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Although today’s move doesn’t come as a surprise, you never like to hear about anyone losing their job.  It has been announced that former first round draft choice Larry English has been released by the Chargers.

Despite having a lot of positive attributes, English was never able to convert those skills into stats.  He flashed at times but was unable to stay healthy for most of his time while in San Diego.  Larry was taken with the 16th pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft. Although the release was just announced this morning, the official team website,, has already removed him from the team’s roster page.  That didn’t take long.

Though most fans have never been high on English, he actually did have potential to contribute as an outside linebacker. Unfortunately the “P-word,” potential, isn’t enough to keep you around in the league for long.  As mentioned by Jamie Hoyle, senior writer here at, in a tweet, “I’m surprised it took them this long to do it.  Everyone knew it was a matter of time.”  It was Larry’s potential to make an impact that kept him around.  And perhaps the ego of a certain former general manager that is no longer with the team.  I was a bit surprised that he wasn’t cut last season when Tom Telesco took over the team.

We gathered Larry English’s NFL highlight tape and placed it below……




My apologies.  We were unable to find any NFL highlights for English.

In all honesty, I wish Larry English nothing but the best.  His LEAD foundation does great things for the community and he has always been a guy I’ve rooted for as a Charger.  You can’t help but root for a first round draft choice in hopes that they pan out.  But as the saying goes, “wish in one hand and ____ in the other.  See which one fills up first.”


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The fourth Charger, and final installment of my four-part series, that I expect to make an impact in 2014 is rookie Tevin Reese. A burner from Baylor, Reese was drafted by the Chargers in the 7th round. Reese signed a 4-year, $2.269 Million contract with Bolts four-day after being drafted, which indicates that Chargers staff expects Reese to be a playmaker for years to come.

Reese is coming off an All Big 12 First team season where he totaled 38 receptions for 867 yards and 8 touchdowns and averaged an astounding 22.8 yards per catch. Reese racked up a total of 24 touchdowns during his career in Waco, TX, with 21 of those scores being 40 yards or more. This kid has shown the ability to make big plays throughout his career, and I don’t expect things to change at the next level.

Reese is not your stereotypical NFL Wide Receiver – standing 5’ 10” and weighing 163 pounds – but he makes plays using his world-class speed. Reese made noise at this year’s NFL Combine by running a 4.46 40 yard dash. I expect him to make big plays for the Bolts from Day One, whether it’s in the return game or catching passes from Rivers. His speed will help him gain separation in deep routes, which will create another deadly tandem with Philip Rivers.

The Chargers have lacked a true home-run threat since the departure of Vincent Jackson and Darren Sproles, but Reese will be able to fill that void. The Bolts showed that they could be very methodical in moving the football last season, using the running game to set up the pass. But now San Diego has a speedster that can utilize his blaze down the field to make big plays. My hope is that Reese can have the same kind of impact that Keenan Allen had last year, and I expect to see him making his presence known early and often in the Charger offense.


Matthew Grayson





On a special Monday night edition of BoltBlitzLIVE on Mountain Country 107.9 at 7:00 pm we’ll be joined by fantasy football extraordinaire Adam Rank of, NFL Network and NFL Fantasy Live!

I met Adam at the NFL draft two years ago and have kept in touch with him since via text.  Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable regarding fantasy football, he is an extremely cool guy.  His insight is very valuable to any of you that play fantasy football and it could possibly help put your name on a championship belt in your fantasy football leagues.

For those of you that have not been tuning into BoltBlitzLIVE, you guys are missing out.  We do our best to inform and entertain the listeners and fellow Charger fans.  Rank will be a fantastic guest and I cannot wait to have him on the show.

If any of you have any questions for Adam Rank, please leave a comment below and we’ll ask him some of the best ones live on the show this evening.  We are, of course, a Charger-related radio show, but don’t be afraid to ask about non-Charger players.  Rank will, without a doubt, help give you the inside track to reaching the top of the standings in your fantasy leagues.

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you all tune into the show at 7:00 pm tonight on or the tune in radio app (search KRLY).  We’ll also be posting the podcast from the show in the next day or so on this website


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On Sunday morning I didn’t scroll down too far on my Facebook newsfeed when San Diego’s own XETV (San Diego6-The CW) posted this question as their Facebook question of the day:  Would you be willing to travel to Los Angeles to see the San Diego Chargers if the team moved for a new stadium?

Needless to say, the comments ranged from people threatening to burn their Chargers’ gear to many who expressed their disdain for having to travel to San Diego from….Fallbrook(?).  What was disheartening to this writer covering the San Diego Chargers is that some fans all but insinuated for the door not to hit the team’s butt when the team does leave.

There are some facts (a few verified, many speculation) that need to be addressed.  The Chargers lease with the city is not long-term.  Truth is, the team can opt-out between the months of February-May.  It has been this way since 2007.  Los Angeles does not have the state of the art stadium built.  Both proposals by Anschutz Entertainment Group and Ed Roski say that shovels won’t begin digging until a team has made a commitment to move to Los Angeles.  According to a report in the Los Angeles Times from Sunday, the National Football League is proposing financing a stadium with their own money.  The investment would be recoup through the sale of naming rights, personal seat licenses and so on.  In addition, the stadium would be added to the Super Bowl site rotations.

In our backyard, the Chargers quest for a new stadium has been ongoing for 12 years.  The San Diego Union-Tribune states that seven mayors have run the city in that time span.  Currently, no site has been selected.  Although the same Union-Tribune says that a possible scenario would put a future stadium on adjacent land to the Q.  The team would continue to play in the current stadium until construction is complete and the stadium demolished to make way for a parking structure.  Preliminary talks between the city and the team began in April.

Based on Facebook comments this writer has read, residents don’t want a new stadium to be paid for with their taxes.  Reports are also stating that the earliest a ballot measure for a new Charger stadium could be voted on is November 2016.  Yes sir, choose your president and decide the fate of your team.  So who has about $1 billion in their couch cushions?

I’m not Nostradamus here, but I feel like both sides are at an impasse.  The NFL continues to dangle the Los Angeles market like a carrot to cities with older stadiums.  Minneapolis took the bait and will open a new Vikings stadium in 2016.  The St. Louis Rams and the city are about $600 million apart with owner Stan Kroenke purchasing 60 acres of land in Inglewood, California, fueling more speculation about a possible Rams move.  Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium opens this upcoming season and will host Super Bowl 50.  The Oakland Raiders have nixed the idea of sharing the stadium with the 49ers.  The Chargers most hated rivals have their own stadium issues.

My colleague here at BoltBlitz, Thomas Powell, said it best when I asked for his opinion, “With time running out on the lease at the Q and no real stadium in site until the ballot vote November 2016, (relocation speculation) will continue.”

Leave it to Facebook questions by the San Diego media to keep bringing the LA issue up.  Frankly, I hope I speak for a lot of BoltBlitz readers and wish everyone would just focus on winning football.


David Parada





Some of you that read my last article “A Lonely Man’s Journey To Happiness.” might remember me mentioning a Charger friend I met in Junior High.  After it was published, I gave him a call and wanted to see if he would like to do an interview for the website and he said he would be honored.

Jim has always been a passionate San Diego fan.  When his first son was born, he named him after our 2nd favorite Padres player of all time – Trevor (Hoffman).  Jim and I have been through a lot together and even though we are thousands of miles away, once football season starts, we talk weekly.  I am proud to say that he has been my best friend for about 27 years as well as a diehard Bolt fan for much longer.


BWK:  Let’s start the interview with you giving the fans a short personal bio about yourself

Jim:  My name is Jim Kirkendall and I am 41 years old.  I grew up in San Diego and moved to Arizona when I was 14 years old.  I am married and have two boys (7 and 6) who are also big time Charger fans!!  I am in the field of Healthcare Analytics.

BWK:  When and why did you decide to become a diehard Chargers fan?

Jim:  When I was 6 years old, I went to my first football game.  Air Coryell’s system (which I didn’t understand at the time) combined with an amazing offensive core with Dan Fouts, Charlie Joiner, John Jefferson, Kellen Winslow, Wes Chandler, Lionel James and Chuck Muncie were tantalizing.  I’ve been hooked on the Chargers ever since.

BWK:  Who is your favorite Bolt player – former and current?

Jim:  Former – Hands Down it is LaDainian Tomlinson.  As far as current players, it is #13 Keenan Allen.

BWK:  What is your favorite moment/play in the team’s history?

Jim:  Rolf Benirschke’s field goal to beat the Miami Dolphins 41-38 in the epic overtime playoff win in 1982.

BWK:  In your opinion, what is the most glaring need(s) for the team?

Jim:  Defense.  I am worried about our secondary and whether or not our linebackers can put enough pressure on the Quarterback to give them a chance.

BWK:  With our new regime, what moves have pleased you and what moves have discouraged you?

Jim:  Last year, drafting Keenan Allen in the third round and the signing of Woodhead were my favorite two moves.  It’s too early to know how Verrett, Attaochu, and Watt turn out.  I’ve been disappointed that we haven’t had much salary cap room to bring in impact players via free agency.  In addition, watching the Broncos bring in DeMarcus Ware, TJ Ward, Aqib Talib (what a trio) has been frustrating.

BWK:  How do you and/or your family prepare to watch the Chargers?

Jim:  I coach my boy’s football teams.  One of my sons, Trevor, is a wide receiver and Keenan Allen is his favorite player.  My youngest son plays running back and his favorite player is Tomlinson.  They wear those player’s jerseys and I wear my Rivers jersey.  It certainly felt like good luck when we started doing this near the tail end of the last season.  We will continue to do this during this season in hopes the luck continues.

BWK:  What do you think John Pagano needs to do in order to utilize this defense to the best of their abilities?

Jim:  Pagano needs to figure out a way to manufacture a good-to-great pass rush without blitzing too much.  If we can do that consistently well, we are going to be tough to beat.

BWK:  What grade would you have given to the Bolts on draft day and why?

Jim:  I would grade it with a “B.”  We made some good picks.  I hope Verrett works out. I hope that he can play at this level despite his size limitations.

BWK:  What player on the current roster do you feel will make the biggest impact this season and why?

Jim:  I’ve been reading that Malcom Floyd has been the MVP of OTAs.  If he can remain healthy, he will be an impact player and that will be huge.  I’m hopeful that Keenan Allen is ready to be a #1 Wide Receiver in the league, but defenses are now going to key in on stopping him.  Philip Rivers needs a vertical threat that can open up some short passes and give our running backs a little more space in the box.

BWK:  Who do you think, player(s) or coach(es), that need to prove themselves this year?

Jim:  I think people are a little hard on Mathews, but in all fairness, he’s had durability issues.  I think he can be elite like he was the last 8 weeks of last season.  If he gets hurt again or is ineffective, I don’t think San Diego will re-sign him.  This is a prove it year for him.

BWK:  Living in Arizona, how often are you able to visit the greatest city in America?  What are your favorite things to do in San Diego?

Jim:  My sister lives in San Diego and has a daughter.  We like to visit and hit a Padres or Charger game , go to Lego Land, or Aquatica water park.  When we go to San Diego, every day is an adventure and we try to pack in as much fun and excitement as possible.

BWK:  Do you think Philip Rivers needs to win a ring in order to be voted into the Hall of Fame?

Jim:  Let me start off by saying that I truly am a HUGE Rivers fan, however, I don’t think Philip Rivers is in the Hall of Fame conversation yet.  I don’t think he meets the criteria.  He has never been a top 3 QB during any season, his stats don’t measure up, and he hasn’t won a Super bowl.  My opinion is that the voters won’t get him into Canton even with just one ring – he needs to do more.  He’s so much better than Eli Manning and I hope that Eli does not get into the HOF just because of his two rings.  I really like Philip Rivers, but he has consistently been a 2nd tier quarterback.  I think to be in the Hall of Fame, he would need to be consistently in the top-tier of QBs like Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

BWK:  Do you remember where you were when watching the 1994 Charger team?  Describe your emotions especially during the playoff run.

Jim:  What a run we had that year!!  We were good on both sides of the ball, but not great.  Seau and Harrison were amazing.  Stan Humphries and Natrone Means had career years.  I didn’t think we could beat Pittsburgh unless we played a perfect game.  We did exactly that!  Even though the Chargers made it to the Super Bowl, it was, without a doubt, the hardest Super Bowl to watch.

BWK:  What is your honest prediction of the 2014-2015 San Diego Chargers?

Jim:  Our schedule is going to be tough.  My guess is that we will finish the regular season with a 10-6 mark and a Wild Card birth.  I then predict we will win the Wild Card game but lose in the Divisional round.

BWK:  How often will you be visiting

Jim:  I check in regularly.  It is great to see the passion of other Charger fans.  I keep up with all the Big White Kahuna’s articles! (BWK Writer’s note:  He was not paid I promise)

BWK:  Anything else you want to tell the Bolt Family about yourself?

Jim:  I hope to see all this passion in our games especially home games and I hope to meet some who visit this website.  I also wanted to say that Tony Gwynn was my all-time favorite sports idol.  He was the best hitter since Pete Rose and a world-class person.  My heart goes out to his family and the San Diego community for his passing.


Editor’s Note: Special thanks go out to Jim Kirkendall for taking the time to do this interview.  Interviews like this are why I love doing Fan Perspective pieces.  It’s so great to reach into the minds of the best fans in all of sports.


“PEACE…and Boltness forever” – BWK






As the 2014 NFL Season starts closing in, football fans all across the world are starting to make their predictions on stats, wins/losses and what teams will end up making playoffs and who will win the next Super Bowl in 2015.

The golden question for the San Diego Chargers is the following, “Will they make playoffs this season?”

There’s no question that the Bolts had a good season in 2013, which included the following: Career numbers for players like Ryan Mathews and Philip Rivers, to outstanding debut seasons from Keenan Allen and DJ Fluker, to name a few. The now sophomore duo of Tom Telesco and head coach Mike McCoy had a strong “freshman” performance. The pressure is on for the entire administration and the starting team that’ll hit the field this season to showcase another winning season.

So, will the Chargers make the playoffs this year? The answer is:

Time Will Tell


Let’s face it, we can all make our predictions, based on stats, previous seasons, and the overall chemistry that the team has, but when it comes to the actual games, it’s all one unpredictable scenario.

I was actually working on a piece to relate the World Cup to the NFL season, but I couldn’t find a way to relate it, until right now. For the people who saw the World Cup, you can agree that every match was extremely unpredictable. You had the top teams being destroyed or clawing their way to another round, while underdog teams who were celebrating their first time in the Round of 16 or Quarterfinals were also delivering the goods.

In terms of the NFL season and the Chargers, there were games where the team was the top dog and we ended up losing (Redskins, Titans, Texans), basically games that we were supposed to win, while there were other games (Broncos Week 15, Cincinnati Wild Card) where we were the obvious underdog, and clawed our way in to prove that we were a force to be reckoned with. To sum it up, all games will be unpredictable.


Even looking at the schedule currently we have games that we can predict will probably be easy games: Buffalo, Jacksonville, Raiders (had to do it) and other games that will be extremely difficult (Seattle, Denver, New England). The unpredictability of the sport is one that can have us celebrating a playoff win, or even a Super Bowl win, or can have us missing the glory altogether.


So what do the Chargers need to make playoffs this year?

  • Confidence, in themselves as a team, as individual players; Have trust in each other.
  • If they have an open opportunity to make a game-changing moment, go for it.
  • Respect their opponent. Yes, even our division rivals. We all know it can get a little intense sometimes, but it’s important to stay humble and respect the overall outcome of the game, win or lose.  The Bolts must never take any opponent lightly.


Now, for my prediction, will they make the playoffs this year and hopefully give us a Super Bowl win?

I’m being optimistic on this, but I’m gonna say YES. This looks like a very solid team, we have great key players both on the Offensive line and the Defensive line. Some of the offseason workouts we’ve seen have been very good and have gotten great reception from the Charger administration and the press.

Our starter QB Philip Rivers was close to reaching career-high stats last season, so we know he’s not slowing down one bit. Previous rookies like Keenan Allen, DJ Fluker and Manti Te’o delivered solid debut seasons. I have no doubt they’ll deliver outstanding sophomore years.

We also have the newly drafted players who seem to be extremely promising: Jason Verrett, Jerry Attaochu, Chris Watt, Ryan Carrethers, Marion Grice and Tevin Reese. Plus, the addition of CB Brandon Flowers to the roster has gotten a huge “thumbs up” from the press and Bolt-fanatics. San Diego has a very good series of games this season, with some tough opponents. The best we can do as fans is to support the team with our heart and soul every week and every single time they hit the field, and show that you are indeed #ChargerFamily…. I know I will.



Anyway, that’s all for now and thanks for reading.


José “Joe” Martinez

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In 2013, we saw Ryan Mathews achieve career highs in rushing attempts (285) and yards (1255), break his longest run from scrimmage (51 yards) and equally importantly, tied 2012 for a career low two fumbles, only losing one of them.  He was named the 2013 Chargers Offensive Player of the Year.  He silenced a lot of critics last year, myself included.

What I saw last year from #24 was a back running with a purpose I hadn’t seen in previous years. He ran harder and more confident, hitting holes and trusting his line to set him up to succeed.

As the season wore on, Ryan clearly earned the trust of Ken Whisenhunt and Mike McCoy. Not since Week 2 in Philadelphia had he lost a fumble, albeit a costly one that the Chargers were able to overcome and eke out a win in hostile territory.

In five of the Chargers nine regular season victories, Mathews gained over 100 yards on the ground, aiding the offense in chewing up clock and keeping the offensive unit on the field. Conversely, in the seven losses, Ryan only ran for 100 yards once. This is not to say that he won or lost these games on his own, but it does indicate that his contributions as a “workhorse back” are vital to the Chargers’ success.

Ryan Mathews makes Philip Rivers more effective and vise-versa. Mathews needs Rivers to succeed.  Rivers needs Mathews to succeed.  Sounds like a match made in heaven if you ask me.  The balanced attack of a rejuvenated Charger offense clicked on all cylinders and propelled the team into an unlikely playoff berth in Tom Telesco’s first season at the wheel.  This could not have been accomplished without significant contribution from both of these guys.

While disappointed he wasn’t more of a contributor in the post season, Mathews has been training even harder to build his stamina and speed (  If he picks up where 2013 left off, the sky’s the limit for this offense.

Entering the final year of his rookie contract, Mathews obviously will need to build on his 2013 season in order to position himself to remain a Charger. He’s saying and doing the right things, and if his health allows, I’m confident we’ll see a lot more of the 2013 version of Ryan Mathews in 2014.  If we do, it will be hard for Tom Telesco to not offer Mathews another deal to remain a San Diego Charger.

The trend in the NFL is running back by committee.  When you have a player of Ryan’s caliber, you need to ride that horse.

Rivers Tunnel




The debate, even among Charger fans, regarding where Philip Rivers stands when ranked among the likes on Dan Fouts as San Diego’s best quarterback is all over the board.  In Fouts, you have a Hall of Fame quarterback that put up tremendous numbers during his time in America’s finest city with the Bolts.  He threw for an astounding 254 touchdown passes in the Air Coryell offense.

Despite the epic numbers that Fouts put up, including 43,040 yards passing, unfortunately he also threw an epic number of interceptions with 242.  He also walked away from the game having not won a Super bowl.  But, as mentioned above, he has a bust that will forever remain in Canton, Ohio.

But this article is not about comparing Rivers to Fouts.  It’s bigger than that.

The majority of fans outside of San Diego can’t stand Philip.  They claim he is a whiny, trash-talking cry baby that incessantly complains to the officials after every play.  Well, those claims couldn’t be further from the truth. Although he may “get into the ear of officials often, this is a guy that refuses to even use a cuss word on the field.  He plays with a passion that would have those very same fans of opposing teams supporting him to the utmost if he was on their squads.  He is a fantastic leader and he plays like a coach on the field.  In 2014, Rivers led the entire league in completion percentage at 69.5%.  He put up over 4,000 yards passing, again, and had over 30 scoring passes as well.

This piece is about his entire career up to this point, and where we can expect the rest of his numbers to end up when it is all said and done.  Personally, as much as I need the Chargers to win a Super bowl in my father’s lifetime, and mine as well, I do believe that if he continues to play at the level he has, for the vast majority of his career, he can end up in Canton even without having claimed that trophy with a gleam.

I’ve asked some prominent San Diego media members their opinions on the matter, and even a couple of senior writers here at  Let’s take a look at what they have to say on the matter at hand.


Fernando Ramirez ( Chargers Beat Writer :

I think he will need a ring because of the draft class he came in with.  Eli Manning has two rings.  Ben Roethlisberger has two as well. This is unfortunate for Rivers knowing that he’ll be compared to them.  We all know that Philip is the best quarterback of this draft class, but Super bowl wins do matter.  So, to get that yellow jacket, Rivers will need a ring.


Jamie Hoyle ( Senior Writer at and co-host of BoltBlitzLIVE on Mountain Country 107.9 ):

The short answer is yes, he will need a ring.  He shouldn’t, but ultimately he will be compared to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees by lazy fans and writers with no sense of context.  His image outside of San Diego also will hurt him if he doesn’t have a ring.


Derek Togerson ( NBC San Diego reporter and Sports Anchor ):

I think Philip Rivers, right now, is a Hall of Fame quarterback.  But unless he wins a Super bowl, he won’t be enshrined in Canton. Writers are going to look at his stats, sure, and Philip’s numbers are right there with contemporaries like Peyton, Brady and Brees. But, all three of those guys have rings, and that’s going to be held against Rivers.

He’s in a golden age of quarterbacks.  So, when compared to the best players of his era, he has a huge gap on his resume. HOWEVER, I will say this…. if the Chargers do win the Super bowl under his watch, then Philip Rivers becomes a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. Everything else is already there.


Eddie Brown III ( Draft expert and Fantasy Football analyst for UT San Diego ):

Almost all of his contemporaries have a ring.  Brady has three, Roethlisberger has two, Eli has two while Peyton and Brees have one.  So, the likely answer is yes, because the Hall of Fame is all about pecking order.  Brady, Peyton and Brees will certainly get in first.  Then it’s down to the class of  ’04.  All three have the numbers, therefore rings will be the deciding factor.  If Rivers doesn’t win a ring, fair or not, he’ll have a long wait to get into the Hall of Fame.  If he gets in at all.


Thomas Powell ( Senior Writer/Reporter for and BoltBlitzLIVE co-host ):

Without a Super bowl ring, no, he doesn’t get into the Hall of Fame.  His stats make him a great quarterback, but not a Hall of Famer. Stats are there, and will continue to be there, but not winning a ring will leave him out of the Hall of Fame equation.


Here’s my take:  ( Owner/Editor of and Host of BoltBlitzLIVE on Mountain Country 107.9 ):

I have little to no doubt that Philip Rivers will eventually be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, regardless of whether or not he has won a Super bowl.  With the new regime in place, I expect that Tom Telesco will continue to surround him with the talent that allows him to put up stellar numbers.  When I mentioned above that Fouts has 254 touchdown scores, Rivers is on pace to exceed that number this season – he needs 33 touchdowns to tie Fouts – without having even half of the interceptions that the Hall of Famer put up in his 15 years in San Diego.

Sure, we are in a new era of the NFL that is transitioning into a passing league.  Running backs have become an afterthought when it comes to their draft status.  We are now in a situation where running back by committee is the way to go, so to speak.  But I have full faith in Rivers doing what he does best, and that’s put up numbers.  When looking back to the 2010 season, Philip tied an NFL record by throwing to 17 different receivers.  And he did so behind a make-shift offensive line.  Fans outside of the San Diego community, and within it, to be quite honest, were claiming that Rivers had lost it during the 2011-2012 seasons.  I saw a man who knew he had very little to work with in offensive weapons and protection and, undoubtedly, made some very poor decisions due to such inadequacies.  We all remember the pick-six against Tampa Bay.

Here’s the deal.  Rivers is not old by quarterback standards.  He has a half of a decade in front of him to ensure his status as a true Hall of Fame candidate.  Will he be a first ballot inductee?  Maybe not.  Will he get into the Hall of Fame without a Super bowl ring? I, absolutely, without a doubt, think so.  If he keeps up the pace that I believe he will stat-wise, even without a ring, you’ll see a bust, and number 17 jerseys, hanging out at the ceremony at some point in Canton, Ohio.


Thanks to everyone that contributed to this article.  I genuinely appreciate your time and effort.  Leave it to me to think that I’m right.  In Rivers, I believe.

What are your thoughts, Charger fans?  Can Rivers make it into the Hall of Fame without a Super bowl victory?  Let me know by voicing your opinions in the comment section below.


Thanks a lot for reading.



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I am proud to have been hired by Booga this past spring to join  As the old cliche goes:  “If you do what you are passionate about you’ll never work a day in your life.”  When it comes to passions, football is definitely on top of the list.  I apologize in advance for taking so long to write my first article for BoltBlitz.  I have spent the past year studying at UCLA for my degree in Public Relations.  Now that stage of my life is behind me, I am ready to go all-in with my contributions to

So, allow me to introduce myself with some tidbits about the Chargers and myself:

  • I’ve been a fan since 1978.  While growing up in Riverside, California, San Diego Chargers games were always televised because Los Angeles Rams games were always blacked out (they played in the Coliseum).  The infamous “Holy Roller” game against Oakland hooked me.  I dare you to go on YouTube, watch the play, and tell me the Chargers didn’t get screwed.
  • I’ll always believe the greatest moment in Chargers history was when Stan Humphries threw that bomb to Tony Martin in the 1994 AFC Championship Game.  It gave the Chargers a lead over Pittsburgh they never gave back and it punched the ticket to Super Bowl XXIX.
  • As an aspiring publicist, I don’t have favorites.  Well, I should say I don’t pick favorites.  Who’s not to love on the team?
  • I’m sure I won’t have too many arguments that drafting Ryan Leaf in 1998 was the lowest point in Charger history.
  • I despise making predictions but I’m happy to report that I think the Chargers have as good of a chance at winning the Super Bowl as everyone else in the league.
  • As a current Inland Empire resident, I’m happy to say there are a lot of Chargers fans here.
  • On a draft related note:  don’t you still despise the Manning family for not allowing Eli to play here?  I mean, he did win two Lombardi Trophies after all?  At any rate, that’s my two cents.  I’ve been proven wrong before.

I’m on all social media platforms feel free to send a request on Facebook.  I’m on Twitter @davidmparada.  Let’s connect and see you at the Q this upcoming fall.


David Parada

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