• AlvarezBolt Pride Tailgate at P4 Tomorrow By BoogaP

        Who doesn't love a good tailgate?  Furthermore, who doesn't love a GREAT tailgate?  Getting together with fans of the San Diego Chargers and preparing to watch your team go into battle with the opposing team is one of the reasons I love the Bolts. Tomorrow, at P4 at…

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  • AlvarezBolt Pride Tailgate at P4 Tomorrow By BoogaP

        Who doesn't love a good tailgate?  Furthermore, who doesn't love a GREAT tailgate?  Getting together with fans of the San Diego Chargers and preparing to watch your team go into battle with the opposing team is one of the reasons I love the Bolts. Tomorrow, at P4 at…

  • Oliver2Can BO make it three in a row? By BoogaP

        Undrafted rookie free agent Branden Oliver is making his mark in the San Diego backfield.  After initially being one of 5 running backs on the team, he has been thrust into the starting role due to injuries to Ryan Mathews, Danny Woodhead and Donald Brown.  He has been…

  • Helmets2Stop looking at Power Rankings!! By BoogaP

        Every major NFL website produces weekly power rankings slotting all 32 teams according to their thoughts on where each team ranks in the league. To put it quite honestly, it's a huge waste of time.  You might as well watch paint dry.  I guarantee you'll get the same…

  • FloydFloyd coming up big in 2014 By BoogaP

        After suffering a season-ending injury in week 2 of the 2013 season during the victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, Malcom Floyd is back and he is contributing at an all-time level.  He is on pace to have a career-high in receiving yardage, and he is a major factor in the…

  • AFCWESTAFC West Tour Update By Jarvis Royall

        After a sloppy, yet impressive, win in Oakland, the Chargers will come home for the last time until Week 11.  The week upcoming could not be more important.  After an AFC West showdown against the Chiefs in Kansas City on Sunday, the San Diego Chargers will have to gear right…

  • Q2Follow-Up: Chargers to L.A. Talk Won't Die Quietly By David Parada

        Before the preseason even started, I wrote about how the reports attaching the San Diego Chargers to relocation won't seem to die (early August as I remember).  The stadium subject is like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers, you can't seem to kill it. So, what have the…

  • Keenan4Chargers vs Chiefs: 5 and 5 By Will McCafferty

        Over the years, coaches of all sports have been the subject of an argument. “Are coaches an important part of winning?” Opponents will tell you that players make the plays. No coach has ever thrown a game winning touchdown or made a game saving tackle. Coaches are little…

  • Gates1Plays Away from the Ball Key to Winning Ways By David Agranoff

        We all have to deal with the Fantasy football nerd at work. He doesn’t really have a favorite team, but knows you are a Chargers fan. So ever since they drafted Keenan Allen on to his team, you have been getting grief about his sophomore slump. I hate to break it to Fantasy…

  • VegasBoltBlitz Staff Picks ATS: NFL Week 7 By David Greenoge

        Our Week 6 picks ATS did pretty well. We look to continue this effort in Week 7. As a whole we went 11-7 (61%) last week. Week 6 was a solid week for favorites. Vegas favorites went 12-3 last week. It's Week 7 time, and our staff will give our 3 locks of the week ATS.…

  • BoltBlitz-800x450Entre Amigos y Rivales: Juegos de División By Joe Martinez

          En el maravilloso mundo de los deportes, siempre hay conflictos; para ser mas específico, rivalidades. Aquellos duelos entre dos jugadores o equipos que causan una revolución, y que cada vez que se enfrentan, es solo una de varias puestas de escena que crean tensión…

  • ChargersRaidersThe Switch to Sparano almost helped Oakland beat San Diego By Randy Mainwaring

        Fifty-two years ago this month was an event in history that, had it happened, would have changed the world as we know it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the Cuban missile crisis. If you’re not familiar with this historical event, look it up.…

  • QualcommRooting for the LA Chargers By Briana Soltis

        There are some that would love to see the San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles - mostly those involved in the business aspect. There are even a few that would root for the club if they became the L.A Chargers. I, on the other hand, feel absolutely sick to my stomach even at…

  • BoogaVerrettVerrett Seals a Sloppy Victory in Oakland By BoogaP

        The only stat that matters is the final score.  The Chargers were able to justify that fact Sunday with a 31-28 win over Oakland. After the team bus was egged by the scum that are known as Raider fans, the Bolts cam out sluggish and watched rookie quarterback, Derek Carr,…

  • BoltBlitz-800x450Chargers vs Raiders: Revolución en Oakland By Joe Martinez

        A veces se tiene que sufrir para mantener (hasta el momento) el mejor récord de temporada en la NFL este año, y es exactamente lo que ocurrió el pasado domingo, en el Coliseo O.co en Oakland. En el primero de dos encuentros que tendrán los Raiders y los Chargers este…

  • Flowers1The Injury to Brandon Flowers is Worth Keeping an Eye on By BoogaP

        Prior to yesterday's victory over the Raiders, free agent addition Brandon Flowers snagged interceptions in consecutive games.  The confidence and swagger he brings to the defense spreads like a wildfire accompanied by Santa Anna winds in America's finest city during the month…

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12 Responses to Home

  • BoogaP
    BoogaP says:

    Thanks go out to all of the #BoltFam that stops by and checks out our site!! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.

  • Glenn says:

    What’s up Booga! It’s your boy @GameTime562. I just learned about your site, looks like I’m a little late to the party but keep up the good work fam! #BoltUp

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      It’s cool man! Thanks for checking us out. Better late than never. Lol. Now that you know, I expect you to be a regular!!

  • teddy says:

    hey mr. booga thanks for the respect on fb… enjoy reading your articles on here. respect big dawg… bolt pride world wide

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      Teddy- No thanks needed, bro. I am really glad we ran into each other on Facebook. Stay cool and keep doin’ what you do!

  • teddy says:

    as a bolt fans of 43 yrs… i enjoy coming on here to reading what you all have to say about the bolts. keep it up respect to you all.

  • teddy says:


  • teddy says:

    training camp is finally here
    ready to get it in gear
    rookies fighting for a spot
    some dreams come true some not
    football is back
    man it was a long off season at that
    dust off your charger gear
    because this is a bolt year
    loyal,true and die hard fans
    will come from all over the land
    charger football is back and no joke
    2013 is the year of the bolt

  • OPBolt says:

    Booga – after last night, I think we saw in the Broncos, a model of what we want the Chargers to be, but have to acknowledge that we aren’t there yet. Just a couple of quick observations:
    – Special Teams, Special Teams, Special Teams – IMO, the tipping point of the game. By that I mean the fatal strategic momentum shift in the game. I don’t mean to imply that the Ravens could have won the game, only that I don’t think it would have been such a complete rout. Ironic since Harbaugh was a ST Coach.
    – Weak, injured, depleted Ravens WR group – no one could get open, when they got open they dropped the ball, when they caught the ball the Broncos defenders crushed them. Uh-oh – who does that sound like?
    – Broncos WRs and Wes Welker – enough said. How the heck are we going to shut them down over two games?
    – Against Payton Manning – pass rush or die on defense, long, time-eating drives (with TDs) on offense (the same formula for the last 15 years). I mean, really, 7 TDs – against the SB champs?

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      What’s good, OP! Yeah, last night was a site for sore eyes in that we haven’t had regular season games in forever. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the Broncos looked so sharp. They flashed so many things and capabilities that you want in a team. Long, time consuming drives, ability to score quickly, hard-hitting defense and, well, Peyton was out of his mind. I feel like they looked even better than I thought they would. That’s scary because I have them doing big things this year.

  • Vincent Daino says:

    Hey booga and Thomas I promised I’d stop in and check out the website. Love it I’m a fan of it now and will be here everyday checking out some news.

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