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At this point we’ve all seen the commercial for Leon Sandcastle during the Superbowl.  But, what if Deion Sanders came back? Well in this reporter’s opinion, it would be a shamble.  Rumblings in the blogosphere should stop.  No people he isn’t coming back let baseball have him.  If you want to see him play, purchase the legends pack on Madden 2013!

In a report by the Associated press, via, Lauren Silberman is set to try out during the regional combine, as a kicker, at the New York Jets’ training facility this weekend.

If she does compete at the regional combine, she will be the first female to ever participate at such an event in the NFL.

Per the same report, Silberman hopes to help find a way to promote more female involvement in the NFL.  She also adds that she is wanting to use this opportunity as a learning experience.

Although Silberman has never kicked an actual football in an organized game, she is a soccer player hoping to receive an invite to an NFL training camp.

At 28 years old, she is attempting to accomplish quite an amazing feat and I must admit that I am 110% in her corner.

Best of luck to you Lauren from all of us here at


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As most of you already know, the time for unrestricted free agency to begin is March 12th at 4:00 pm eastern standard time.  The agents for playerrs have already begun speaking to teams but that period is not supposed to take place until March 9th.

Considering the number of holes that need addressing on the roster, the Chargers must find a way to come out of free agency with at least a couple impact players.  The need for offensive lineman is obvious.  But there are also other holes such as inside linebacker, strong safety, running back, and, most of all, cornerback.  There is a strong possibility that depth on the defensive line will be looked at as well. 

Additionally,now that it is seems like Shaun Phillips will not be resigned, there could very well be a need at outside linebacker too. 

That about sums it all up.  So it appears the Bolts have needs at most positions on the team.  Some people might even argue that it is time to look for the replacement of Philip Rivers.  On that opinion, I strongly disagree but understand the fans’ frustration.

This is one of the most highly anticipated free agency periods in recent memory for the Chargers.  I can’t say how curious I am to see what the new regime will do help shore up this roster in 2013.

We’ll know soon enough.


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Yesterday afternoon it was announced that the San Francisco 49ers were going to send Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs for the team’s 2nd round draft pick.

I am going to write my opinion about this topic later this afternoon.  what I would like to do is get your feedback prior to doing so.  Below you will see a poll asking the very same question that is in the title.  Please vote and encourage any and all other Charger fans to stop by and do the same.

After monitoring the situation via Twitter, it seemed that most people were not concerned.  I would have to say that my opinion varies from the majority.

But, I’ll expound on that later today.


Should the Chargers be worried about the Alex Smith trade to Kansas City?

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photoIn my first article for, I’d like to say welcome to the site and thanks for checking us out.

Our goal here is to keep you informed of all things Chargers while still being interesting and, at times, entertaining.  Although it is a small staff at this point, all of us are diehard Boltheads that live and breathe Charger football.  We all bring something different to the table yet we all share the common goal of being the best sports fan website on the internet.

If you are interested in applying for a non-paying staff writer position, please send me an email to  Please include a small bio about you and your love of the Chargers.  In addition to the bio about you, please include a reasonably sized article, not too big or too small, of a recent piece of your work.  If you are a first time writer, please explain why you would be a great asset to the team.  No writing experience is necessary but it is helpful.

I truly look forward to hearing from all of you.


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The First program of was filmed in San Diego on Monday Night. We will have the video up today

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