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There has been an obvious and calculated youth movement at Chargers Park.  Tom Telesco has made it clear, via both words and actions, that the Bolts would indeed be younger and faster.  It is fair to say that he has backed that up during the draft and free agency.

So, what does that mean for the veterans that still remain on the team?  Furthermore, what does that mean for the veterans that are approaching their tenth season in the league?

Such is the case for Malcom Floyd.  The fact that we’re having this conversation is quite the accomplishment for Floyd.

An undrafted free agent out of Wyoming, it’s hard to say whether or not the team gave serious thought to him remaining a Charger for a decade.  In hindsight, it’s simple to talk about a high-flying acrobat of a receiver that seems to always come down with the ball.  Who wouldn’t be able to take advantage of a 6’5″ target?

It’s just not that simple, people.  It’s not always as easy as checking out the height, weight, and speed measurements and then guesstimating how those numbers will translate into success at the next level.

Floyd has never been to a Pro Bowl.  He has never had 1,000 yards receiving in a season and has only played in all 16 games once in any season.  But for all that he hasn’t accomplished, he has left his mark in the mind of this diehard Charger fan.  And I’d even go as far as to say the best is yet to come for M80.

Here’s a look at his career stats up to this point of his career:


TOTAL 233 3,984 55 25 1 0
2012 SD 14 14 56 814 14.5 39 5
2011 SD 12 9 43 856 19.9 52T 5
2010 SD 11 9 37 717 19.4 55 6 1 0
2009 SD 16 9 45 776 17.2 53 1
2008 SD 13 2 27 465 17.2 49T 4
2007 SD 6 1 7 97 13.9 25 0
2006 SD 12 0 15 210 14.0 46T 3
2005 SD 0 0
2004 SD 4 2 3 49 16.3 27 1


Now that the offense will be evolving into a quicker passing, run focused unit, we can probably expect Floyd’s yard per catch average to go down a bit.  Balls coming out quicker means less time for routes to develop and a focus on short to intermediate routes.  In the same breath, one can assume that his receptions will inversely go up and provide him with more opportunities to make plays.  Floyd has maxed out at 6 touchdown receptions for a season.  Due to McCoy and Whisenhunt employing a “put our players in the best position to do what they do best” mantra, I am a firm believer that his size will be utilized more in the redzone.  Which in turn could mean that his scoring chances will increase and he could end up having a career-high in touchdown catches.

The Chargers have an abundance of wide receivers at this point.  That number could change now that we have passed June 1st.  But lets also remember that this is a new system for the entire San Diego offense.  The rapport that Philip Rivers has with Floyd may only be matched by that of which he shares with Antonio Gates.  When learning anything new, it is human nature to go with what makes you comfortable.  I would expect that Rivers will look Floyd’s way quite often due to their 10 year connection.

I try not to do speculation pieces like this but that is what this is.  I’ve read so many articles by “experts” stating that Floyd could either be cut or traded for a low-round draft pick.  I suppose either could happen but I don’t see those as likely scenarios.

It has been rumored that this is a make or break year for Rivers in San Diego.  It doesn’t make much sense to me to get rid of one of his most trusted weapons.

Regardless of what was expected out of Floyd as a long shot, undrafted free agent, I expect him to have a very solid year in what is his last year under contract with the Bolts.  As a collegian out of Wyoming, Floyd may have quietly crept onto the NFL scene, but I believe that he will leave his mark with a resounding roar.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters



As we inch closer to the regular season, the Chargers will be opening up with another round of OTAs starting this morning, June 3rd.  The offseason training activities begin today and run through June 6th.

This is the first of two sessions in June that I’m aware of at this time.  Another OTA runs from June 11th-13th.  The main things to look for during OTAs are as follows:

– Entire team learning new playbooks and all the new terminology

– Building a rapport with your teammates

– Getting rookies and young players acclimated to the NFL

– Gelling as individual units ( Ex:  The Offensive Line, Quarterback and Wide Receivers on same page, Defensive line working in                                                harmony with the Linebackers, etc)

– Working on clock management

– Setting up the two-minute drill

– Continuing to get players into good shape/condition


And the number one thing you hope and pray for would be: STAY HEALTHY!!!


Of course there are many other things that are occurring during OTAs.  I just thought that I would highlight some of them.  These OTAs are, unfortunately, not open to the public.  I spoke with Joel Price of the Chargers and although the training camp dates for the team have been announced, they have yet to determine what days will be open to the fans.  We’ll all be staying tuned to find out that information.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters

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