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Now that we have all had a little bit of time to digest the San Diego draft, it is time to focus some attention of the available free agents.  This is done to help supplement what will eventually be the final 53 when that comes.

There are still going to be many cuts that occur once mini camp, OTAs, and training camp roll around.  Additionally, there will still be players that the team will look to add during the preseason games.  Teams will be evaluating there rosters for the coming months until the regular season begins.

In the mean time, there are still some names on the street that the Chargers may continue to have interest in acquiring.  If we’re talking about the offensive line, those two names would be Eric Winston and Bryant McKinnie.

As you may remember, the Bolts have had Winston in for a visit but he obviously left without a contract.  There were inquiries about McKinnie by the Chargers through McKinnie’s agent.


As of yesterday it was reported, by multiple sources, that talks between the Miami Dolphins and Winston were still ongoing.  In today’s news, there are said to be similar talks between Miami and McKinnie.  The Dolphins are not going to sign both veterans.

This is going to be a fluid situation.  We will be keeping a close eye on this and all other news surrounding the Bolts.


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Brian Coz of the New York post has tweeted out that Tim Tebow has been released by the New York Jets.  Tebow was traded from Denver to the Jets prior to last season along with a seventh round pick for a fourth and a sixth round pick.

Tebow rarely saw the field while with the Jets.  Former general manager Mike Tannenbaum has said that his hand was forced on acquiring the ESPN darling.  The Tebow circus was long overdue to be making it’s way to the next city.

So that leads us to this.  Who will sign Tebow?  When do the rumors start to circulate that Tebow’s next destination could be in San Diego to reunite him with former coach Mike McCoy?

We’ll just have to wait and see.  It is yet to be seen if there is a market for Tebow’s services.  If there is not a market, there will be no rush for a team to sign him.  In that case, we are now back to hearing about Tim 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.



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Going to Radio City Music Hall for day three of the NFL Draft was a little sad. Knowing there would be no more days to attend was the main reason for this emotion.  The first two days were so full of electricity it became intoxicating.  Being able to watch the drama unfold and fall into the wave of emotions that coursed through the room even for other teams was addictive.  This was the best reality show ever because it was real people being sent into the roles of their lives.

From meeting Roger Goodell the first night to being interviewed three times over three days by various sports news outlets to seeing New York for the first time; this was an amazing trip.

Day three was rounds 4-7.  Five minutes per selection.  The clock ran without hesitation and picks were being added to the draft toteboard in rapid succession.  These rounds are where the team scouts make their money.  Most of these players are not household names and these men will largely become camp casualties or added to the practice squad if they prove to be worthy.

The Chargers did not have a pick in round four based on moving up in the draft from pick 45 to 38 to get Mantei Te’o.  The Chargers sent the Arizona their 2nd and 4th picks for the right to do so.

The Chargers first pick in round five was Steven Williams.  Williams is a cornerback out of California, 5’9, 181 pounds.  Williams was a standout at the NFL combine as he posted a 40 1/2 inch vertical jump, best among cornerbacks at the combine. His 10 foot 8 inch broad jump was good for fourth best.

Williams had six interceptions, three forced fumbles, 25 passed defensed in his playing career. He also had 25 straight starts to finish his collegiate eligibility, showing his ability to stay on the field and off the trainers table. Obviously, the reason he dropped so low is his size but Williams could be another steal in this draft.

Wiliams’  teammate Keenan Allen, selected by the Chargers in the third round being the first steal. Allen dropped due to his PCL injury but he is at 90% health already according to reports.

In the sixth round, the Chargers selected Tourek Williams, an outside linebacker our of Florida International University.  Williams has a nonstop motor according to reports, hopefully making him a potential pass rusher for the Chargers.  I’m hoping at least one of the Williamses becomes a future starter so I can buy a Chargers jersey with my own last name on the back!!

In the last round, the Chargers had their oddest selection, going with Southern Utah quarterback Brad Sorensen.  He is an older prospect, having served a two-year Mormon mission to Spain. He played one season at San Bernardino Valley and his last three at Southern Utah.  He’s 6’4, 229 pounds and has proven to be extremely accurate with a 67% completion percentage in his sophomore and junior seasons, 62% in senior.

The last two picks aren’t big names, hailing from small schools but I have faith that given the way the rest of the draft has gone, these are solid picks.  GM Telesco has shown a great eye for talent and these small school players, despite their lack of top-level competition in college come in with a bigger chip on their shoulders than the big school players in a lot of cases.

To be honest, the last day was a little boring for me.  Aside from very few names you recognize being drafted, the energy in the air the first two days had lessened.  Past and current players held autograph and picture sessions like former Jets receiver Wayne Chrebet and Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell.   I did get to meet and take pictures with LSU’s head coach Les Miles and Adam Rank from, as well as the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders.   All the broad casters were there from Trey Wingo to Kiper and McShay to Bill Polian, Yoda to Tom Telesco’s Skywalker.

There were prize raffles. Fans won the opportunity to announce picks for their favorite teams. The player appearances were a nice touch but it was a lot of the same exhibits as the two days before. RCMH has no wi-fi, saps phone battery power quickly, and while grand in appearance is quite cavernous.  If they’re going to hold every draft here, the NFL could do more to make this a more fan friendly experience.

Keeping up with the picks in real time would be nice also. On day two, the live draft ran about four picks behind most of the day.  The televised broadcast had shown the picks minutes before it was announced in person.  All-in-all it was an experience I will never forget and hope to do again next year.

Being there live to see the first selections, the most important selections in current Chargers history was a huge honor.  The new regime took their first shots at repairing what AJ Smith and Norv Turner broke and in my opinion hit a home run.  I will never forget the deafening roar when Mantei Te’o became a Charger, giving the Chargers the biggest headlines of draft weekend.  The pick showed courage and guts.

Te’o for good or for ill, will be the new regime’s poster boy and the more separation I get from it, the more I like it. Te’o was a few votes from winning the Heisman last year along with winning National player of the year, the Bednarik award, Maxwell trophy and Butkus award and the Chargers got him in the second round!  The Chargers are better now than they were this time last week and that is very encouraging.

Plenty of pics to come. Check for complete photo gallery.

Bolt Up!


The Greg One






Tomorrow I will be doing my own Charger’s draft report card.  Today I stumbled across Pete Prisco posting his draft grades for each of the NFL’s 32 teams.  Here is the link:




Best pick: It’s first-round pick D.J. Fluker, the tackle from Alabama. He fills a huge need at right tackle.

Questionable move: Taking linebacker Manti Te’o in the second round is a risky pick, especially when they could have used another tackle.

Third-day gem: Sixth-round defensive end Tourek Williams will move to outside linebacker and has a chance to upgrade the pass rush.

Analysis: I liked the pick of Fluker, but not the choice of Te’o. They might hit on third-round pick Keenan Allen, but he is coming off an injury.

Grade: C-


I’ll wait to elaborate on what I think of his grades until I post my own tomorrow.  I like Pete’s work a lot.  He comes across as a little brash and outspoken.  I have no problem with either of those traits.

Feel free to leave comments below on how you feel about Prisco’s grading of the Charger’s draft.  Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for my draft report card and much, much more.


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Now that the NFL draft is over, the time to bring in undrafted players has begun.  The Chargers, like most teams, have announced a large number of players that will be invited to show what they can do in lightning bolts.

Here are the players:


San Diego Chargers
Josh Johnson, CB, Purdue
Kwame Geathers, DL, Georgia
Luke Tasker, WR, Cornell
Nick Becton, OT, VA Tech
Cortney Gardner, WR, Sierra
Jamarcus McFarland, DT, Oklahoma
Michael Hill, RB, Missouri Western
Dan Molls, LB, Toledo
Ben Cotton, TE, Nebraska
Brandon Moore, DT, Texas
Greg Brown, DB, Kansas
Jahleel Addae, CB, Central Michigan
Frank Beltre, LB, Towson
Marcus Cromartie, CB, Wisconsin
Byron Jerideau, NT, South Carolina
Richard Kent, P, Vanderbilt
Kenny Okoro, DB, Wake Forest
Randy Richards, OT, Missouri State
David Rolf, TE, Utah
Devan Walker, LB Southeastern Louisiana


The two that stick out to me are cornerback Josh Johnson of Purdue and nose tackle Kwame Geathers of Georgia.

Johnson is a solid corner whose main deficiency is his lack of speed.  He’s a very physical guy that excels in run support.  As GM of the Chargers #MockSix mock draft, we chose Johnson in the sixth round as a guy who could come in an fight for a spot down the road.

Geathers is a mountain of a man.  For a player of his size he possesses quick feet and is good at using his very long arms in order to shed blocks.  Comes from an NFL pedigree that has seen two of his brothers, Robert, and Clifton, play in the league.

The Bolts have had great luck in the past with undrafted free agents.  Let’s hope that they find some players that will be solid additons to San Diego’s practice squad.  Perhaps one of these guys will find a way onto the roster at some point.


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dj fluker


Ok, now that we’ve had time to digest the draft picks for the Bolts, what is your opinion of Telesco’s first pick as Chargers GM?  We want to know what you think of the Chargers selecting DJ Fluker in the first round.

I can not stress enough that is fueled by the opinions of the fans.  Without you, the fan/reader, we do not have a site.

So take a minute to leave a comment.

Break free from the tyranny of other sports sites.  We welcome your thoughts here, not crush them.  Don’t agree with us?  Let us know.   Inquiring minds want to know.  Here at we are as passionate about the game of football as you.

Below is a poll about the DJ Fluker selection.  Be sure to vote and then leave a comment at the bottom as to why you voted the way that you did.


How do you feel about the DJ Fluker draft pick in the first round?

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Tom Telesco entered the 2013 Draft as a first time General Manager of a team that had many gaping holes and a need for major talent. Telesco didn’t disappoint, as he delivered time and time again. Here is a breakdown of the Chargers first three rounds.

Round 1 (11th pick)
The need for a Left Tackle had been highlighted since the first game of last season. The Jared Gaither debacle destroyed the Chargers protection scheme. Pre-combine predictions had the Bolts landing 6’7, 305 pound, mountain of a man, Eric Fisher from Central Michigan. After a spectacular Senior Bowl week and an excellent Combine performance, Fisher was projected to be a top three pick in the draft. Soon after, the extremely talented Lane Johnson from Oklahoma was seen as dropping to the Chargers at the 11th pick. Johnson’s combine numbers were off the charts. After the big three tackles (including Luke Joeckel) were gobbled up in the first three picks, the Chargers made their first selection.

OT, D.J Fluker, Tackle, Alabama:
At 6’5, 340 pounds, with a 36-inch arm length (crucial for tackles), Fluker had a solid career in Alabama. He will immediately make his home as the starting Right Tackle on opening day. As Fluker was introduced at Chargers Park, Fluker exclaimed, “I’m actually ready to play right now. There’s no days off, everyday is a work day.” A far cry from under-achieving Gaither. The Chargers got what they needed, a behemoth protector of Philip Rivers, with the willingness to work hard and start immediately. PFW 2013 Draft publication wrote that Fluker is a “massive, imposing specimen with girth and wingspan that rate as exceptional even by NFL standards.”

Former starter Jeromey Clary can possibly slide down and compete to be the starter at Right Guard next to Fluker. Clary is a large man with descent feet. Clary was susceptible to speed rushers from the outside and was exposed in space. However, Clary should be a good fit at the Right Guard spot. Nick Hardwick will anchor the Center. There should be a good battle between Johnnie Troutman and Chad Rinehart for the Left Guard spot, and as of now, King Dunlap will be the starting Left Tackle.

Round 2 (38th pick)
The NFL draft is the ultimate reality show, and this was the moment that electrified Radio City Music Hall. Telesco traded the Chargers’ 2013 fourth round pick to move up in the second round and select Notre Dame Linebacker, Manti Te’o.

LB, Manti Te’o, Notre Dame:
At 6’1, 248 pounds, Te’o is an explosive hitter that shows explosive range. He is able to play all linebacker positions. His coverage instincts and leadership qualities elevated Te’o as one if the top linebackers in the draft this year.
Watching tape of Te’o, its uncanny to see the same type of read and reaction skills of the late great, Junior Seau. Te’o sees the game quickly and reacts simultaneously. Te’o’s 19 tackles for losses, 2 sacks, and seven interceptions in the last two years in Notre Dame make him a defensive playmaker. His draft stock dropped due to three factors: (a) Girlfriend hoax, (b) Bad game versus Alabama, and (c) Poor combine 40-yard dash time).

The Chargers had a black hole in the middle of their line-backing corps next to Donald Butler. Te’o should start game one in the middle next to Butler. Telesco’s major move immediately served two purposes. Telesco first recognized that a 1st round talent, and best player available (BPA) was still hanging around in the second round. Secondly, their crucial need was for a 3-4 middle backer. Bam, the trade and selection of Te’o served both purposes.

Round 3 (Pick 76)
Telesco recognized that another potential 1st round draft pick was still hanging around deep into the second day. The Bolts selected WR Kennan Allen.

WR, Keenan Allen, California:
Allen is a genuine playmaker who was on top of draft boards along with Tavon Austin as the top wide receiver in this year’s crop. At 6’2, 210 pounds, Austin can play the X position on the outside, as well as in the slot. He has over 150 receptions with 12 touchdowns in the last two years at Cal. Lindy’s Sports Pro Draft magazine describes Allen as a “Tall athletic Wide Receiver with dependable hands and surprising strength.”

QB Philip Rivers is smiling ear to ear. He is looking at a deep receiving corp. featuring Malcolm Floyd, Denario Alexander, Vincent Brown, Robert Meachem, Eddie Royal, and now the impactful Allen. Should be an explosive group.

I’ll break down the third-day soon. Have fun watching the Draft.

D. Melkonian




This was definitely the most interesting day of the draft for a Chargers fan.  The energy in the air was even more palpable as fans looked forward to finding out the next two players to fill our their team rosters.  I made my way through Radio City Music Hall taking in the exhibits and waiting  for the draft to start.  I had my picture taken with the Lombardi trophy, took some good photos and finally made my way into the theater.

The most shocking move of the first day came when Miami scooped Dion Jordan with the third pick just beofre the Eagles and Jordan’s former head coach Chip Kelly.  I would have loved to see the Eagles war room cam as that pick was announced!   The first shock of day two came from our own San Diego Chargers.

“The Arizona Cardinals have traded their number 38 pick to the San Diego Chargers….”

Numerous names coursed through my mind but few made sense.  Terron Armstead is a raw, freak of nature left tackle the Chargers could definitely use since the player they drafted yesterday, D.J. Fluker, will be slotted at right tackle.  The New Orleans Saints selected Armstead with the pick just before the Chargers so there went that thought.  Tyrann Mathieu is a big time playmaker that would be  a major addition to the Chargers secondary but the pick would be WAY too early. Only one name kept coming to the surface and it’s not the one I wanted to hear in a trade up scenario but its the one that happened…

“The San Diego Chargers proudly select Mantei Te’o….”

The building erupted in a roar.  The loudest roar of both days of the draft so far.  I knew Te’o was going to be the name called.  I predicted it in my mock draft I posted over a month ago.  The Chargers love the polynesian players.  They have strived in San Diego, starting with Junior Seau and going back as far as Joe Salave’a.   Te’o is a perfect fit.   He is a 3-4 defense linebacker from Notre Dame who will be installed into the same spot in the Chargers defense.

I didn’t think the Chargers needed to trade up from the 45 spot to get him.  The Chargers gave up their pick at 45 in the second round as well as their pick in the fourth round.  They didn’t sell the farm to get one pick like other teams have done this draft but with the Chargers, they need every pick they can get to fill their many holes.  However, Te’o can be an impact player right away, which would make it worth the extra pick.

The way I see it, Te’o is going to be paying with a HUGE  chip on his shoulder for the way he has been clowned by the media, fans and even his peers.  Couple that with being shunned in the first round of the draft and he will always have the motivation to show he was worthy of the first round.  Every time a player on an opposing team starts making invisible girlfriend jokes, it’s just going to fire him up more.  Te’o has shown himself to be a team leader, and its a quality GM Tom Telesco and new head coach Mike McCoy have noticed. The eyes of the football world will be on him and the Chargers and Te’o knows it.  The  more I think about it, the more I like it.  Te’o is going to play with a ferocity fueled by the pain and shame of the last six months.

That wasn’t even the last big move of the day.  In the third round, the shocked Chargers war room sent the name of California wide receiver Keenan Alllen to the podium.  Allen is a first round talent but fell into the third round due to a PCL (knee) injury he suffered during the season.  Allen is a big-time playmaker.  All the pundits have his selection as an absolute steal.  By multiple media accounts, Allen has said he’s 90% recovered and will be ready to go for training camp.

Three first round talents in three rounds.  That’s Telesco Magic at work.  Believe in it.


The Greg One


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