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It’s that time of the year again. We’re less than three weeks away from the 2016 NFL Draft and every talking head in the media is on their ninth mock draft. Not to be left out, The Greg One is back doing what started as a gag and has become a tradition, my Raiders MOCK draft. Bagging on the Raiders never goes out of style and I will lovingly take the opportunity to do so every chance I get.

On that note, let’s take a look at the team that evolution forgot and see who the Raiders will select in the NFL Draft this year:



Round One: The Roman Colosseum

This is probably the most no-brainer pick the Raiders have ever made. They have no long-term lease at any stadium. They were left out of the race for Los Angeles and they have to wait second in line behind the San Diego Chargers for the opportunity to speak to the Rams about moving into Kroenke-World next year.

Why build a stadium when you can draft one, right?! Said Raiders owner Mark Davis, “This is a great opportunity to move into a stadium that is rich in history, was a place where Emperors sat on high and gladiators did battle with lions on the field! Our team will draw from the energy of those warriors and we will win!! I’m excited to bring Raiders football to the fans in Georgia!”

Amidst the raised eyebrows and other team executives chuckling into the elbows of their business suits, a microphone picked up NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent leaning over to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and saying, “He thinks the colosseum is in Rome, Georgia! The Colosseum is in Rome, Italy! It’s decaying stone, no indoor plumbing and structurally unsound…” Said Goodell to Vincent….





Round Two:  Jabba The Hut, offensive line.

With this pick the Raiders eliminate the need for a five-man offensive line, saving money for improvements for other parts of the team. Jabba is the offensive line. Huge, bulbous and mean, it will take defensive linemen too long to go around him. As a result, the quarterback will have plenty of time to throw. The only issue to work out in camp will be just how Jabba will snap the ball. More importantly…

Where will the quarterback place his hands?



Round three: Referees

What better way to win a game than with your own referees? The Raiders skewed logic once again seeks to begin trends as they become the first NFL team to draft officials. (And you thought taking a punter in the first round was a bad idea…). Every year the Raiders seek to outdo themselves and it looks like they’ve succeeded.



Round four: The Kardashian sisters, not-so-tight ends

No collective group of women have been responsible for the demise of more athletes and performers than the Kardashian sisters. Also known as “Black man’s kryptonite,” the Kardashians have already emasculated Reggie Bush, Lamar Odom, Ray J, Kanye West, Miles Austin, Nick Cannon, Matt Kemp and James Harden, just to name a few.

The sisters would line up backwards on either side of the line of scrimmage in a two-tight end set with their bulbous asses facing the bulging eyes of the 90% black populous of the NFL. While the opposition stands drooling and hypnotized, the offense will be able to score at will. In return, they save money because the Kardashians will be willing to work for free since they already have more money than the NFL and they will be able to feast on NFL studs every week.

Scoring. Redefined.




Round five: Mexico

After the one-year lease on O.Co stadium ends after the upcoming season, the Raiders will, again, be without a place to play, so why not draft one? In his interview post-selection, Mark Davis was quoted as saying, “Go big or go home! We did better than drafting one little city, we drafted a whole country, son! Recognize! Avacados and Tequila for everyone! Viva La Mexico! YEEEEHAAAAAAWWW!”



Round Six: The Waterboy, middle linebacker

During the draft, the Raiders war room turned on the TV to watch game film. They saw the story of an inspirational player that destroyed every player on the field in spite of his lack of brains and a speech impediment. This player was so great the fan base only called him by his nickname. The Waterboy. After they picked their jaws up off the floor, they filled out the draft card and high-fived each other until they all got tennis elbow over how the rest of the league missed on this guy…



Round seven: Bill Cosby, equipment manager

Because someone has to man the Gatorade for the visiting team. Why not a well-known celebrity? (He already looks like the man on the helmet). You may not want to expect much from the post-game press conference from the other team though… In other news, the Raiderettes have decided to quit and go to the Jerry Springer show, where they’ll be safe…

There you have it, the 2016 Oakland Raiders MOCK draft. As always, these will be better picks than the Raiders themselves will make. They can feel free to bring me on as an expert scout for an exorbitant fee. I will supervise the Colosseum move myself free of charge.

Rust in pieces, silver and whack….


Bolt Up!!


The Greg One






The NFL draft is now just over two weeks away. In what has become a second Christmas to draftniks and analysts alike, the NFL draft is one of the most exciting events on the NFL calendar. In this version of my Chargers mock draft, San Diego lands three starters in the first three rounds, while adding developmental players on the back-end, along with a replacement at the starting punter spot and a fullback.
As with any mock draft, I am looking forward to the readers destroying my selections and telling me how stupid I am. It comes with the territory, I guess.
Without further ado, here is my Chargers 2016 mock draft.

3: Round 1, Pick 3


6-foot-7, 291 pounds


Buckner is a mountain of a man, sporting hands as large as any other participant in Combine history. The former Oregon Duck made a living in opposing teams’ backfields, wreaking havoc play after play. The addition of Buckner would certainly please Corey Liuget, as he would finally have a dominant player opposite him on the line, freeing him up to make plays sans a double-team block each down.

Though Buckner does have a tendency to play “too tall” at times, his brute strength allows him to overcome that. The selection of Buckner makes perfect sense for the Bolts in Round 1, especially considering that defensive back Jalen Ramsey was already selected for the purpose of this mock.

35: Round 2, Pick 4


5-foot-10, 205 pounds


Starting as a true freshman since coming to WVU, Joseph provides a hard-hitting presence in Mountaineer secondary. Despite being a bit undersized, Joseph does not shy away from contact.

Joseph needs to work on not overpursuing in the running game, but he does a solid job corralling ballcarriers. The 2014 All-Big 12 selection suffered an ACL tear in October of 2015, ending his season. His medical reports and the condition of his knee will ultimately determine where Joseph is taken in this year’s draft.

66: Round 3, Pick 3


6-foot-4, 299 pounds


The younger brother of Dallas Cowboys’ offensive lineman Zack Martin, Nick displays solid footwork and strength for the position. Martin could come in and man the starting center position for the next 8-10 years, replacing the incumbent center, and former Notre Dame teammate, Chris Watt.

102: Round 4, Pick 4


6-foot-5, 253 pounds



I have gone on record multiple times stating how I am not a fan of this year’s quarterback draft class. It is my belief that if you are taking one of this year’s signal callers and expecting them to come in and start that you are in for a very long 2016 campaign.

There are, however, a couple of names that come to mind when thinking about drafting a guy who can sit on the bench and learn the quarterback position in the NFL from Philip Rivers. Cardale Jones rings a bell.

Jones is not going to be confused for an accurate passer; he struggles with even some of the most rudimentary of throws at times. That being said, he does have special arm talent. He can throw the ball deep downfield, showcasing his arm strength.

Jones would definitely be a work in progress. In San Diego, he wouldn’t be asked to do much more than hold a clipboard and study his ass off in the classroom his first few seasons in the league.

175: Round 5, Pick 36

Fullback Glenn Gronkowski

6-foot-2, 239 pounds



Just what San Diego needs in its life, a little Gronk! All joking aside, the Chargers, without a doubt, need a true fullback added to the mix in the running game. There isn’t anything too flashy about Gronkowski, but he is versatile in that he can play fullback, h-back, tight end and special teams.

Gronkowski does a solid job of getting to the second level in the running game, sealing off defenders while opening holes for his running backs.

As a runner, he runs a bit too high, but he won’t be asked to carry the ball that often in the NFL.

179: Round 6, Pick 4

Defensive tackle D.J. READER

6-foot-3, 327 pounds


The Chargers solidified the nose tackle position on the team by signing Brandon Mebane in free agency this offseason. However, Mebane, 31, is not a long-term answer for the Bolts.

Drafting a player like D.J. Reader would give the team another young member to come in and split reps with Mebane and third-year player Ryan Carrethers. When healthy, Carrethers has shown that he can come in and make plays, or eat up multiple blockers.

Reader would be a solid selection this late in the draft. He moves very well for a man his size, showing impressive athletic ability.

The major concern with Reader is that he left the Tigers due to unspecified personal reasons. He did return to the squad, earning an invite to the Senior Bowl. Reader had a strong performance in the National Championship game against Alabama.

198: Round 6, Pick 23


6-foot-1, 203 pounds



When looking at the wide receiving corps in America’s finest city, one may be under the impression that the group is set for 2016. I couldn’t disagree more, seeing as Stevie Johnson isn’t getting any younger and players like Dontrelle Inman and Javontee Herndon are not starting caliber players in the NFL. Additionally, as much as I like Tyrell Williams, he is still incredibly raw.

Drafting Robinson would give the Bolts another developmental player with a lot of upside. I would have preferred to snag a receiver earlier, but this is how the draft played out.

Robinson is highly athletic, possessing nifty feet in the open field after securing the catch. He does an above average job of highpointing receptions, and then making the most of his opportunities with elusiveness after the catch.

224: Round 7, Pick 3


6-foot-2, 212 pounds



Although you cold probably wait until the draft is over and attempt to sign him as an undrafted free agent, Kaser has the strongest leg of all of the punters in the draft class. He broke Shane Lechler’s Texas A & M record for net-yards-per-punt average with 46.3.

In his three seasons as A&M’s punter he never had a punt blocked. He needs to work on his placement/accuracy while also learning how to get more hang-time on his punts, as opposed to distance. He has a tendency to outkick his coverage.

Drafting Kaser would obviously mean the end of Mike Scifres’ tenure with the Chargers. Scifres has had a remarkable career with the Bolts, but his skills have diminished in recent years. Releasing Scifres would also save the team much-needed money against the salary cap.

Booga Peters



The 2015 NFL draft is here. Fans everywhere are as curious as ever to find out which players their favorite teams will be selecting. Charger fans are no different, as they know this year means so much in what will be the third year of general manager Tom Telesco and head coach Mike McCoy at the helm in San Diego.

Although the Chargers have needs at multiple positions, the team can fill most of their voids in today’s draft. Telesco has added a good amount of quality starters in his two years as the general manager of the Bolts. Fans can look for him to have another strong draft, adding players that supplement the roster in a way that gives you all something to be proud of over the next few days.

Without further ado, here is my mock draft for your San Diego Chargers.


17: R1P17
Generally, I am against drafting a running back in the first round. That being said, Gurley, in my opinion, is the best prospect in the 2015 draft class. He is the total package, a combination of speed and power that provides the Chargers with the best running back they have had since LaDainian Tomlinson. He is also a capable receiver out of the backfield, making him the most complete running back prospect to be drafted since Adrian Peterson went number seven overall to the Vikings. Gurley is the real deal, and worth being selected with the 17th pick.
48: R2P16
Though I would like to see a right tackle being selected in today’s draft, allowing DJ Fluker to move inside to guard, Tomlinson would be too difficult to pass on in the second round. The addition of Tomlinson would give the Chargers one of the bigger offensive lines in the NFL. Despite playing at a non-football powerhouse like Duke, his skill-set translates well to the NFL level.
83: R3P19
To put it quite simply, I have a man-crush on Lockett. It could be argued that he is the best route runner in the entire draft. Despite his lack of height, he high points the ball, attacking it at its highest point. Lockett possesses both speed and quickness coupled with solid hands. His return ability also makes him enticing in the third round. The only problem regarding the selection of Lockett is that he may not last until the third round. Regardless of where he is drafted, I believe he is the steal of the 2015 draft class.
117: R4P18
Mannion is one of my favorite prospects in the quarterback group this season. Despite seeing his numbers go down as a senior at Oregon State, as a junior he was one of the best quarterbacks in all of college football. He has great touch on the ball, accurately finding receivers regardless of the route. I’m not sure why he hasn’t been given more attention throughout the draft process. Sitting behind Philip Rivers for three to four years would enable Mannion to succeed as the eventual replacement for Rivers.
153: R5P17
Holliman is a very underrated player in this year’s draft. He shows solid coverage skills while holding his own against the run. Having a year or two to soak in the knowledge that Eric Weddle imparts would certainly benefit Holliman. With Weddle showing him the ropes, Holliman could take the reins once every Charger fans favorite free safety decides to hang them up. In the short-term, Holliman could see time in sub-packages and on special teams.
192: R6P16
When looking over the Chargers’ roster, it became glaringly clear that the linebacker position, both inside and outside, is in need of the infusion of some young talent. Grissom met with the Chargers during this offseason. His collegiate numbers don’t suggest that he will be more than depth in the NFL, and that’s exactly what the Bolts would add at this point. Solid against the run with good size and tackling ability, Grissom could be an asset as a weak-side linebacker.
Well, there you have it. Thanks for your patience while waiting for this mock to be posted. Now is the time, mere hours before the first round begins, to tear the “you know what” out of my selections. You can do so by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Booga Peters




Although it is far too early to be submitting mock drafts, I have received a number of requests to get one out there regarding your San Diego Chargers.

It is a bit of a waste of time to do a mock draft prior to free agency, but I aim to please.  Hopefully I will do just that with the selections I have listed below.

Let’s get started.


First round:

C/T – Cameron Erving  Florida State  6’5″  309 lbs

There is no way that anyone can question the versatility of Erving.  After playing on defense, Cameron moved to the offensive side of the ball to man the left tackle spot.  After injuries were incurred along the FSU O-line, he was then asked to play center.  Despite having not played the position, he unselfishly accepted the switch and he excelled in the middle.  A big man like him shouldn’t be as quick as he is off the snap.  He is very athletic and he is very good at controlling defenders once he fully extends his arms.

If the Chargers do move DJ Fluker inside to right guard, and they believe that Chris Watt’s future position is at left guard, drafting a player like Erving would certainly make sense.  A right tackle would need to be added via free agency or the draft as long as King Dunlap is re-signed.  I am of the opinion that Dunlap will receive another contract.  Cam Erving is the kind of player that I could see Tom Telesco falling in love with.  He is versatile, tough and his performance at the second level is top-notch.  He could come in as a starter at center his rookie year.

There may be a possibility of trading back into the 19-23 range of the first round and picking up an additional 3rd round pick and still being able to draft Erving in the first.  For the sake of this mock, I will not be including a trade down. 



Second round:

WR – Tyler Lockett  Kansas State  5’10” 181 lbs

Do not let his size fool you, Lockett can make plays.  He has excellent route running and his speed lends itself to taking the top off of a defense to making plays underneath via crossing/intermediate routes.  Some may lock him in as a slot receiver but he has the ability to make plays on the outside as well.  Another intriguing trait about Lockett is his special ability in the return game.  With a total of 6 return touchdowns during his collegiate career, he would add a much-needed presence on special teams as a returner that the Chargers have been lacking since the departure of Darren Sproles.

Many draft pundits have him slated as a third-round selection, but after the combine he could position himself as a second-round selection.

He has fantastic game speed and his ability to create separation from defensive backs would help in the vertical passing game.  A homerun threat would certainly benefit the San Diego offense.  The drafting of Lockett could be dependent on whether or not Eddie Royal signs a new contract as he is currently a free agent.



Third round:

RB – Jay Ajayi  Boise State  6’0″  216 lbs

It sounds as though Tom Telesco is content with having Branden Oliver, Danny Woodhead and Donald Brown all contribute to the San Diego rushing attack.  The fact of the matter is, not one of those runners is a true number one back.  Ajayi can be just that.  He has incredible balance and he has solid hands coming out of the backfield as a receiving threat.

When toting the rock he runs with good pad level and he has a bit of Gumby-like tendencies as his flexibility is impressive.  Being a patient runner, he would fit into multiple run blocking schemes.  The Chargers like to run a lot of power-O and Ajayi could excel running behind the pulling guard and picking up good chunks of yardage.

The problem with drafting Ajayi in the third is that he may not last that long.  Stranger things have happened and if he is on the board the Bolts would be making a mistake if they did not pull the trigger on drafting him.



 Fourth round:

DT – Ellis McCarthy  UCLA  6’4″  330 lbs

It is no secret that the Chargers have been in need of an imposing presence at nose tackle for quite some time. Although he adds very little as a pass rusher, if McCarthy were to be added in a rotation with Ryan Carrethers, San Diego may have a solid one-two punch in the middle of the defensive line.  He has great quickness for a big man and he is able to take on double teams.  His bull rush is above average and he is able to push opposing linemen into the backfield, collapsing the pocket.

On a bad note, McCarthy has struggled with weight issues but that is something that an NFL dietary and conditioning program could help.  He will most likely not step in as a starter, but he can provide a solid backup to either Carrethers or a free agent that is brought in to beef up the position.


Fifth round:

OLB – Geneo Grissom  Oklahoma  6’3″  264 lbs

With the impending departure of Dwight Freeney via free agency and the possible retirement of Jarret Johnson, the outside linebacker spot must be supplemented.  Grissom shows good acceleration around the corner and great athleticism.  He is a bit of an unknown specimen as he saw limited action in college.  He is good at the line of scrimmage batting down passes and has returned two of those plays back for touchdowns.

Although he is a liability in coverage at this point of his development, newly acquired linebacker coach Mike Nolan could work with him on keeping his eyes on the quarterback as opposed to committing to chasing down receivers with his back to the line of scrimmage.

The drafting of Grissom would be more about the future as opposed to immediate impact.  He’s very athletic and there is some hidden talent in there and with the proper coaching he could develop into a solid contributor on defense and special teams.

It is worth noting that Grissom met with the Chargers at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.


Sixth round:

QB – Sean Mannion  Oregon State  6’6″  229 lbs

Coming from a pro-style offense, Mannion has a leg up on some of the other quarterbacks coming into the draft.  He had a sensational junior year under Mike Riley but his numbers dipped a bit as a senior.  His ability to place the ball on deep/vertical routes is very impressive, showing a touch that many teams will covet.  The ball may not come out of his hand quickly, but he can make all of the throws.  At times he has a tendency to throw off of his back foot and that shows that his footwork needs some attention.  He needs to be taught to step up in the pocket and deliver the ball.

Mannion would be a project and it should be expected that he’ll need to sit behind Philip Rivers for 3 to 4 years. That would seem to fit the plan that people could expect if a signal caller is drafted to come to the Chargers.

He has good size for the position and when given time in the pocket he can sling the ball accurately and on time.



Well, there you have it.  Again, until free agency goes down mock drafts are nothing but a weak shot in the dark.  The Chargers have a lot of holes and areas that need upgrading going forward.  Telesco believes in paying his own guys and the restructuring of players like Philip Rivers, Eric Weddle and Antonio Gates could be on the horizon.  This would supply even more cap space and the team could take care of many of their needs in free agency.

This will be a very interesting and exciting offseason.  The foundation for the Chargers to take the next step is in place.  It is now time to build around that foundation and prepare the team to make some noise in the playoffs going forward.

Here is where you come in.  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.  Which picks did you like? Which picks did you think were terrible?  I look forward to your responses and I would encourage you all to leave your own 6-round mock draft below.


Thanks for reading.


Booga Peters



Despite the NFL draft being months away, there are already hundreds of mock drafts all over the internet.  A few times a year I take the time to check out the various mocks and look at which players the draftniks have pegged as draft selections for the Chargers.

This post will mark the first time I am doing that this offseason.  I went through 75 different mock drafts and tallied up all of the prospects that were mocked to the Bolts in the first round.

Here are the names that came up after scanning the web.


Players receiving one vote:

SS – Landon Collins  Alabama

RB – Todd Gurley  Georgia

CB – Trae Waynes  Michigan State

OLB – Vic Beasley  Clemson

CB – Marcus Peters  Washington

CB – PJ Williams  Florida State

DE/LB – Shane Ray  Missouri

CB – Ronald Darby  Florida State

CB – Ifo Ekpre-Olomu  Oregon

DT – Jordan Phillips  Oklahoma

OT – Ty Sambrailo  Colorado State

DE – Alvin Dupree  Kentucky

CB – Kevin Johnson  Wake Forest


Players receiving two votes:

DE – Arik Armstead  Oregon

OT – Brandon Scherff  Iowa


Players receiving four votes:

C/OT – Cam Erving  Florida State

OT – Cedric Ogbuehi  Texas A & M


Players receiving five votes:

OT – Ereck Flowers  Miami

OT – Andrus Peat  Stanford

DT – Eddie Goldman  Florida State


Players receiving six votes:

OT – TJ Clemmings  Pittsburgh


Players receiving eight votes:

NT – Danny Shelton  Washington


Players receiving ten votes:

OT – La’El Collins  LSU


And with the 17th pick in the 2015 NFL draft, receiving eleven votes, the San Diego Chargers select……


RB – Melvin Gordon  Wisconsin



Although Melvin Gordon has a ton of potential to be a fantastic running back in the NFL, there are so many other needs that might need to be filled prior to drafting a ball carrier.  Many draft experts have compared him to Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles.

This offseason will be very interesting in San Diego.  Tom Telesco has his work cut out for him and it should be fun to watch his plans unravel.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters






After a few broken promises, and some seriously busy times, it is now time for me to release this year’s third edition of my Chargers 7-round mock draft.  At this point of the year with, literally, thousands of mock drafts out there, many fans will not even click on the link to this post.  And I can’t say that I blame them.

That being said, the draft is fast approaching and I’ll have my final edition coming out the day before the draft.  For those of you that have read the other two versions, you’ll recognize a name or two in this article.

Let’s just get right to.  Enjoy and be sure to tear it apart in the comment section below.  Don’t worry, I can take it.


Round 1:

The San Diego Chargers trade the 25th pick in the 1st round to San Francisco and obtain the 30th pick and the 77th pick.


Kyle Van Noy  OLB  BYU 

To honestly convince myself that the Chargers taking another OLB in the first round was the right way to go was difficult.  But Kyle Van Noy is my favorite “football player” in this draft.  He’s neither overly fast, nor is he the most athletic player in this draft class. But the guy just makes plays and is always around the football.  My opinion is that he is the perfect complement to Melvin Ingram on the other side.  Despite having Dwight Freeney surging toward a healthy 2014, he’s no spring chicken.  Van Noy’s selection will upset fans due to the fact that he will not see the playing time that most folks would like out of a first round pick.  I do NOT want to watch this guy in a jersey that doesn’t have lightning bolts.  Therefore, he’s the pick in the first round after trading down.


Round 2:

Marcus Martin  C/G   USC

There’s a strong chance that Martin will not be available when the Bolts are on the clock with the 57th pick in this year’s draft.  But stranger things can and do happen at an alarming rate during the NFL draft.  Martin could immediately come in and start at guard for San Diego.  Although the word on the street is claiming that Jeromey Clary isn’t going anywhere this year, Martin being on the board makes this pick quite simple, in my opinion.  His future with San Diego would have him replacing one of my favorite Chargers of all-time, Nick Hardwick, when the man in the middle of our offensive line decides to hang them up.  Getting Martin here is another move that would bolster the roster to ensure that the future is where this team is focused.


Round 3:

Jordan Matthews   WR   Vanderbilt

The need for a quality wideout to take away some of what will be the inevitable bracketing of Keenan Allen is a real problem to solve for the Charger offense.  Matthews has the size and speed that make for a solid package at wide receiver.  His play at Vandy shows that he needs some work but he has all of the ability to be a solid number two at the next level.  Pairing him with Allen gives the Bolts a bright future when looking at the wide receiving corps.


Justin Ellis   NT   Louisiana Tech

I  had the pleasure of watching Ellis live from the press box in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior bowl.  The quickness a man his size plays with is certainly something to be seen.  Although his bull-rush is his best move, he needs to develop a more varied repertoire to be highly successful at the next level.  Choosing Ellis here is a wise move and the team would be lucky to add him to its defensive line.


Round 4:

E.J. Gaines   CB   Missouri

The fans clamoring for a cornerback have now had their hunger sufficed.  Or have they?  Gaines is a solid, yet underrated, corner in this draft.  He has above average ability in coverage and he’s very physical versus the run for a cornerback.  Gaines displays a fundamental ability in his footwork that should excite all defensive back coaches.  His ability to read and react reminds me of Jason Verrett.  But Gaines can be had here in round four as opposed to Verrett’s likely first-round selection.


Round 5:

Taylor Hart   DE   Oregon

When looking at the rookie season for San Diego’s Kendall Reyes, one might have thought that we were set at defensive end for quite sometime.  Coupling Reyes with Corey Liuget seemed like a recipe for success.  Reyes looked a bit sluggish at times in 2013 and might be better used in pass-rushing situations as opposed to a starter in the team’s base defense.  The need for a solid NT will obviously aid in his hopeful return to his rookie year numbers.  Hart is a great football player that has the skillset to get after the quarterback from the defensive end position in John Pagano’s 3-4 alignment.  His play against the run would apply the necessary pressure to Reyes to have him step it up, or take a seat in the base defense.  If Hart is here in round 5, it would be a no-brainer for Tom Telesco to pull the trigger.


Round 6:

Brandon Thomas   G   Clemson

When it was announced that Thomas suffered a torn ACL while training, the draft world was sharing a serious entiment of pain for the young man from Clemson.  Thomas was looked at as a player that could be drafted as early as the second round.  His injury will, unfortunately, force him to drop significantly.  Considering the scenario of him dropping, the gamble of taking a player like Thomas this late in the draft makes perfect sense.  His long arms and great functional strength make him a guy that fits perfectly at guard. Thomas plays through the whistle and he keeps the motor revving at all times.


Round 7:

Aaron Colvin   CB   Oklahoma

Like Thomas, Colvin tearing his ACL – his injury occurring at the Senior bowl – guaranteed that his selection in the 2014 draft will not be one that shows his true ability.  Colvin had the opportunity to go much sooner, even as early as the mid to late second round. Despite a slight frame, he has a solid knowledge of the game and is not afraid to gamble.  He anticipates routes well and has very nice ball skills.  Many 6th and 7th round picks are forgotten about in due time.  That will not be the case for either Thomas or Colvin.


And there you have it.  Now that you have it….. RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!!! Leave your comments below and tell me what you think.  Thanks a lot for reading and commenting.


Booga Peters

The 2014 NFL Draft is only a couple of months away and the big names in free agency have been snapped up.  As a result, numerous teams around the league have seen their draft needs change.  Taking into consideration these changes, while understanding that many teams maintain a “best available player” approach to the draft, I humbly submit my first mock draft.  Let’s get to it!

ROUND ONE:  The San Diego Chargers select…

Jason Verrett (CB – TCU)

Verrett TCU


At 5’10” some general managers have expressed concerns in matching up with bigger NFL receivers.  There are also some concerns with an injured Labrum in his shoulder that required surgery this spring.  It is this second guessing that could very well allow Verrett to slide to us at pick 25.  However, the TCU Horned Frog posted impressive numbers at the combine running a 4.38 40 yard dash and posting a 39 inch vertical jump.  Jason is very smooth in his back pedal and closes on the ball in a flash.  He doesn’t back down against taller receivers and attacks the ball at the catch point with regularity.  He plays with a confidence and swagger that I like!  Simply put, he plays bigger than his size and is a flat-out playmaker.


ROUND TWO:  The San Diego Chargers select…

Anthony Johnson (DT – LSU)

Johnson LSU

6’2″ and 300 pounds of explosive disruption up the middle.  Anthony has good strength at the point of attack and the ability to shoot the gap on passing downs.  The disappointing play of DE Kendall Reyes last season opened the eyes of many to the importance of a dominant DT to free up Reyes to do his thing.  Johnson isn’t just a space-eater though, he is a playmaker.  A player requiring double-team consideration by offensive coordinators.  Many NFL Draft writers have labeled him a “high-ceiling” guy who is likely to develop into a dominant force down the road.  Sounds like our kind of guy to me…


ROUND THREE:  The San Diego Chargers select…

Carl Bradford (OLB – Arizona St.)

Bradford ASU

Bradford has some size concerns at 6’1″ and 250 pounds – which is why I project him slipping a bit in the draft, allowing us to snag him in the 3rd round.  He has displayed difficulty in providing run support, but is without question a ferocious pass rusher.  His presence on the roster would provide insurance behind an aging Dwight Freeney, who is returning from a season ending torn quadriceps muscle.  Additionally, he would provide instant improvement in our kick coverage teams.  If we invest a year or two in improving his strength against the run, Bradford has the makings of a pro bowl caliber linebacker in the future.


ROUND FOUR:  The San Diego Chargers select…

Joel Bitonio (OG – Nevada)

Bitonio NEV

Joel played left tackle in college, but he projects as a guard in the NFL.  He has good hands and packs a punch.  Bitonio consistently drives defenders back in the running game.  The upside for the young man is great.  Moving to guard will present some adjustment time for pass protection skills, but with patience and good coaching, Joel has starter potential by the 2015 season.

ROUND FIVE:  The San Diego Chargers select…

Martavis Bryant (WR – Clemson)


Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 200 pounds, Martavis presents a big-time matchup problem for many cornerbacks in the league.  He reminds me of a young Malcom Floyd with better speed.  Like Floyd, Bryant excels as a red zone threat.  His ability to run the fade and out jump the defender is tremendous.  Many in the media have given Martavis the dreaded “Boom-or-Bust” label heading into this year’s draft, which accounts for him being available here in the 5th round.  I’m betting he’d blossom in Mike McCoy’s system.


ROUND SIX:  The San Diego Chargers select…

Brandon Coleman (WR – Rutgers)

Coleman RUT

Another gigantic target for Philip Rivers at 6’6″, Coleman is a project with equally gigantic upside.  He is a good downfield blocker that would help turn 7 yard carries into 20 yard gashes.  He is good at “posting up” smaller cornerbacks with his massive frame and then soaring high in the air to snag the ball.  For a receiver his size, Coleman is surprisingly adept at tracking deep throws as well.  Straightline speed is a bit of a concern.  He clocked a 4.56 in the 40 yard dash at the combine, but he is good out of the break with decent hands.  He is very raw and will need time to develop but I see this guy as a diamond in the rough…


ROUND SEVEN:  The San Diego Chargers select…

Russell Bodine (C – North Carolina)

Bodine UNC

 Selecting in the seventh round, the Bolts land a player who could develop into Nick Hardwick’s replacement at center.  Russell Bodine has been a very good run blocker at the collegiate level.  He is technically sound and very intelligent.  He was able to get to the 2nd level smoothly and consistently during his tenure as a Tarheel.  The question with Russell is whether or not he’ll be able to do the same thing against NFL defensive tackles.  He’ll need to bulk up and add some strength to be able to hold up as a pass protector.  His upside makes him intriguing.  With time and coaching, Bodine should develop into a starting caliber center.


…and there you have it.  My take on this year’s draft picks.  This is a topic that always generates plenty of debate, so feel free to comment below.  Thanks for reading and remember to come back to for your daily Chargers fix!

Keep Believin’!

– Coach




A few weeks back I posted the first edition of my Chargers 7 round mock draft.  It received, as expected, quite a bit of debate. Some people liked it, while others hated it.  Thus is the standard when it comes to mock drafts.  You can’t possibly please everyone.

I remember a time when….

Just kidding.  I am not going to talk incessantly prior to this mock.  Let’s just get on with it.


1st round:  Odell Beckham Jr.   WR   LSU  5’11”  198 pounds

It is no secret that the Chargers are in the market for another starting wide receiver.  They had been showing interest in both Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks prior to them signing with Baltimore and Indianapolis, respectively.  OBJ can take the top off a defense with his great speed.  He is very quick to get up to top speed due to his stellar acceleration.  He also brings to the table a solid ability in the return game.  Don’t let the drafting of a wide receiver from LSU in the first round scare you.  He can play.


2nd round:  Marcus Martin   C/G  USC   6’3″   320 pounds

Martin is the best center prospect in the entire draft.  Furthermore, he can easily play guard on the San Diego offensive line while Nick Hardwick finishes off his solid career in the NFL with the Chargers.  He is very physical and takes advantage of his short stature to gain solid leverage against defenders.  Has some nasty to his game and he has yet to reach his ceiling.  MArtin would be an excellent choice in the second round.


3rd round:  Pierre Desir  CB  Lindenwood   6’1″   198 pounds

Despite being incredibly raw, Desir has a bright future in front of him.  He has great size for the position and his speed is good for a corner of his size.  When looking at a small-school prospect like Desir, you want to see that player dominate against that level of competition.  He did just that.  He totaled 25 interceptions during his time in college.  He was a division II All-American as well.


4th round:  Brett Smith  QB  Wyoming  6’2″  206 pounds

The closer we get to the NFL draft, the more the Brett Smith hype train gets rolling.  Smith is athletic for the position and has good speed as well ( clocked in the low 4.5s at his pro day recently according to Benjamin Allbright).  He was little known due to going to Wyoming.  Had he gone to a big name program, his name would be on the tip of many people’s tongues.  His arm is not overly strong but when you watch him play you can see that he has enough arm strength to make all the throws.  Like most quarterbacks, he is not as accurate on the move.  Fans of the Mountain West conference have surely seen him play and most likely walked away very impressed.  I am not sold on Brad Sorensen as the quarterback of the future once Philip Rivers hangs ’em up.  Smith is a guy that could sit back and learn while Rivers finishes off his career in lightning bolts.


5th round:  Justin Ellis   NT  Louisiana Tech   6’2″   334 pounds

I know.  Finally a nose tackle.  Ellis is a big dude.  He had solid showings at both the East-West Shrine game and the Senior bowl. Quick for his size and a heady player.  Although he plays too high at times, he is good anchoring upon contact with offensive linemen; holding his ground and occupying blockers.  Due to his long arm, you’ll see Ellis bat down his fair share of passes at the next level.  Ellis would be a great pick in the 5th round.


6th round:  Cody Latimer   WR   Indiana  6’2″   215 pounds

Another wide receiver?  Yup.  If Latimer is still available here then you sprint to turn your card in right away.  He is one of the better receivers that most people aren’t talking about.  He has good height and is very good in space for that height.  One of my favorite attributes about Latimer is he is a good blocker in the running game for a wide receiver.  That is far more important than many people like to think.  A receiving trio of Keenan Allen, OBJ and Cody Latimer means the future would be looking really good for the Charger passing attack.


7th round:  Taylor Hart   DE   Oregon   6’6″  281 pounds

Hart hasn’t missed a start in his last three seasons in Eugene.  Very intelligent player.  Has good quickness for a defensive lineman. Played multiple spots along the line showing off his versatility.  He was named second team All-Pac 12 in 2013.  Hart would be a nice add this late in the draft.


That concludes this edition of my Chargers 7 round mock draft.  Let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts below in the comment section.


Booga Peters




It appears that Mel Kiper Jr. has mocked Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby to the Chargers with the 25th pick in the first round.  I say that it “appears” that way because it is listed on as an insider piece and I am not a part of that subscription.  I found it in a post by Eric D. Williams right here.

Roby had a rough 2013 season.  Any of you that watched Jared Abbrederis steal Roby’s lunch money repeatedly in their matchup can attest to some of the issues.  There is some speculation the Roby played with a certain level of remorse for returning to school as opposed to taking the next step and going on to the NFL.

Although 2013 had more ups than downs, Roby is very athletic with great speed; he was timed at a 4.39 in the 40-yard dash at the combine while adding a 38.5-inch effort in the vertical jump.  At a shade under 6’0″ and 192 pounds, Roby has good size for the position.

I am sure that I can speak on behalf of the entire fanbase when I say that both Darqueze Dennard and Justin Gilbert would be more desirable if the team goes corner in round one, but chances are that they’ll both be gone.  I’d actually prefer Jason Verrett and Kyle Fuller over Roby as well.

It may sound like I wouldn’t like the selection of Roby, but that is not the case.  I would just prefer to either draft a different position or one of the other top-5 cornerbacks.

How would you feel if Kiper Jr. is right and the Bolts picked Roby?  Leave me a comment below with your opinion on the matter.


Booga Peters




Now that the combine has concluded, I have created my first mock draft of the offseason.  This mock is slightly more geared to who I want while who San Diego needs takes a backseat.  With that being said, I still believe it to be a good draft for the Chargers but my later mocks will be slightly more realistic as far as round destination is concerned.  Let’s get to the good stuff!


Round 1

Ra’Shede Hageman DT, Minnesota

Hageman possess a great frame at 6’6” and 310 pounds.  At Minnesota Hageman showed his durability by starting all 13 games in his senior season and played in all 12 during his sophomore campaign.  This guy is athletic as they come and his strength serves him well.  Great redirection skills and tackling ability will make him an immediate contributor along our defensive line.

Round 2

Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB, Nebraska

Jean-Baptiste was not on my radar until a couple of Chargers “tweeps” raved about him.  As a guy who is extremely hesitant to jump on bandwagons, it says something that I leaped onto this one.  “SJB” is a 6’3” 190 lbs corner who can/will be coached up to be as physical as they come.  The same season Nebraska led the nation in opponent completion percentage, Jean-Baptiste led his team in pass breakups with 9.  He went on to earn 2nd team All-Big Ten honors after his 2013 season.  There is no doubt he will be a huge addition to our secondary.

Round 3

Jeremiah Attaochu OLB, Georgia Tech

Attaochu is one of my favorite players in this year’s draft.  He has one of the best motors of and LB I have watched.  The 6’2” 252 pound Yellow Jacket did not participate in the combine but will work out at GA Tech’s combine.  The Senior Bowl was the last time we saw Attaochu in action.  In the third round I think this is a good value and will help our edge rush.

Round 4

Devin Street WR, Pittsburgh

Street is a nice target at 6’3” and a notch under 200 pounds.  He is known for catching just about anything in his radius (which is fairly wide).  With Tommy Savage at QB there was definitely a pro-potential QB distributing the pigskin. Street is the type of receiver the Chargers need to place opposite of Keenan Allen.  While he is not as tall as some WRs that San Diego has targeted in the past, he plays like one of them.

Round 5

Russell Bodine OG/C, North Carolina

This 6’3” 310 pound Tar Heel made Honorable mention All-ACC starting at center all 13 games for UNC.  Has some experience at guard as a fill-in for injured players. Bodine may be the strongest offensive lineman in the draft, throwing up 42 reps of 225 at the combine.  With Hardwick on his way out sometime soon, we will need a guy to become the starting center sooner rather than later.

Round 6

Storm Johnson RB, Central Florida

Johnson runs exceptionally well between the tackles and has the speed to still thrive on the outside.  Johnson only had one year as the feature back, but in the case he goes to San Diego that works perfectly because he would come into a committee where I think he would be best suited anyway.  Johnson may not end up being an every down back and in San Diego that would not be a problem and could end up developing him into just that. The 6’ and 209 lb back would be great value in the sixth round.

Round 7

Max Bullough ILB, Michigan State

3rd Team AP All-American, First team All-Big Ten. This 6’3” 250 pound linebacker was a part of what was arguably the nation’s top defense in 2013.  His stock is dropping due to being suspended from the Rose Bowl for reasons he still will not talk about.

In the seventh round, there is no way we can pass up on this Butkus semifinalist. A chance is all he needs to prove himself and I am sure he will take all advantages.

This concludes my first mock draft of 2014. Be on the lookout for draft profiles of potential Chargers, as well as overall intriguing draftees.


Jarvis Royal

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