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What a past few months it’s been at The growth of the website and BoltBlitzLIVE has been an amazing journey for all of us.

On May 31st, we held our first meet up at the Tilted Kilt in Mission Valley. You talk about going into an event blindly! Will people show up on a beautiful afternoon in San Diego in May to talk Chargers Football?  Booga and myself reserved the back of the Tilted Kilt. Will enough fans show up? Can we get players to appear? Will the fans spend enough money for the Tilted Kilt to think it’s successful for them? We had no idea what the answers were to these questions and wouldn’t until the actual event took place.


So Booga wrote about the event. We posted it on Facebook and Twitter. That’s when the magic happened. Fans began to post the event on their personal wall on Facebook. Some people we knew, but some people we didn’t even know. Twitter almost became an  infomercial about the event. Charger fans of all types bonding together as “a team that loves a team” with one common goal. Meeting other fans who share the same obsession as their own.


Now it’s the day of the event. Booga and I start receiving messages from people who can’t make it. How many would actually show up? Booga and I had a bet. He guessed about 50 while I said 70. But we didn’t know as we loaded the $5,000 in raffle prizes into the car with the Chargers shirts that Steve Adler would be selling. As we arrived at the Kilt it quickly became apparent what was happening. Fans were showing up an hour early from as far away as L.A.


As the start time approached we had well over 100 people there. Dan McClellan who worked as the Chargers beat writer for CBS RapidReports was there. Derek Togerson was filming for NBCSanDiego and their 6:30 newscast. Terri Hansen and Karen Garcia were working the raffle tables and the shirts. Then UDFAs Craig Watts and Jeremiah Sirles showed up and they were taking pictures for the fans. Jesse Arroyo of Jesse Arroyo Photography showed up taking pictures of the fans in attendance.


At one point during the event there we had over 200 people in the bar. We filled the Kilt from the back to the front. It was wall to wall fans. People were making new friends and meeting Facebook and Twitter acquaintances for the first time. Smiles and laughter shined inside the Tilted Kilt.





But how did so may people show up? 200? Are you kidding me? The answer was simple. It was YOU! You did this!

For those of you who volunteered to work the event…..Thank YOU!

For those of you who tweeted about the event and retweeted….Thank YOU!

For those of you who share our articles on Facebook and Charger Fan Pages….Thank YOU!

We are all a part of a team that loves a team. I know we didn’t get a chance to thank each and every one of you individually. But let it be known right here and right now, we notice all you do and it’s greatly appreciated!

So, I bid all of you a heart-felt THANK YOU!


Thomas Powell


Editor’s Note:  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  The fans are why we do what we do.  We love you guys!  Just a reminder that #BoltBlitzMeetup2 is July 12th at The Tilted Kilt in Mission Valley at 5:00 pm.  We plan on doing it just as big and we look forward to seeing everyone from the last meetup and as many new fans as possible. 







Time is running out on your opportunity to join the Predict the Pick group on

We only have 13 people in the group.  As I stated in the first article about this contest, if 100 people sign up, I’ll will give the person with the highest score a brand new, with tags, Junior Seau USC football jersey.  The jersey retails at $249.99.

If 100 people do not sign up, I will find a different prize to give away.  The idea of this contest is to get as much participation as possible.

To sign up, got to and click on this link: and then click on the predict the pick tab.  Once there, type in the group name and the password to enter the group is Seau55.  

This is a great opportunity to win an awesome jersey or another cool prize if the 100 person requirement is not met.


Thanks a lot for reading and good luck to all of you.  Please pass the word along to all of the Charger fans you know!









As we all know, and have been anticipating for months, the NFL draft is right around the corner.  The excitement continues to build as Tom Telesco has his first chance to prove that his process of building through the draft can get off on the right foot. has a “Predict the Pick” contest which allows you to guess which players will be drafted by what teams in the first round of the upcoming draft.

Our league name is and the password is Seau55.  Go to and find the Predict the Pick page and enter the information.  There is a reason for the password involving Junior Seau.

Although I have no clue what does for the winners of their contest, as long as 100 people sign up in the group, I will send the person with the most points a brand new, with tags still on it, Junior Seau Nike jersey from his days at USC.

Again, let me make this clear, that is ONLY if 100 people join the group.  In the case of a tie, I will invite the individuals that tie onto one of my shows and we will do a trivia question tie breaker.  That could be pretty cool as well.

I look forward to as many of you participating as possible.  The jersey retails at approximately $249.99.  It is definitely as great item to add to your collection.


UPDATE:   I’d like to add that even staff members are eligible to win the jersey.  The jersey will go to the person with the most points.  That includes the fact that if I beat everyone, I’ll be keeping the jersey.


Thanks a lot for reading and good luck.






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