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In a previous article of mine, I suggested some of the players that may not make the roster and are my “surprise” cut before the season starts. The player I thought may be the “surprise” cut was Charlie Whitehurst. After having coached Peyton Manning, Mike McCoy’s standards for QB have probably been set very high.

No settling for mediocrity.

My feelings that Mike Hermann would be cut came to fruition when the Chargers waived Hermann and signed free agent quarterback Nathan Enderle on Wednesday.

Out of the University of Idaho, in his 2009 season, Enderle led an offense that was ranked 9th in the nation. He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2011 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears. After the Bears waived him, he went to the Jacksonville Jaguars where he was eventually cut during pre-season, then ended up with the Tennessee Titans during the offseason. I’m guessing that the Chargers may keep 3 Quarterbacks on the active roster. If they only keep two, Whitehurst, Sorensen and Enderle will be fighting for the backup spot.

In other roster moves the Chargers waived injured Cornerback Chibuikem “Kenny” Okoro and signed free agent rookie Safety Tony Burnett out of USC. If Okoro clears waivers, Chargers will place him on the IR list according to

Let’s hear your thoughts.

With Twitter becoming one of the most used social media sites, some of the trends have become rather important to it’s users.  One trend is the hashtag.  We use hashtags for many reasons.  To gain followers, represent a community, etc.  It all depends on how the person is using it which is most likely defined within the rest of the tweet.

Chargers fans have been creative enough to make a couple of hashtags for our own community.  From #BoltUp to #OneCharge, and a few others, we can see a huge population of us on Twitter.  I am making this article because while all the aforementioned hashtags are cool, none of them really standout to me.  So what I want you all to do is drop a couple of ideas in the comments below on what we as a Charger fan base should start using when talking about out favorite team.  After enough submissions are gathered, I will make another article to see if any, or all, catch on!

Thanks for coming!


Jarvis “Heem Master” Royall




Last year was John Pagano’s first season as a Defensive coordinator in the NFL.  Overall, it is safe to say that his performance garnered mixed reviews.

If you were to break down his year into quarters, there was probably no chance at pulling out a late comeback in what would be considered the fourth quarter of last season. What I mean by that is he had a tough go of it for, roughly, the first 10 games of the 2012 campaign.  His play-calling was very vanilla and left a lot to be desired.  As a defensive play-caller he chose to play not to lose, so to speak.  I wanted to throw up every time I saw the base defense line up in that soft shell cover 3 or cover 2 with Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason playing between 7 and 10 yards off of the line of scrimmage.  Sure, there are situations in which that may make some sense.  But it ignores the beauty of the 3-4 defense.

The 3-4 allows you to be ultra-creative, if you so choose, in getting after the opposing team’s signal-callers.  You are able to generate pressure from multiple positions that a 4-3 would not allow you to without giving up big plays.  When used properly, or aggressively, if you will,  the scheme can be used to get pressure even when you don’t have elite pass rushers.

See the 2013 Chargers.

Despite the addition of the 33-year-old Dwight Freeney, the Bolts are lacking in the dynamic pass rusher category.  Jarrett Johnson, albeit extremely solid in run support and setting the edge, is not going to be confused for a sack master.  Larry English has flashed the ability to get to the Quarterback at times, but I’m not sure San Diego can depend on him or his health.  The team invested their sixth round selection in this year’s draft on FIU Defensive End, Tourek Williams.  He will be asked to stand up as an Outside Linebacker in Pagano’s 3-4.  I have high hopes for Tourek, but it is yet to be seen how he’ll handle the transition from hand on the ground DE in college to stand up OLB in the NFL.

It has been said that the team will use multiple defensive alignments in its base defense.  The Chargers, unbeknownst to many fans, ran a good amount of ‘4-3 over’ last season.  The addition of Freeney certainly leads me to believe that this will be the case in 2013, as well.

In a division that has that one guy named Manning, it is imperative to get pressure as a defense in order for the team to succeed.  Many people continue to talk up San Diego’s defense which ranked 9th in 2012.  Numbers can be deceiving.  As a defense, the team was pathetic at getting off of the field on third down and showed it by ranking 29th in that category.  They also allowed the 4th most plays of 40 yards or more in the entire NFL with 11.  Here’s a quick look at some other stats from the defense in 2012.


Team Defense:  9th

Rushing Defense:   6th

Passing Defense: 18th

Scoring Defense:  16th (21.9)

As I mentioned above, stats can be deceiving.  The run defense proved to be pretty stout but we gave up big chunks of yards through the air.  When you are in the middle of the pack defensively versus the pass and in scoring defense, you can expect to finish in the middle of the league or worse record-wise.  That is not going to cut it.

I am one of the fans that holds out much hope for Pagano.  I am not giving him a “pass” for last year, but I am going to wait and see how 2013 plays out.  My hope is that this year is called more similarly to the final 5 or 6 games of last season as opposed to the majority of 2012.

Although it is still as early as training camp, Marty Caswell shared a tweet about Philip Rivers chiming in during a Pagano interview with Darren Smith.  Let’s all hope that Pagano pays no attention to what Philip is requesting of him.

Especially on Sundays.





Booga Peters



While we are just 5 days into training camp, it’s never too early to start thinking about the 53 man roster.  Kevin Acee and Michael Gehlken have taken their first stab at it.  For our purposes, we are looking to you the fans to collaboratively come up with who you think will make up the 53 man roster.

Below, you will find a link that allows you to pick your 53 man roster from all the players currently on the team.  Keep in mind, it’s less important where they are ranked vs. ensuring the players are in the top 53 rankings.  So for example: Ranking Philip Rivers #1 is obvious, but he could be #53 in your list, so long as he’s on there.  Anyone ranked 54 and beyond is considered a cut.  I’ve ordered the players by position.  You can start by clicking on a player and then you’ll see the numbers show up in the boxes next to them to help you see where your 53 starts and ends.  You can then use the drop down to assign numbers or drag and drop guys within the list.

It’s your turn to play Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy Lots of competition in camp…will Eddie Royal make your 53?  After a few days, we will collect results and share those out with you for who you all think makes the team.  I’ll also post some guys who are on the bubble or that received roster votes.  Look forward to seeing who your 53 are.

Click here to pick your 53


In a report on, the Bolts have made a couple moves tonight by signing free agent Safety Tony Burnett and waiving two others.  The team announced that it has waived Mike Hermann and Kenny Okoro.

Burnett is a former USC Trojan and participated in Chargers rookie minicamp as was stated in the piece by

Despite being a serious longshot, many fans had high hopes for the RPI Quarterback, Mike Hermann.  Though he has some athleticism and looks the part, his numbers, at a much lower competition level, were not overly flashy.  His story is a remarkable one, and you can read up on him by clicking here.  I wish him nothing but the best in his pursuit of being an NFL Quarterback and beyond the playing field, as well.

Okoro was a guy that was talked about a little prior to the pads going on.  He has been waived-injured and if he clears waivers he will then be placed on the reserve/injured list.

My guess would be that Burnett is solely a training camp body.  But he could get his chance to show what he’s got on Special teams in San Diego.



Booga Peters




I will keep this short and simple.  Chargers Nose Tackle, Cam Thomas, had a T-shirt made that was nicknamed “CamSmash.”  As the title states, if you purchased a CamSmash T-shirt or tank top last year, please let me know.

Here’s the catch….. I can’t tell you why.  That being said, you have my word it will be worth it to let me know.  Be prepared to show me a picture of it, as well.

Please let me know no later than Wednesday night at 6:00 pm pacific time.


Thanks a lot.


Booga Peters















We are now almost done with the first week of training camp and, knock on wood, we have only had one serious injury.  Jonas Mouton tore his ACL and is going to miss the entire season after being placed on IR.  Mouton was due to be one of the key backups for a fairly thin position at MLB.  The starters are all but set in stone as Donald Butler and rookie Manti Te’o.  One of the players fighting for one of the few spots behind them is UDFA Daniel Molls out of Toledo.

Dan was tackling fool in college.  In 4 years at Toledo he totaled 422 tackles, 21.5 TFL and 7.5 sacks.  Also, no slouch in coverage, Dan had 16 passes defended and 7 interceptions.  Not impressed yet?  He achieved those numbers while not starting any games his Freshman year (43 tackles, 1.5 TFL, 1 INT) and missing 6 games his Junior year (70 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 1 FR for a TD).  So if he wouldn’t have been injured his Jr year, that would have put him on pace to have 450 tackles and over 25 TFL in 3 years as a starter.  His Senior season Dan lead MAC (3rd in the NCAA) in Solo tackles with 86, 2nd in the MAC and NCAA in assisted tackles with 80, and lead both the MAC and NCAA in total tackles with a whopping 166.

Dan is a little undersized for the NFL, measuring in at 6’0″ 238 according to the Chargers official website.  However, he is practically identical in size to both D.J. Smith, at 6’0″ 239, and Manti Te’0, at 6’1″ 241.  He also isn’t the most athletic guy on the field, then again neither is Te’o.  He also put up identical repetitions of 225lbs (21) to Te’o at their pro-days and ran .04 seconds faster in the 40 than Te’o, 4.71 vs 4.75.  The similarities go beyond the physical stats.  Both were vocal leaders of their teams and with superior instincts and football IQ, overcame their physical limitations to dominate on the field.

So with 2-3 spots available at MLB behind Te’o and Butler and Mouton being placed on IR, Dan stands a fighters chance at making the Roster and if not, a very good chance, in my opinion, of making the practice squad.

Dan was nice enough to take some time out of his very busy training camp schedule to answer a few questions for me and here is what he had to say:

@Boltfanindenver – You were a tackling machine in college.  You aren’t the biggest, strongest, or fastest guy on the field but you still finished your senior season leading the league in tackles.  How did you do it?

Dan – Leading the league and the nation in total tackles was something that I never actually thought about. One of my strengths as a player in my opinion is having a knack for finding the football. My goal going into every game was to do whatever I had to do on special teams and defense to give my team the best chance to win the game. Every opportunity I had to make a play I tried to take advantage of and often times I relied on instinct to get myself in a position to make tackles and plays on the ball.

@Boltfanindenver – Scouts said a lot about your football IQ and instincts being very high, in fact I read a few comparisons to last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year and NFL tackles leader Luke Kuechly and your new team mate Manti Te’o.  Do you feel you compare favorably to them?

 Dan – Luke Kuechly has already proven to be a great linebacker and player in this league and to be compared to a player of his caliber is very humbling. I watched as many games and as much film of him throughout college as I could and I would say that we are very similar when it comes to styles of play and I tried to take away as much as I could from his game to improve upon my own game. I am very confident in my abilities as a player and would say that these comparisons are favorable.

@Boltfanindenver – Which veterans have been the most helpful through OTA’s and mini camp? 

 Dan – There are a number of veteran players who have been a tremendous help throughout this process. Of them that stand out I would have to say Jarrett Johnson, an OLB for us. He really set the standard for us as to what it takes to play in this league and at this level. His work ethic, high energy, and effort that he puts into practice and the game really have had an impact on how I approach every day that I show up for practice or meetings.

@Boltfanindenver – What has been the biggest difference so far between college practices and NFL practices?

Dan – The biggest difference that I have noticed in practice from college to NFL is having the opportunity to practice out  in front of a crowd of Chargers fans. It is quite a cool feeling to go out to a practice and have the stands filled up cheering us on. It really makes me anxious to see what a real game in Qualcomm stadium will be like! I would also have to say that the NFL practices are a bit more structured and have different points of emphasis.

@Boltfanindenver – What are your impressions of the coaches and how the practice sessions have been run?

 Dan – In my opinion we have an outstanding group of coaches who have nothing but the best intentions for all of us as players. They have put together a plan for us that I feel is going to be very effective in the team, along with us players individually, having success throughout this season.

@Boltfanindenver – Did you know the Chargers were interested in you leading up to the draft process or was it an out of the blue kind of thing? 

 Dan – The Chargers were one of the first teams I heard from in the beginning of this process and I heard from a few different coaches on staff leading up to the draft weekend. They made it very clear that they were interested in me and showed a lot of interest, particularly on the last day of the draft. So yes, I did have a feeling that they were interested.

@Boltfanindenver – And finally, what did you do in your free time in between mini camp and the start of training camp next week?

 Dan – Other than working out 4-5x per week in the free time leading up to training camp, I spent nearly all the time with my family and girlfriend Lauren. My family and Lauren are two of the most important aspects of my life and I would not be here if it weren’t for them. I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. We went to a few movies, a Toby Keith concert (huge country fan), and Lauren and I were even lucky enough to get away for a few days in a trip down to Nashville. Besides that we pretty much just hung out and relaxed with one another. I also made an effort to make a stop in Toledo to visit with some of my best friends and former teammates and coaches, who all played a role in me being here as well.

You can follow Dan on twitter @danmolls  and show him some love and support as he battles through camp!  Also if you are going out to practice or FanFest, Dan wears #49 so give him a shout out and let him know you read his interview!


Matthew StanleyRookie draft pick Te'o chases down Molls as he takes part in the first day of the San Diego Chargers NFL rookie camp at the team's facilities in San Diego

Editor’s note:  With the preseason right around the corner, Randy has prepared a list of players that he thinks will have a tough time making the roster in San Diego.  Although I disagree with a couple of players he has listed, we are interested to get your feedback.  Take a look.



Here’s a list of players I think may NOT make the Charger’s roster for 2013.

QB:  Mike Hermann

Running back: Fozzy Whitaker  Edwin Baker

Wide Receivers: Dan Depalma  Richard Goodman  Luke Tasker  Mike Willie  Deon Butler

Tight End: Ben Cotton  David Rolf   Dallas Walker

Center: Colin Baxter

Guard: Stephen Schilling

Offensive tackle: Nick Becton  Randy Richards

Defensive End: Jamarkus McFarland  Logan Harrell  Brandon Moore  Jarius Wynn

Defensive Tackle:

Linebacker: Dan Molls   Devan Walker

Cornerback: Greg Brown   Chibuikem Okoro

Safety:  Sean Cattouse

Punter: Richard Kent (definitely won’t make the cut)

Of course some of these players may end up on the practice squad.

My choice for the surprise cut?

Charlie Whitehurst.


Randy Mainwaring

It’s finally here!  Training camp is upon us and we’ve seen the Bolts in their first day in pads.  Players names get dropped for both the good and the bad during camp, but it’s important to not get too high or low on anyone.  A lot of the drills the coaches run are to get a look at a particular position or group of players.  But we’ve seen it before, the training camp hero turns into a gameday zero.  Let’s look at a few examples of what we’ve heard so far…

Derek Cox struggling against the receivers

CoxSure, you never want to get beat but in most games the Defensive backs aren’t going to be asked to cover guys 1 on 1 with no pass rush. Shareece Wright hasn’t helped his cause because he has looked like the play maker he was last preseason before he got hurt. Evaluation: Don’t get to down on him yet.  As my man Skinny said it best:

DJ Fluker struggling early

Fluker5It was reported yesterday by Kevin Acee that Fluker may not be the starter if the season started today.  Michael Gehlken also eluded to that in an article about Te’o and Fluker and some swim lessons.  This one is sure to set off a few alarms for Charger fans, but let’s see how he looks in those preseason games.  With Max Starks and King Dunlap on the roster, it’s clear they have a backup plan if the struggles continue.  Dunlap has reportedly looked very solid, getting a lot of reps with the 1’s at left tackle.  Evaluation: It’s early, and he’s a rookie.  But my sense is his work ethic and good coaching will help with the adjustments.



Eddie Royal

He was a player called out last year a lot during OTA’s and training camp (when he returned after missing almost a Royalmonth with a groin injury).  This year has been no different, he’s shown up on video highlights of practice and catching almost everything thrown to him.  A healthy Royal is a good thing, as he enters year two with Philip Rivers but more importantly in an offense that needs him.  Evaluation: Health is the key here, if he stays on the field and can build chemistry with Rivers, it’s promising.




Shareece Wright –

Wright2It seems like he’s picked up where he left off last year.  He’s making plays and shining early on.  We saw this last year, but we also saw how quickly it can change.  My guess is he won’t be doing as much special teams work this year, which is probably good for his ankles.  Evaluation: Excited to see him in the preseason games as a starter.  A lot riding on he and Cox this year to ensure this defense takes the next step.



The bottom line is to take it all in and enjoy the practices.  Just know a lot can change between now and the opener, let’s just hope the good stay good and the others continue to improve.


Justin Holmerud

Training Camp 7-27-13 003



Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s once again time for football in this great nation of ours. I have the honor and privilege that I get to, not only write for an awesome, up and coming Chargers fan site,, but I have also met some super great Charger fans.

Just being out among the fans at training on Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th, I had the realization that Charger fans are the best in the USA. Everyone was calm, no fights or altercations broke out.

CamandButterflys (1)


I attended training camp with my friend Angelica Carillo. Some of you may know her on Facebook as Butterflys Carillo. We had a great time and I’d like to share some pics of the two days I was there.


Eric Weddle Winking for the camera


It was an experience I won’t forget. These are a few of the many pictures I took. Manti Teo seemed to be the most popular. He was out signing autographs on Friday but not Saturday. He was very difficult to even get a picture of him! I did manage to get many good pics of Eric Weddle and an autograph. Melvin Ingram was signing autographs for the fans on Friday. He didn’t let anyone take a picture with him..don’t know why. I asked him if he was going to be able to play this season with his injury and, of course, he said, “hell yes!”.  I did manage to get a picture of Philip Rivers on the field but from what I hear, he doesn’t come to sign autographs very often.  I have pictures of Shareece Wright, Nick Novak, and many of the rookies. I also got a shot of LT across the other side of the field sporting a red shirt. He was doing an interview with Philip Rivers for NFL Network’s coverage of training camps. You can see the clip of the interview here:




It was a great time except for a lot of pushing and shoving! Can’t wait for the season to start. I even saw Robert Meachem catch a pass!!

Randy Mainwaring


Training Camp 7-27-13 019




Eric Weddle2











Training CampWeddle 7-27-13 020

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