• Donald+Butler+Tennessee+Titans+v+San+Diego+Smx2ZuD2KCllLeadership in 2015: Donald Butler must step up for Chargers By Briana Soltis

    The faces of the San Diego Chargers have most recently been Philip Rivers for the offense and Eric Weddle for the defense. Don’t get me wrong, these two have done a stellar job at leading their counterparts and mentoring incoming talent, but unsung frontrunners such as center Nick Hardwick and…

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  • Donald+Butler+Tennessee+Titans+v+San+Diego+Smx2ZuD2KCllLeadership in 2015: Donald Butler must step up for Chargers By Briana Soltis

    The faces of the San Diego Chargers have most recently been Philip Rivers for the offense and Eric Weddle for the defense. Don’t get me wrong, these two have done a stellar job at leading their counterparts and mentoring incoming talent, but unsung frontrunners such as center Nick Hardwick and…

  • Bolt ReceiversBridging The Gap Between Mediocrity and Legacy By Big White Kahuna

        More often than not, the will of a person to achieve success comes from their inner desire to be the best.  By nature people want to win, to be the first to do...anything.  Eddie Royal and Malcom Floyd showed everyone their will and crushed all the doubters with their…

  • Jarrett+Johnson+tBkI8PxmvYMmFrom setting edges to clipping hedges: JJ retires By Briana Soltis

        After twelve years as an outside linebacker in the NFL, Jarret Johnson (JJ) has announced that he is hanging up his cleats. This comes to no surprise as Johnson has already produced a spectacular tenure in the league and has decided to retire on a high note. JJ spent his…

  • GregWilliamsGetting To Know The Staff: Greg Williams By Greg Williams

        Name: Greg Anthony Williams Hometown: Raleigh, NC Alias(es): The Greg One, The 'novelist' of Boltblitz, Hootie Height: 5'11 Weight: 232 40-yard dash: 4.49 seconds Hand size: 10 1/2 225-pound bench press: Nope Vertical: I'd rather be horizontal Sports…

  • Danny+Woodhead+L17D55Byfd5mWoodhead Invaluable to Bolts Offense By Briana Soltis

    When Danny Woodhead joined the Chargers in 2013, there was a lot of excitement in San Diego. When it came to free agent acquisitions, Philip Rivers made it known that he was “most excited about” the scrappy running back. Woodhead ended that season with a career year and looked to have an even…

  • BoltBlitz-800x450Bolting around the interwebs: Charger Links By BoogaP

      Pete Prisco of CBS Sports ranks the top-50 free agents going into the 2015 season.   Sam Farmer of the LA Times writes about the Chargers and Raiders sharing a stadium in Carson.   Chargers.com released a joint statement from the Chargers and…

  • BoltBlitz-800x450Bolting around the interwebs: Charger Links By BoogaP

      Chargers.com features Tom Telesco answering fan questions.   Eric D. Williams of espn.com writes about the Chargers scheduling a meeting with draft prospect La'El Collins.   Tania Milberg of BarkingBeast.com has the Barking Beast Runway show Friday at 6:00 pm at the…

  • LA Chargers"...I'm Just Sayin'": Boycott the Chargers? SMH By Will McCafferty

    “Hell no, we won’t go! Hell no, we won’t go!” Will this be the chant heard throughout San Diego before and during the 2015 Chargers season? Will a boycott of Chargers games be the chosen form of protest by Chargers fans? How about boycotting the sale of Chargers gear? That could happen as…

  • shaun phillipsShaun Of The Dead? By Big White Kahuna

      Ex-Charger Shaun Phillips has been released by the Indianapolis Colts on Monday.  This was the 33-year-old veterans second team during the 2014 campaign.  It is hard to imagine the once ferocious and electric pass-rushing linebacker now seemingly on his way out of the game. I know…

  • BoltBlitzMeetup2BoltBlitz Meetup Saturday at 3:00 pm at Lucky Bastard Saloon Downtown By BoogaP

        We are at it again!  BoltBlitz.com's next meetup is this Saturday at 3:00 pm at the Lucky Bastard Saloon in downtown San Diego. As usual we are getting together a bunch of fans to hang out and have a great time.  There will be a few raffle items and the prices are $5.00 for…

  • PG13FlyerBarking Beast Runway Show Friday at 6:00 pm at the Westin San Diego By BoogaP

      The NFL and the Chargers may be in the offseason right now, but being a part of exciting, charitable events has no season. This Friday at 6:00 pm at the Westin San Diego the Barking Beast runway show will take place. The hotel is located at 400 West Broadway in downtown San Diego.…

  • qualcommMust Read: Remarks to the Mayor's Stadium Task Force By Dan McLellan

    REMARKS TO THE MAYOR’S STADIUM TASK FORCE Mark Fabiani Special Counsel to the President of the Chargers February 16, 2015 We appreciate the enormous difficulty of the challenge before you. We are now in the midst of our 14th year of work on this issue – an effort that has cost the Spanos…

  • Flowers1Key to Success in 2015: Re-signing Dunlap and Flowers By Chasen Jones

      EDITOR'S NOTE: In the last two years both King Dunlap and Brandon Flowers were the biggest free agent acquisitions made by the Chargers in 2013 and 2014 respectively.  Dunlap has played far better than the fans of his former team, the Eagles, would like to admit.  After being cut in…

  • BoltBlitz-800x450Bolting around the interwebs: Charger Links By BoogaP

        Tom Krasovic of UT San Diego looks back at some of the players taken with the 17th pick in the 1st round of the draft.   Eddie Brown of UT San Diego posts his most recent 3-round mock draft.   Eric Williams of espn.com/nfl gives his latest regarding updates…

  • AdrianShould Chargers spend on troubled free agents? By Greg Williams

    Chargers fans and NFL fans in general have their eyes focused on March 10, the day when free agency begins. For once, the Chargers have an abundance of spending cash and gaping holes that need to be filled on offense and defense. We've become used to and applauded GM Tom Telesco for doing a lot…

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13 Responses to Home

  • BoogaP
    BoogaP says:

    Thanks go out to all of the #BoltFam that stops by and checks out our site!! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.

  • Glenn says:

    What’s up Booga! It’s your boy @GameTime562. I just learned about your site, looks like I’m a little late to the party but keep up the good work fam! #BoltUp

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      It’s cool man! Thanks for checking us out. Better late than never. Lol. Now that you know, I expect you to be a regular!!

  • teddy says:

    hey mr. booga thanks for the respect on fb… enjoy reading your articles on here. respect big dawg… bolt pride world wide

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      Teddy- No thanks needed, bro. I am really glad we ran into each other on Facebook. Stay cool and keep doin’ what you do!

  • teddy says:

    as a bolt fans of 43 yrs… i enjoy coming on here to reading what you all have to say about the bolts. keep it up respect to you all.

  • teddy says:


  • teddy says:

    training camp is finally here
    ready to get it in gear
    rookies fighting for a spot
    some dreams come true some not
    football is back
    man it was a long off season at that
    dust off your charger gear
    because this is a bolt year
    loyal,true and die hard fans
    will come from all over the land
    charger football is back and no joke
    2013 is the year of the bolt

  • OPBolt says:

    Booga – after last night, I think we saw in the Broncos, a model of what we want the Chargers to be, but have to acknowledge that we aren’t there yet. Just a couple of quick observations:
    – Special Teams, Special Teams, Special Teams – IMO, the tipping point of the game. By that I mean the fatal strategic momentum shift in the game. I don’t mean to imply that the Ravens could have won the game, only that I don’t think it would have been such a complete rout. Ironic since Harbaugh was a ST Coach.
    – Weak, injured, depleted Ravens WR group – no one could get open, when they got open they dropped the ball, when they caught the ball the Broncos defenders crushed them. Uh-oh – who does that sound like?
    – Broncos WRs and Wes Welker – enough said. How the heck are we going to shut them down over two games?
    – Against Payton Manning – pass rush or die on defense, long, time-eating drives (with TDs) on offense (the same formula for the last 15 years). I mean, really, 7 TDs – against the SB champs?

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      What’s good, OP! Yeah, last night was a site for sore eyes in that we haven’t had regular season games in forever. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the Broncos looked so sharp. They flashed so many things and capabilities that you want in a team. Long, time consuming drives, ability to score quickly, hard-hitting defense and, well, Peyton was out of his mind. I feel like they looked even better than I thought they would. That’s scary because I have them doing big things this year.

  • Vincent Daino says:

    Hey booga and Thomas I promised I’d stop in and check out the website. Love it I’m a fan of it now and will be here everyday checking out some news.

  • doug cruit says:

    Hey Booga and Thomas i am a diehard charger fan from Tampa Florida, Funny that i live here and no one is pressuring me to become a Buc Fan bcause if they were to try and change me they would be in for a fight.. Been a Fan since the early 60’s and have followed them since. First time on your site but i do like reading all the other charger fans and what they have to say. BOLT UP and BE TRUE. That is me thru and thru. Keep up the site and i will come back to say hi every once in a while. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHARGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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