5 sacks.  KC plays at San Francisco this upcoming week, then they have their bye week before flying west to San Diego.


4 – Oakland Raiders:  Grade F


Poor, pitiful and downright laughable are terms used to describe the Oakland Raiders.  They are ranked dead last in the AFC in almost every offensive category except passing yards per game (12th) – above Kansas City, Tennessee, New England and Buffalo.  Darren McFadden was once a highly-touted running back.  Now he seems to be a shell of his former self.  The head coach was recently fired.  It appears that upper management is what is making this franchise dreadful.  As far as their defense is concerned, Oakland is ranked 15th in the AFC in passing yards per game, 14th in points allowed and 16th in rushing yards per game.  In looking at their upcoming games, I can easily see the Raiders being 0-16.  Perhaps this is what the organization wants.  The Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League had a horrid owner who actually wanted the team to lose in order for the league to allow them to move.  Quite frankly, Mark Davis and Rachel Phelps are similar in appearance and are also the progeny of the previous owner.  Is this a tactical gambit by Mark Davis to move the team or at least “earn” the right to have the #1 overall draft pick?  Who knows.


There is a buzz in the air in San Diego.  Talks of the Chargers are on everyone’s lips and people want a taste.  This could be the year.  This could be the team.  This could be a Super Bowl-bound team.  The goal from the front office of San Diego is to be Super Bowl Champions.  Our beloved Bolts have what it takes and as long as they continue to play together as a goal-driven and supportive union, 2014 could be the annihilation of the Super Bowl monkey resting on their backs.


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En un partido que, para muchos era uno que ya estaba ganado, la escuadra relámpago inició la primera mitad de manera pobre, para retomar control al final del segundo cuarto y dominar la segunda mitad.

En un domingo soleado pero fresco, más de 57,000 personas disfrutaron el encuentro entre San Diego y Jacksonville. En general, las jugadas de Philip Rivers fueron enfocadas en el juego aéreo, en parte por las lesiones de Ryan Mathews y Danny Woodhead. Pero después de un susto que dio Jacksonville al principio del partido al tomar la ventaja, los Chargers reajustaron estrategias y dominaron lo que fue el resto del partido, para llevarse una victoria de 33-14.


Vamos a recalcar lo bueno y lo malo de este encuentro:




  • MVP! MVP! MVP! ¿No es sorpresa para nadie verdad? “El Capitán”, QB Philip Rivers demostró control y consistencia cada vez que la ofensiva estaba en el campo. Con un total de 377 yardas, 3 touchdowns y 29 intentos completados de 39, Rivers nos hace saber por qué es considerado uno de los mejores QB de la NFL actualmente. Algo que es importante notar, es cómo Rivers involucra a todos los jugadores en la jugada que va a realizar; no siempre se enfoca en solo un jugador o una combinación. Vimos en el partido varias combinaciones: Rivers a Brown, Rivers a Oliver, Rivers a Gates, Rivers a Royal, Rivers a Floyd, Rivers a Allen, etc. Esto es algo bueno porque nos da a conocer que este es un Quarterback que le gusta saber que tiene otras opciones y que además, confía en sus colegas para crear jugadas espectaculares


  • Seguimos con las buenas noticias. K Nick Novak, una superestrella, tuvo un fantástico juego el domingo pasado. Algo que he notado en Novak esta temporada es consistencia y gran concentración, claro eso no es sorpresa ya que lleva 27 goles de campo exitosos consecutivos, cerca del récord de John Carney, quien tuvo 29 goles de campo consecutivos en la temporada 92-93. Novak además celebró que ha tenido 101 intentos de gol de campo como Charger, de esos 89 han sido exitosos.


  • El juego aéreo fue espectacular, viendo otra vez la combinación de Rivers y WE Eddie Royal para 2 touchdowns, además de la combinación de Rivers y WR Malcolm Floyd para un touchdown en el 3er cuarto. Además pudimos ver increíbles jugadas de WR Keenan Allen, quien tuvo más participación en este encuentro.


  • San Diego esta encontrando un gran balance en la defensa, y se pueden ver los cambios de una temporada a otra en los juegos recientes. Esta es una defensa mas enfocada en el juego y en parar el balón. Por supuesto las grandes jugadas fueron las 2 intercepciones por parte de CB Brandon Flowers y FS Eric Weddle. ¿Qué se puede decir de Flowers? Desde la pretemporada sabíamos que iba a ser una gran adquisición por parte de Tom Telesco y su equipo; los resultados se ven en jugadas como esta. Weddle, como siempre, a pesar de haber tenido un par de errores en el primer cuarto, recuperó su compostura y enfoque para una segunda intercepción que, después de un gol de campo de Novak, hizo que el partido fuera victoria para los Chargers.




  • El juego terrestre, tristemente, está en un nivel deficiente. A pesar del esfuerzo de RB Donald Brown y Branden Oliver, consistió de 42 yardas corridas en 20 intentos. Se ve el impacto de la ausencia de Mathews y Woodhead en este encuentro más que contra Búfalo. Sin embargo, se va a comenzar a trabajar en el juego terrestre esta semana, antes del encuentro contra los Jets de Nueva York. Veremos además si habrá participación de Shaun Draughn en el siguiente partido.


  • A veces hay confianza, pero luego existe sobre-confianza. Al parecer, en el primer cuarto, los Chargers sufrían de un poco de ella, llevándose un susto grande cuando la escuadra de Jacksonville, encabezada por QB Blake Bortles iniciara con el pie derecho para anotar dos touchdowns en la primera mitad del encuentro. La frase “Nunca subestimes a tu oponente” tuvo más sentido en esa primera mitad que nunca, y los Chargers se dieron cuenta al hacer los ajustes necesarios para dominar la segunda mitad. ¿Por qué pongo esto en “Lo Malo”? Para que no se vuelva tradición. Los Chargers hasta ahorita llevan un nivel alto, con 3 victorias grandes en la temporada y han ganado el respeto de muchos otros fanáticos y en particular de comentaristas y expertos de la NFL. Lo que siempre ha caracterizado a los Chargers sin embargo es mantener sus pies en la tierra. Y así debe ser, llevarlo juego por juego, no subestimar al oponente, pero más importante que nada, dar todo en el campo para llevarse la victoria.


El próximo partido se lleva a cabo este Domingo 5 de Octubre, cuando San Diego se enfrente a los Jets de Nueva York en territorio relámpago. Con una racha de partidos ganados, podría ser que los Chargers vean tiempos mejores…..claro, es sólo la quinta semana, falta mucho fútbol que jugar!


¿Qué opinas tú del trabajo del equipo el domingo pasado? ¿Crees que Rivers si es el Jugador Más Valioso? ¿Qué se debe mejorar para el próximo encuentro? Comparte todas tus opiniones en Facebook y en Twitter @JoeLovesMusic24 #BoltBlitzEnEspañol




– Joe Martinez



The Chargers had a decisive victory against the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars, scoring 23 unanswered points. It wasn’t always pretty, but considering the health of the team: Mantei Te’o, Jason Verrett, Jerry Attaochu, Reggie Walker inactive, Ryan Mathews on the shelf, Melvin Ingram on short-term IR and Danny Woodhead lost for the year, it was a mostly well-played game.  I never thought I’d say this, but the Chargers offensive line misses Jeromey Clary.  It took the defense the first half to figure Blake Bortles out, but once they did, it was all Chargers.

My May prediction: “Can you say doormat of the NFL? Chad Henne is a pedestrian QB at best. No more MJD? Not that he’s the player he was a few years ago, but he was their most potent weapon. Toby Gerhart will never be confused for MJD. Their pass rush is getting old (Jason Babin 10 years and Chris Clemons 11 years). Because our boys have a habit of playing to the level of the competition, this game will be closer than it should be. 27-17 Bolts (3-1)”  Well, I got the outcome right and was close on the score, which was better than I predicted.  I’m now 2-2 against my May predictions.

Chris Clemons was a non-factor.  In fact, his name was never even called.  Toby Gerhart was limited to 32 yards on 10 carries.  He also lost a fumble on the opening drive forced by Jarret Johnson that the Chargers unfortunately weren’t able to capitalize on.  Henne was replaced by Bortles and it looked like John Pagano and the defense weren’t ready for him in the beginning. That showed in the first half with the ease Jacksonville moved the ball up and down the field. To his credit, Pagano made the right adjustments and the defense pitched a shutout in the second half with the help of interceptions by Brandon Flowers and Eric Weddle.  Jahleel Addae, Cordarro Law and Ricardo Mathews each recorded a sack as it was clear Jacksonville was out to neutralize Dwight Freeney.

Philip Rivers had a big game going 29 for 39 for 377 yards.  He threw for three touchdowns against no interceptions.  Rivers now has nine touchdown passes against one interception through the first four games of the season.  Keenan Allen had 10 catches for 135 yards and Eddie Royal had five catches for 105 yards and two touchdowns.  The gap could have been wider if the Chargers could run the ball.  Collectively, Branden Oliver and Donald Brown could only manage 32 yards.  Timing between Philip and Doug Legursky and Chris Watt left a lot to be desired as well.  Too many misfires on the quarterback/center exchange.  They need to get this cleaned up.

Next up, the 1-3 New York Jets who are coming off a 24-17 loss to the Detroit Lions.  With being inactive against the Jags, it’d be nice to get Verrett and Attaochu back in action.  There are still three games until the bye week.  Chargers don’t need any more injuries to pile up.


Mike Pisciotta


Writer’s note: I love the Chargers and love to write. That in mind, I’m ridiculously busy with work and especially school. As I look down at my clock on the computer, I see I have 30 minutes of free time. THIRTY MINUTES! I owe Dave a ton of articles, so let me crank one out.

I’ll admit I was a little worried after the first half of the Chargers/Jaguars game. Bortles seemed to have the Chargers number. Nice completion after nice completion and their defense was stepping up. One of my closest friends, and a diehard Jaguars fan, Ken, made sure to let me know through a series of texts.

While my knee-jerk reaction was to blame injuries, I was hard-pressed to do so. Every team has to overcome injuries and various adversities throughout each NFL season. The Bolts are definitely no different. While injuries can be extremely detrimental to an NFL team (especially losing key players from both sides of the ball), I felt a little different during halftime.

Instead of pointing my fingers at an individual issue or issues, I thought to myself, “They’ll figure it out and pull out a win.”

I don’t remember saying that during any other season throughout my Chargers fandom. This is the kind of impact a culture change has brought to San Diego.

Telesco has drafted really well and aside from a couple of special cases (Derek Cox), has picked up excellent players to start and create great depth throughout the roster.

McCoy has only strengthened what Telesco has given him. McCoy is great at adapting, something that is refreshing and makes me never worry about the team. Granted, I was in Arizona during the 4th quarter collapse and wasn’t exactly happy. However, I knew McCoy and Rivers would right the ship for the next week. I think most Chargers fans felt that way.

Bringing this full circle, that’s how I felt during halftime. These guys are great at addressing issues and learning from mistakes. The 2nd half of the game was all Chargers. The defense looked awesome (this was without Ingram, Verrett, Te’o, and Attaochu) and the offense was lighting the Jags up with big plays (no Mathews and playing a center who Philip met last week).

This victory was the essence of a team victory and was really fun to watch.

Through the first quarter of the Chargers season, the team looks great. Even with an insane amount of key injuries, the coaches have adapted game plans and players have stepped up; continuing to push forward and come out with wins.

It’s cliché but every NFL team is a threat which makes every win exciting. Thinking ahead, I have nothing but confidence in the abilities of the Charger organization to continue to provide the fans with great performances and wins throughout the rest of the 2014-2015 season.

Nick Colonna




“In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins.” – Ulysses S. Grant

For the first half of yesterday’s 33-14 victory against the Jaguars, it seemed as if we were not as prepared as we should have been.  The second half, however, was an altogether different entity.  Keyword: Adjustments

San Diego was facing a rookie QB at home.  This was not just any rookie.  This was the #3 overall pick of the 2014 draft.  This kid will be good, if not great.  Pagano and the defense appeared not to give Bortles much respect, almost as if they felt entitled to roam around the backfield as they please.  The pocket was hardly collapsed giving Blake time to read through his progressions.  Denard Robinson looked like a pro bowl back.  On top of this, the Jags defense did not seem intimidated.  After watching the Bolts first offensive series, I was actually a statue of inconceivable shock.  After trailing to the winless Jaguars, the Bolts seemed to take a hit of smelling salt and drove down the field with a purpose; perhaps even a prideful one.  At halftime, San Diego led by 3 points and headed into the locker room with modest confidence.

Now this, in my opinion, is where the “W’s” and “L’s” become detached.  Can the team make the necessary adjustments in order to overcome the inadequacies that were presented in the first half?  Could Pagano master a scheme that would make Jacksonville’s offense look more than pedestrian rather than a playoff contending team?  Can Joe “D” and Reich prepare their guys to improve a less than stellar run game?

The adjustments that were made by Pagano and the defense were first-rate.  Freeney and Liuget were barbarians pushing their way into the young rookie’s grill.  This opened the door to other playmakers to show off their special set of skills.  Flowers ran amok and seemed to have a homing device planted in his head as he was blanketing, intercepting and tackling like a Pro Bowler.  The defense came away with 3 sacks and 2 interceptions all the while not giving up a single point in the second half.  It seems that all the haters of Pagano have been mummified over the last 3 weeks.  Pagano reflected on the first half and shut the Jags offense down.

How bad are we missing Nick Hardwick right now?  Or Rich Ohrnberger for that matter?  The run game has not improved and holes are as hard to find as a white cat in a snowstorm.  Donald Brown is a good back, and many fans out there are wishing on stars for Ryan Mathews to return.

The Chargers have played top defenses in the first three weeks of 2014.  Mathews 3.09 yards per carry is not as bad as it seems.  Would Ryan have had a better game yesterday than Brown?  Let the speculations begin.  I love seeing #24 out there and I have a ton of confidence in him. The offensive line, who has done an amazing job protecting our QB, has been struggling opening holes in the running game.

The Chargers run game is what it is: a clock-eating, defense-tiring ploy that so far has been successful.  Does it matter that we don’t have a few 100-yard rushing games, or for that matter a rushing touchdown?  Not yet, but it could prove fatal if it is not brought up to par – especially going against a very good run defense next week against the Jets.

On a side note, I was happy to see Branden Oliver out there.  I have been through many debates during training camp about him and while I perhaps have broken my arm patting myself on the back about him making the 53, he is a work in progress.  He has the speed and the quickness to compete at this level.  That being said, his field vision needs to improve.  He will improve and I am very excited for the future of Oliver.

Overall, I am ecstatic about Captain Rivers as well as Pagano and his men.  With all the injuries that have been suffered by the Chargers, especially on the defensive side of the ball, I am nothing less than a very proud fan of our Bolts.  Rivers is on an MVP track and with the lack of running room, he might need to continue his greatness throughout; a task I am positive he is comfortable with.


Game Balls:

Offense – Rivers and Allen

Defense – Pagano and Flowers







Philip Rivers is garnering quite a bit of attention due to his play during the first four weeks of the 2014 season.  The national media is talking about Rivers a lot.  It is great to see him in the spotlight and receiving recognition for his ability to play quarterback.

One of those media members singing Philip’s praises is Peter King of Sports Illustrated and  Here’s what he had to say in his latest article regarding the early stages of the NFL’s MVP race.


1. Philip Rivers, quarterback, San Diego. He just keeps getting better. Building on last year’s 5% improvement in completion percentage—stunning for a 10-year vet—Rivers came back after a one-point loss to unbeaten Arizona to strafe three straight foes, most impressively leading the Chargers to 30 points in a Week 2 win over Seattle. The thing you notice about Rivers now is that his confidence isn’t getting him in trouble the way it did under Norv Turner—he’s forcing very few passes. He’s a 74.5% passer during the three-game streak, with no interceptions.


When looking at his numbers, it can easily be justified that Philip Rivers is leading the MVP race.  He’s thrown for 1,155 yards and 9 touchdowns.  His lone interception was thrown in week one on a play where Eddie Royal stopped on a crossing route.  He is currently sitting with a completion percentage of 70.1%.  Rivers has been highly efficient and he is running the Charger offense with precision and accuracy.

There are plenty of games left to play.  If Philip can continue this type of torrid pace via his stats, then perhaps he will win the league’s MVP award.  If that were to happen, the chances are pretty strong that the Bolts may make a deep run into the playoffs and end their season in Glendale, Arizona.



Booga Peters




After a rough first half, the Chargers got it going and beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 33-14.  Despite having a 17-14 lead going into halftime, the first two quarters of the game found San Diego struggling to get going.  The necessary adjustments were made during the intermission, and the Bolts turned it on.

Philip Rivers was solid and showed that the only thing that needs fixing about him are the headlines around the media.  He finished the day with 377 yards passing and three touchdowns.  He was in control of the offense as the running game was a mess.  His performance was stellar considering the team only had 42 yards rushing on 20 carries.  But don’t forget the Chargers, minus yesterday’s game, have faced three of the best defenses in the NFL in Arizona, Seattle and Buffalo.

That being said, the offense misses having Ryan Mathews.  And if you don’t, I can’t help you.  I will be writing about that later today.

Rivers was able to find both Eddie Royal and Malcom Floyd for a total of three scores.  Royal had two of those touchdowns and the crowd went crazy because both scores were long scoring plays.  Floyd’s touchdown reception was a 24-yarder.  Keenan Allen burst onto the scene with his biggest production of this season.  Allen finished the game with 10 catches and 135 yards.

The defense was stout and managed to pick off two passes.  Brandon Flowers snagged his first interception as a Charger and Eric Weddle pulled one in, as well.  Those were the first two interceptions of the 2014 season for the Charger defense.

Defensively, John Pagano was dialed in and called a solid gameplan.  The defense, in addition to the two turnovers, was able to pressure Jaguar quarterback, Blake Bortles, and finished the game with three sacks.  Both Ricardo Matthews and Cordarro Law had their first sacks as Chargers. A blitzing Jahleel Addae had a sack, too.  They held the Jacksonville running game to 85 yards.  The Jags were limited to zero explosive plays while running the ball.  Not a single run went for over 10 yards.

In his first start, Blake Bortles showed he can play despite his two interceptions.  But the San Diego defense proved to be too much for the rookie.  Not even one Jacksonville receiver reached 70 yards receiving.  When comparing that to the Chargers, Allen had 135 yards while Eddie Royal racked up 105 of his own.

The team is now 3-1 and they face the New York Jets at home in week 5.  It is very important that they keep rolling considering the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning provide quite the competition in the AFC West.  The division rival Broncos are currently coming off their bye week and they have a record of 2-1.

This could be a magical year in San Diego.  The team has improved its depth and Tom Telesco is responsible for that.  Despite being banged up at multiple positions, Mike McCoy’s mantra of “next man up” is being preached all over Chargers Park.  Hang on tight and enjoy the ride that the 2014 San Diego Chargers are taking you on this year.


Booga Peters






Yesterday the Chargers won their third game in a row.  The Jacksonville Jaguars came to Qualcomm stadium looking for their first victory of the season.  They ended up leaving San Diego with an 0-4 record.

The Charger defense was solid and ended up with its two first interceptions of the season.  Both Eric Weddle and Brandon Flowers picked off rookie quarterback Blake Bortles.  Cordarro Law, Jahleel Addae and Ricardo Matthews had one sack a piece.  Turnovers and pressure highlighted a successful day for John Pagano’s defensive unit.

On offense, Philip Rivers was brilliant; connecting with Malcom Floyd for a 24-yard touchdown pass and two scoring throws to Eddie Royal.

Speaking of Royal, he had a fantastic game hauling in 5 receptions for 105 yards and the aforementioned touchdowns.  Both of his scoring receptions went for over 40 yards ( 43 yards and 47 yards ).  Both occurred during the second quarter of the game.

This is Eddie’s second game of 2014 with a pair of scores.  He was in sync with Rivers and his play on Sunday was very impressive.  Royal is now second to Keenan Allen on the team with 236 receiving yards.  He leads the Chargers with 4 receiving touchdowns.

After being picked up in free agency during the 2012 offseason, Royal has come in and made his mark in the slot.  Although he occasionally lines up outside, most of his plays are made while lining up as the third receiver.  He has built a great rapport with Rivers and Philip trusts him.

With Allen grinding it out through a groin injury in week 3, Royal stepped up and had his first game of 2014 with two TDs.  As mentioned above, he did it again yesterday.

Eddie finished the 2013 season with 8 touchdowns.  He already has four through the first quarter of this year.  With the running game being largely ineffective, look for him to continue to contribute at a high level as Rivers and the receiving corps will most likely carry the offense until Ryan Mathews returns from an MCL sprain.  Eddie Royal looks to be a key factor in the success of the Charger offense moving forward.


Booga Peters

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Shop for Authentic Autographed Chargers Collectibles at

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