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The Charger’s search for a left tackle may be coming to an end.  Or it may not.  But there has been a little bit of movement on the Bryant McKinnie front.

He is in San Diego now and has completed today’s portion of the visit.  I have yet to hear if the visit will be extended until tomorrow.

McKinnie is not the long term answer at left tackle but he could be a solid addition, for the right price, to a Charger offensive line that could use some help at the tackle spot.

We’ll be keeping a close watch on this one.


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In the 5th round of the 2013, the San Diego Chargers took advantage of their own backyard.  The former Golden Bear was the second player the Chargers took out of Cal following the previous pick of Keenan Allen.  Cornerback Steve Williams will look to be a great addition to the Chargers’ secondary.  Now to what you all have been waiting for.


Height: 5’9″

Weight: 181 Lbs

40 Yard Dash: 4.42 Seconds

Bench Press (225 Lbs): 12 Reps

Vertical Jump: 40.5 Inches*

Broad Jump: 128 Inches*

*Top 5 performer at combine workout


At 5’9″ Steve is shorter than the ideal height for a corner but his leaping ability makes up for it.  He has great, fluid hips.  His speed and quickness allows him to keep up with the faster receivers.  Williams reads routes exceptionally well and great ability to break on routes.  In 37 games (25 starts), he broke up 25 passes, 6 interceptions and three fumbles.


Steve Williams will make himself known either as a nickel/dime corner or on special teams.  Either way, I believe he will bring immediate impact to the San Diego Chargers.

For those who have yet to see our newest defensive back, take a look.

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Jarvis Royall





Tourek Williams

In the 6th round (pick #179) of the 2013 NFL Draft, Tom Telesco selected Florida International University Linebacker Tourek Williams. Williams played Defensive End at FIU and is projected to play Outside Linebacker in the Chargers 3-4 defensive scheme. Williams has prototypical size at 6’3, 260 pounds. The 2012 All-Sun Belt Conference first teamer, Williams had 46 stops in 2012, including an impressive 14.5 tackles for loss (TFL), and 6.5 sacks. Williams’ durability is without question, as he started 38-consecutive games in the last three years. His production has always remained high as he registered 13 or more TFL’s, and over 4.5 sacks per year since he was named a started in 2010.

Soon after the Chargers’ selection, Telesco appeared on and described Williams as “a high energy, high motor (player), plays very hard and has some pass rush ability.” Telesco also projects Williams as a contributor on Special Teams.

Watching tape of the FIU 4-3 base defense, Williams (#97) lined up as a defensive-end on both sides of the line. Williams did a good job of collapsing the pocket. There are times he gets washed out and over runs the play. Williams has a relentless motor and is quick off the snap. He shows good instincts with pursuit angles and is consistently around the ball.

As a 6th round draft pick, Williams has to impress on special teams and make the most of his opportunities. As a pass rush specialist, the Chargers will have found a gem if Williams can come off the bench and produce much like, recently lost sack-specialist, Antwan Barnes. Pro Football Weekly describes Williams as “quick footed and light on his feet. (He) plays hard and competes (with) good effort production.”

In a recent interview with, Williams stated, “ I’m going to contribute in any way I can, be a great teammate and person, and do what I can to make this organization and city proud.”

Tourek Williams will come into Chargers’ camp hungry to earn a spot and make an impact on this young team. I for one will not be betting against him.

D. Melkonian




Well there it is! Another draft in the history books… And the Chargers came out looking pretty golden. The other writers on the site will have analyzed all the other picks and now it’s my turn to let loose on our new 7th round pickup Brad Sorensen, QB, Southern Utah.

I have been saying for ages (well since I wrote my mock draft for Boltblitz) that a late round QB pickup would be a good idea.  Lo and behold, look what happened!  Now there were a couple of options on the board at the position when we picked (Tyler Bray and Zac Dysert who both ended up in the division with the Chiefs and Broncos respectively) but I was actually quite happy with the pickup.  From what I’ve read, Sorensen is a high character guy and good to have around the team.

So what do we know about him?  He’s a 25 year old, 6’4″, 229lbs QB with a good arm and a really good attitude.  He transferred to SUU in 2010 and went on to complete 67 percent of his passes for 3,163 yards and 21 touchdowns, earning first-team All-Great West Conference honors.  As a senior, Sorensen had a slightly down year, only completing 62.2% of his passes with 23 touchdowns to 10 INTs.  Now he may not be the most athletic guy (4.93 40 time) and he has a tendency to panic a little under pressure (11 INTs last year), but he has a good arm and, from the videos I’ve seen, looks okay at reading defenses and making plays with his cannon.  One knock is that he has never played against top competition.  I’m definitelylooking forward to see how he performs in camp.

My favorite thing, by a mile, about him is how incredibly keen to be a part of the Chargers.  He said in a recent interview that, “Ever since I got to meet Frank Reich, I knew I wanted to play for a coach like that,” and is also noted to have said that if he had gone as an UDFA he would have wanted to sign with the Chargers!  What’s more is he is a former High School team mate of our very own Shareece Wright and apparently the two were really good friends (I read that Wright was the RB behind Sorensen the QB), which is good for him because hopefully it means he’ll settle in quickly.

As 7th rounders go, I’m happier every time I read about this kid.  He has a way to go before he makes it as a starter, but I think he could eventually be a good backup to Phillip Rivers and can challenge Clipboard Charlie for a role on the final roster (who I think might be a potential cap casualty if Sorensen shows up in OTAs).  He is a fairly unspectacular, but solid pickup who might just surprise when he gets into camp.

Now its your turn! What do you think of this pickup in the 7th?

Think we should have gone a different direction?

Once again thanks for reading!

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After a February attempt to lure LaDainian Tomlinson out of retirement, the Chargers have since added Danny Woodhead and re-signed Ronnie Brown to another contract.  The Bolts also have Edwin Baker and Fozzy Whittaker on the roster.  That may lead some to believe that the team is set at running back for the 2013 season.

I’m not so sure that is the case.

Tom Telesco has made it clear through both his actions and his words that he is willing to do whatever it takes to improve this roster.  He showed this by not overspending in free agency and his selecting of the best player available mantra during the draft.

So I bring to you an acquisition that was brought to me by Jason Ciano  (@Cianochess of Twitter and diehard #BoltFam member).

Should the Chargers consider bringing in Ahmad Bradshaw via free agency?  My opinion is that will not be necessary.  But I can easily see why it might be a good fit.  Evan Silva of Rotoworld seems to think the same when he wrote that Tampa Bay and San Diego could be possible destinations for the injury prone Bradshaw.

My reasoning behind not bringing in Bradshaw is as I just mentioned.  Despite the fact that he is very effective when healthy, how often is he healthy?  Not often enough for me.  The Chargers currently have more than enough players with injury-laden pasts.

That being said, I’d like the fans to throw their opinions into the ring.  Below is a poll.  Place your vote and tell us why, or why not, San Diego should sign Ahmad Bradshaw.


Should the Chargers sign Ahmad Bradshaw?

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Now that the tents for the “Tebow offseason circus” have transitioned to nomadic status, the reasons for his unemployment will be  thrown around like an errant Tebow pass.

The most obvious would be that he just isn’t a good enough passer of the football to be a quarterback at the NFL level.  Among other things, it has been said that he has had difficulty attempting to pick up even the smallest nuances of a true NFL offense.

Despite those major setbacks, there is a place in the NFL for Tim Tebow.  But that is only if he understands what the rest of the NFL world understands.

Tim Tebow is not a quarterback in the NFL.  It is widely debated that he is not capable of making the switch to another position but that is up to him, in my opinion.  He has to want to devote the time to learning an entirely new position.  I am not trying to sell the other positions short.  Making the transition from any position to another is extremely difficult.  Although it’s not unheard of, it is not a guaranteed success story in the end.

It has been reported that there were trade inquiries from other teams prior to the New York Jets releasing him.  Those trades fell through, reportedly, due to Tebow’s unwillingness to play any position other than quarterback.

It is all speculation as to whether or not he could make his mark by changing roles in the NFL.  But for someone who has been on record multiple times stating that he is a football player first, it’s a bit contradictory to refuse to make the effort to give it a shot.

Perhaps we’ll never know if Tebow can succeed in the NFL.  Maybe he’ll go on to have a solid CFL career while learning as a backup in the NFL’s elementary school program.  What we can all guarantee ourselves is that ESPN will find a way to bring him up as often as possible.


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I am sure that you have seen a draft-related theme on every NFL football website out there.  we are no different expect that we value your opinion more than the others and want to hear it now.

Every Charger fan knows the draft picks.  Every single on of you have an opinion on what they could mean to the team.  All of the experts out there have posted, printed, and submitted their evaluations.

Now it is your turn.

Below is a poll where you can assign a letter grade to the Chargers 2013 draft class.  Is it far too early to do this?  Absolutely.  Do I care that it’s too early?  Absolutely not.  Vote by choosing a letter grade and then justify your grade by leaving a comment stating what grade you voted for and why you did so.


What letter grade would you give the Chargers 2013 draft class?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.  I really hope you leave some comments as to why you voted the way you did.  Let’s talk Bolts baby!!









Now that the draft is over, all of the media experts are weighing in on what they think about each team’s haul.  As you will read below, John Clayton, of ESPN, has stated that he believes the Chargers are the “big winners” of the 2013 draft.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel even a little better than I did about the overall class.  It’s just his opinion.  I understand that.  But I do like the fact that he, among others, has an appreciation for what Tom Telesco and company accomplished during the three day event in New York City.

Take a look at what Clayton wrote on




1. San Diego Chargers: It was a nice scene when the San Diego Chargers had their top three choices — tackle D.J. Fluker, linebacker Manti Te’o and wide receiver Keenan Allen — standing on a podium holding up their new uniforms.  This draft might not be as memorable as the 2005 draft, but it was a good one.  That draft produced Shawne Merriman, Luis Castillo, Vincent Jackson and Darren Sproles.  Once Philip Rivers took over the starting job in 2006, the 2005 class provided enough of a lift to turn the Chargers into a perennial playoff team and a Super Bowl contender.  Merriman and Castillo provided power and explosiveness to the defense.  Sproles offered big plays to the offense and special teams.  Call the Chargers 2013 draft class serviceable — and their best class in years.  Fluker should immediately become one of the most powerful right tackles as a rookie.  Te’o isn’t to be confused with Junior Seau, but his play should make him a fan favorite.  In the 3-4, Te’o might not be the all-everything like Seau, but he could be more like Zach Thomas, the former great linebacker of the Miami Dolphins.  Takeo Spikes is gone, so starting inside linebacker is Te’o’s job to lose.  Linebackers are usually favorites for defensive rookie of the year, and it’s not out of the question for Te’o to end up as a good candidate.  Allen could put this class over the top.  He’s a big receiver, although he doesn’t have Vincent Jackson’s deep speed.  For a third-round choice, though, the Chargers couldn’t go wrong.


And there you have it.  Although it’s obviously premature to judge or rate a draft class, it’s the offseason.

Let’s hope that the quality of this draft class translates to a solid group of players on the field in the NFL.  As you all know, the Chargers certainly need it to be


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I am here to address Mr. Shaun Phillips today.  In an article on,  Bill Williamson quoted Shaun as saying, “he was on the good side now.”

Are you kidding me?  He has the audacity to call Denver the good side?  As a  Charger fan this enrages me.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand players leave for personal or monetary reasons.  That is just the nature of the business in professional football.  I get that part.  But to go out of your way and slander your previous team?  That I do not understand.  Shaun Phillips showed zero class in that move.



You should have taken notes from Barnes, Garay and Vasquez.  Your behavior was unwarranted and uncalled for.  Betraying the masses that once cheered for you.

Denver can take their mediocre, has-been linebacker and well you know (insert impolite words here).   San Diego left the door open for Phillips to return to the Chargers.  This poor example of a player went all bandwagon on us.  He might as well have said San Diego sucks and I am going to play for Denver to win a championship.

Well coaches, fans, and players of the glorious San Diego Chargers, let’s send Mr. Bandwagon a message by winning our  division this season. The Oakland Raiders just lost the number one spot for my hatred.  No, the Denver Donkeys didn’t earn that position either. Congratulations Mr. Phillips!  You won the grand prize.  You are now the proud owner of San Diego fan’s hate and disgust.  Wow, and I almost bought your jersey last season.

Fans, I urge you to leave a comment.  I plan on tweeting this link to Shaun Phillips on twitter.  So let’s tell him how the fans feel.


Have a Blessed Day,











While on my trip in New York City for the NFL draft, it seems that I missed some very interesting news.  Yahoo sports had reported that LaDainian Tomlinson was asked by the Chargers to come out of retirement and play for the Bolts in 2013.

Initially, I didn’t believe it.  I thought it was a ridiculous rumor.  Well, I guess that’s what I get for thoughting.  ( Inside joke for my Dad)

After confirming that it was indeed true that Telesco and company approached LT about coming back, my curiosity peaked.  What would the rest of the #BoltFam think about LaDainian Tomlinson coming back?  Although we know it is not going to happen right now, I want to know what you think.

Below is a poll.  Please place your vote and leave a comment stating why, or why not, you would support the comeback of #21.

Would you have liked it if LT made a comeback with the Chargers?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.  I look forward to reading your comments below.








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