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As we tick away the days until the start of the new NFL season, it’s never too early to start making travel plans for those of us fortunate enough to be able to go to games.  Living in Phoenix, Arizona, that definitely applies to your favorite party host, The Greg One.  Like the rest of you, I’m over-anxious for the start of the season.  With the new regime in place and the sweeping changes they’ve made throughout our favorite team, we have reason to believe our bolts will be back in the playoffs sooner than later.  Looking at the schedule I see wins and definitely more than seven and in the double figure range.

If you ask me, that means this season.  Many feel the Chargers are due for another losing season, predicting seven or eight wins.  The power rankings have our team in the mid-20’s.  That the bottom third of the league.  The ‘experts’ are wrong as usual.  I’m looking forward to seeing us win every game but there are a handful of must-see games on the schedule for me.  All division games are automatically must-see so this is an out of division must-see list.  They are:

At Arizona (preseason):  The Chargers playing in my backyard, and it’s week three of preseason where the starters play the most minutes.  Done and done.

Houston (week 1):  The season opener sets the tone for the rest of the season is the old adage in the NFL.  Can’t say that’s true.  The Chargers started last season by embarrassing the Raiders on Monday Night Football.  We know how the rest of the season went.

This year, the Chargers go for their third straight MNF season opening win in as many seasons when Houston comes to town.  Houston is an up and coming team but they haven’t been able to get over the hump.  They did manage a playoff win two seasons ago but failed to make the playoffs last season.  I’m a huge Arian Foster fan, not just because he scores a boatload of points for my fantasy teams, but because he is a phenomenal running back and very fun to watch.  The Texans have an explosive offense and on defense you find J.J. Watt and marvel at his athleticism.  This is going to be a highly competitive game, excited to see it!

At Philadelphia (week 2):  The last for teams to play Philadelphia in their home opener have won the Super Bowl!  This year, San Diego gets the honor of being that team.  Book your tickets for New York now!!  Philadelphia will be a team under the microscope with Chip Kelly as their new head coach.  The experts have wondered out loud for years if Kelly’s Oregon offense would work in the NFL.  Now we get to see the answer.  This is an ideal time to play them in case it does work because its going to take time to gel on the field in games that count. Should be a fun watch.

Indianapolis (week 6):  The Chargers take on the surprising Colts.  Plenty of storylines in this Monday Night Football matchup.  Tom Telesco’s new team versus his old team.  Will QB Andrew Luck continue on the upward trajectory he began last season as a rookie when the Colts made the playoffs after only getting two wins the season before?  Dwight Freeney versus the team he’d spent his entire career playing for until now.  Guaranteed fireworks.

At Washington (week 9):  The Chargers get a crack at the Washington QB phenom Robert Griffin III and the Pistol offense.  Should be a fun game to watch, that is, if the Pistol hasn’t already been figured out by then.  Nevertheless, we’ll watch just to see if he’s as good as advertised in his second season.

New York Giants (week 14):  We know the history of Eli Manning and the Chargers, (if you don’t read my past column about Eli on this here site) which is enough reason to watch and try to boo him out of the stadium from your living room!  The Greg One will personally be at this game to watch the Chargers destroy the Giants.

What games are you looking forward to the most?

Here’s to a great playoff run, THIS SEASON!

#TelescoMagic believe in it!


Bolt Up!


The Greg One

Is it September yet? After the offseason the Chargers have had, every Charger loyalist should have reason to believe that this season will be different.  Different for the better,  we hope.  Considering the Chargers are coming off their first losing season in over a decade, it can’t get much worse.  Just the fact Norv Turner and AJ Smith won’t be haunting Chargers Park is already seen as a turn for the better.

The recent signings of defensive end Dwight Freeney and left tackle Max Starks has created the buzz the Chargers faithful have been waiting for all offseason. Now we’re REALLY ready for the season to start so we can see our new toys in action but alas, we have almost 100 days to wait.  The NBA season will be over in mid-June, the NHL Playoffs are winding down and baseball will never end and is too boring to watch on TV.  How do we keep our sports buzz on? Might I suggest some Blockbuster nights?

Here are The Greg One’s top five sports movies of all time. Rent these and get some of that rooting spirit back…if even for only 90 minutes at a time.

5.  Talladega Nights.  Honestly. I’ll be the first to tell everyone who will listen that Will Ferrell is NOT FUNNY.  He tried too hard to be funny and just looks dumber in the process. What makes this movie is the supporting cast from the overzealous kids to the ‘hot wife’ to John C. Reilly as Ferrell’s co-star and racing teammate.  This movie is funny IN SPITE OF, not because of, Will Ferrell.

4.  White Men Can’t Jump.  Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson form an unholy alliance to hustle street basketball.  Playing on the blacktop in the bad part of town,  Harrelson’s character Billy Hoyle, (affectionately dubbed Billy HO by Snipes) is the perfect accomplice because everyone in the hood thinks…you got it, White Men Can’t Jump.  Plenty of twists and turns, street justice a wisecracking Kadeem Hardison, (you knew him as Dwayne Wayne from A Different World) and a young, hot Rosie Perez. Score!!

3.  Rocky IV.  I’m not lumping all the Rocky movies together because they’re not all great, especially not Rocky V.  Rocky IV has the best foil in Dolph Lundgren who plays the invincible Russian Ivan Drago called ‘Death From Above’ in the movie.  Rocky is pressed back into action after his best friend, Apollo Creed, is killed in the ring in an exhibition fight.  I’d say sorry for the spoiler alert but if you haven’t seen this movie already, there’s something wrong with you… Its a compare and contrast of old school training (Rocky running up mountainsides and training in the elements in a broken down cabin)  and new school training. (Drago getting ‘roided up and training in a cozy state of the art facility).  Its a lesson that’s still true to this day.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

2.  The Waterboy.  Adam Sandler plays the insufferable title character, a backwoods, home-schooled redneck deep in the heart of the Louisiana swamp.  Kathy Bates is awesome as his ‘mama’, stubborn, tricky and a believer that anything she doesn’t like is ‘the DEVIL’.  As the team waterboy, his hidden knack for delivering punishing, playmaking hits comes while he’s being tormented by his own team and coach Henry Winkler decides to get the waterboy to channel that aggression onto the field.  Play count the cameos as plenty of recognizable faces pop up in random places.


And The Greg One’s  GREGGY award for greatest sports movie of all time goes to….




This, not Caddyshack, should be the gold standard for all golf movies.  Adam Sandler strikes again as the title character, Happy Gilmore.  Gilmore is an ice hockey player  with all the power in the world but there’s just one problem, he’s not a good skater.  Gilmore does love a good fight like any hockey player and he does fight with just about everyone, including a famous scene with Bob Barker…

“The Price Is WRONG, bitch!!”

Gilmore is discovered by Chubs, played by Carl Weathers and Chubs get him entered into the world of golf.  Gilmore’s 400 foot drives become the talk of the pro tour and it brings out fans and haters, including Gilmore’s rival for the duration of the movie, Shooter McGavin.  Wrapped in the middle of all this hilarity is the greatest love scene caught in a movie.  Ever.  Set to ‘Endless Love’, Gilmore romances a hot tour representative.  Watch the scene then disagree with me, if you dare!


Hope you guys liked my list.  Five films, five different sports.  It was hard narrowing it to five as the rest of the top ten would have been some mix of Varsity Blues (if the Endless Love’ scene was the greatest love scene EVER, the whipped cream bikini is the hottest moment EVER), Remember The Titans, Caddyshack, The Longest Yard (the most recent Adam Sandler edition) and Rocky III.  I’d say this is the perfect ten but if not, what films would you add to the list?  For the record, I left Rudy off on purpose.  Dude got in one play in the last game…no soup for you!  Other than that, who ya got??


Here’s to getting that sports fix sated!  Buy these movies and you will be fully entertained again and again!




Bolt Up!!
The Greg One





Simply put: most likely and that’s a good thing.  Being married to a particular style or playbook is what gets you in trouble if it doesn’t fit the talent you have on the field.   The Chargers have built their defense around the 3-4.  But a revolving door at OLB due to injuries and players leaving, has overshadowed a bit the development of their young defensive line.  It’s been well documented on this site as well as here and here, that Corey Liuget, Kendall Reyes and Cam Thomas are a young and impressive group on the verge of a breakout year.  The signs were there last December, when this front ate up a very mediocre Jets offensive line.  Good players win matchups with players they should beat, great players go above that and are a threat to beat anyone on any given play.

This year should tell us how close Liuget and Co are to being good or great.  Given Mike McCoys’ approach to doing what his players do best, the focus should shift to creating favorable matchups for his best players.  While Dwight Freeney played OLB last year and had some success, it makes sense to build looks into this defense to put him in a position where he’s been a Hall of Fame caliber player.  The one thing that keeps coming to mind is the New York Giants infamous “NASCAR package”.  Putting their fastest players on the D-line and allowing them to pin their ears back and go, helped drive them to two Super Bowl victories.  Let’s put our 4 best D-Lineman on the field and see what happens.  With the size of Liuget and Reyes, Pagano has the flexibility to run a 4 man front moving either inside with Cam Thomas.

Of course the Chargers will need a nickname for this look.  For the sake of throwing something out there and seeing if it sticks, let’s call it the thunder and lightning package.  Might not be as clean, but the speed, size and tenacity of this group seems to blend well with that name.


Justin Holmerud


Quentin Jammer. Shaun Phillips. Takeo Spikes. The Chargers 9th ranked defense in 2012 was led by these dedicated veterans. Flash forward to present day, Jammer and Phillips have signed with divisional-rival Denver Broncos, and Spikes is a free agent, waiting for a team to call for his services. The youth movement began this off-season and players like Eric Weddle, Cory Liuget, and Donald Butler will be tasked with being the calming voice for the new look, Chargers 3-4 hybrid defense. Weddle has already shown his leadership skills through his steady play in the secondary. As for Butler, he’s had the privilege of playing directly next to a ferocious player and a strong leader in Spikes. Butler was a selected in the 2nd round in the 2010 draft. His rookie year was derailed before it began, as he suffered a season-ending achilles injury in training camp. In the last two years, Butler has been extremely impressive, racking up 173 tackles (128 solo), 5 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 4 fumble recoveries. Butler is indeed a playmaker, as he has returned both an interception and a fumble for scores.

Butler’s physical presence and play on the field have carried over to him being the leader for this defense. With the buzz-generating selection of linebacker Mani Te’o in this past draft, Butler will be called upon to quickly elevate the rookie to game speed. In a recent interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, Butler explained the dynamics and possibility of the 2013 second-round selection being penciled in as the starter next to him. “My thing is I just want to see him come here and work,” Butler explained regarding Te’o. “A lot of people are talking about the future, and as bright as the future may seem or sound, he has to come in and prove himself before anything. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I want someone coming in ready and willing to work and learn and be a part of this defense.”

Butler was never handed the starting job, he earned the right to play on Sundays due to his blood and sweat effort he gave during the week. He won’t accept anything less from any of his teammates, especially for the player lining up directly next to him. “(Te’o) has to come in and prove himself as a starter,” explained Butler. “Hopefully we can create something that will carry us for the next four, five, six years.”

The torch has been passed, and it’s Butler’s job to make sure it burns bright.



My name is Laurie Fredricks and I’m a massage therapist.  I have a business degree with an emphasis in accounting so how did I end up doing this line of work?  A friend suggested it to me at the gym one day about 4 years ago.  I remember going to my 1st day of class and looking at all my classmates and thinking “Oh man, I have to touch all these people (ugh)!”

Well, I finished the program which was for Swedish Massage which I think is a big waste of anyone’s time.  That just wasn’t cutting it for me.  I am an intense person and if something isn’t great, why bother?  Luckily, I found a little lady that did a different kind of massage with her feet.  It is called Ashiatsu Massage, I took a 3 day intense course with her and knew this is what I wanted to do.

My passion is helping people and I just happen to love sports as well.  I cannot put into words the looks on these big guys faces after a session.  They are so thankful to finally be able to find someone who can make a difference.  I am both humbled and thankful that anybody who uses their body to make a living trusts me.  I have worked on NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA.  I am relatively new to San Diego and building a VIP client base of pro athletes (current and retired).

Massage is starting to become more mainstream in sports as it helps muscle recovery, prevents injury, aids deep sleep, and can contribute to optimal athletic performance on game day.  I hear athletes mention it in post game interviews more and more.  Football is truly a game of inches and if you are just a little faster or a little more flexible due to massage, it can really influence the outcome of plays.

Finally, I wanna thank all the guys that are telling other teammates about me and BoogaP, #TheBoltFather, for networking with me.

@lauriefredricks  on twitter

916-370-7220   cell

**rates are cusotmized to meet individual needs


I hope everyone enjoyed the first ever #BoltFamSpotlight article featuring Laurie Fredricks.  Be sure to follow her on twitter, @lauriefredricks.  If you see any of our favorite Chargers tweeting about needing a massage, be sure to send them Laurie’s way!


Thanks a lot for reading.






I blogged about this earlier and I have received some mixed responses regarding how people feel about this topic.  The Charger organization has decided, for one reason or another, that they do not want rookie Manti Te’o speaking with the media during offseason training activities.

As I stated this morning, I am fully behind this decision.  Te’o doesn’t owe the media anything.  The inverse to such thinking is that it would be best to get it out-of-the-way and have him thrown to the wolves right here and now.

It is my opinion that he has more important things to do like learn the playbook, form relationships with his teammates and coaches, and adapt to his new home in America’s finest city.

This is where you come in.  How do you feel about the team’s decision to shield Te’o from the inundation of fake girlfriend questions?  Do you agree or disagree with the kid glove treatment of the former Notre Dame star?  Let us know by placing your vote in the poll below.  I would also encourage you to leave a comment at the bottom to state why you voted the way that you did.

I am really looking forward to how this one plays out.  I would guess it is very close to 50-50 when the final votes are placed.


Do you agree or disagree with the Chargers not allowing Te’o to talk with the media?

View Results

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.




Here is a quick look at who the Chargers have lost and acquired through free agency.  We will take a look at where former players are now, and where the current players were previous to this season; as well as re-signings.


Takeo Spikes – ILB – Free Agent

Atari Bigby – S – Free Agent

Seyi Ajirotutu – WR – Free Agent

Tyronne Green – G – New England Patriots

Michael Spurlock – WR/KR – Free Agent

Antoine Cason – CB – Arizona Cardinals

Demorrio Williams – ILB – Free Agent

Shaun Phillips – OLB – Denver Broncos

Curtis Brinkley – RB – Free Agent

Randy McMichael – TE – Free Agent

Quentin Jammer – DB – Free Agent

Aubrayo Franklin – DT – Indianapolis Colts

Jackie Battle – RB – Free Agent

Rex Hadnot – G – Free Agent

Corey Lynch – S – Free Agent

Antwan Barnes – OLB – New York Jokes Jets

Louis Vasquez – OG – Denver Broncos

Dante Rosario – TE – Free Agent

Vaughn Martin – DT – Miami Dolphins

Jared Gaither – OT – Free Agent

Antonio Garay – DT – New York Jets


Ronnie Brown – RB – Re-signed (1 year deal)

Nick Novak – K – Resigned (4 year deal)

John Phillips (Dallas Cowboys) – TE – Signed to 3 year deal

Chad Rinehart (Buffalo Bills) – OG – Signed to 1 year deal

King Dunlap (Philadelphia Eagles) – OT/OG – signed to 2 year deal

Derek Cox (Jacksonville Jaguars) – CB – Signed to 4 year deal

Richard Goodman – WR/KR – Re-signed to 1 year deal

Danny Woodhead (New England Patriots) – RB – Signed to 2 year deal

Jarius Wynn (Tennessee Titans) – DE – Signed to 1 year deal

Rich Ohrnberger (Arizona Cardinals) – OG – Signed to 1 year deal

Deon Butler (Seattle Seahawks) – WR – Signed to 1 year deal

D.J Smith (Green Bay Packers) – LB – Claimed off waivers

Fozzy Whittaker (Arizona Cardinals) – RB – Claimed off waivers

Max Starks (Pittsburgh Steelers) – OT – Signed to a 1 year deal

Dwight Freeney (Indianapolis Colts) – OLB – Signed to a 2 year deal

Thanks for #ReadingTheBlitz

Jarvis Royall




Manti Te’o owes you nothing.  He doesn’t owe me anything.  He certainly doesn’t owe the media a damn thing.  Yet, much of the sports media world is up in arms about San Diego’s decision to deny them the opportunity to interview him during the team’s offseason training activities.

I couldn’t agree more with the team’s decision to shield him from the gauntlet of useless, non-football related questions that would indeed be the focus of Te’o’s time at the podium.  If there was any sort of way to guarantee that the questions were solely about football then this would be a different story.  But we all know that would not be the case.

The media coverage at Chargers Park was rumored to have quintupled during the beginning stages of minicamps.  My assumption is they were not there to focus their attention on the new practice field.  I’d be interested to see if that number has reduced since it was announced that Te’o would not be speaking to the media for now.

I personally couldn’t care less about the catfish fiasco involving Manti Te’o.  My concerns with him are his inability to shed blocks and keeping his head up on tackles so as not to miss them.  Te’o’s lack of timed speed may be an issue for some but his football speed is better than most would give him credit for.  His instincts and football smarts make up for what some consider to be a poor track time.

The bottom line with Te’o is that as long as he is making plays and being a good citizen off of the field, which is expected, then Charger fans will have most of their doubts erased by the man’s ability on the field.

I suppose only time will tell.  I do know that I am more than ready to see this team together on the field in games that count.  Although they need time to figure out where guys fit in, who the starters will be, installations of both the offense and defense, etc, I am just a bit impatient at this point.  Admittedly, patience is not my strong suit.  We’ll find out if the media has the same patience issue in regard to their inability to badger the newly drafted Te’o.


Thanks a lot for reading.






Here are my Top 10 movies at the request of Dave!


1. Christmas Vacation
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
4. Rudy
5. Sherlock Holmes
6. Batman – The Dark Knight
7. V for Vendetta
8. Pirates of the Caribbean
9. Role Models
10. The Godfather

Justin Holmerud

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