• TrainingCamp33rd and Woe : What is Wrong? By David Agranoff

        I keep hearing pundits say the Chargers versus Raiders game week 11 was an ugly win or not a work of art. Pretty much the only NFL fans excited about the game were aspiring punters. By the time we were collectively wiping sweat off our brows and watching the clock hit zeros the…

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  • TrainingCamp33rd and Woe : What is Wrong? By David Agranoff

        I keep hearing pundits say the Chargers versus Raiders game week 11 was an ugly win or not a work of art. Pretty much the only NFL fans excited about the game were aspiring punters. By the time we were collectively wiping sweat off our brows and watching the clock hit zeros the…

  • Novak9 + 5 = Un Dúo Clave De La Escuadra Relámpago By Joe Martinez

      Para un equipo de fútbol americano, la unidad de equipos especiales es esencial cada vez que se va a patear el balón, ya sea por despeje, gol de campo o punto extra. Aunque algunos jugadores de esta unidad también participan en la línea defensiva y la línea ofensiva, dos jugadores en…

  • EWWinning the Turnover Battle Crucial for Success By Briana Soltis

        The NFL is full of the most elite football players from all over the world with incredible athletic abilities; Odell Beckham Jr.’s three finger catch says enough. With the top athletes facing off every week, a team knows there is one thing they need to do in order to…

  • Freeney4Chargers vs Rams: Juego Cardiaco Que Deja Esperanza By Joe Martinez

      ¿Qué se puede decir? Casi nos da un ataque! Un partido que estuvo muy reñido y donde se vio que ambos equipos tenían esperanzas de llevarse la victoria. Es exactamente lo que se vio el domingo pasado en el Estadio Qualcomm, en la hermosa ciudad de San Diego, donde mas de 66,000…

  • BoltBlitz-800x450It was the best of times, it was the worst of times By BoogaP

        "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...." - Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities   In what turned out to be a game of redemption for multiple Chargers, the ebb and flow of San Diego's win over St. Louis seemed to have it all; positive and negative,…

  • Team1Poll: Which of the next 5 Charger games has you the most concerned? By BoogaP

        The San Diego Chargers defeated the St. Louis Rams yesterday 27-24.  It was a battle from the beginning to the end and the fans at Qualcomm, and at home, were on the edge of their seats for the entirety of the contest.  Every game in the NFL is difficult to win.  The victory…

  • Mathews7Mathews helps carry Bolts to victory By BoogaP

        Yesterday's victory over the St. Louis Rams at Qualcomm certainly had the Charger fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish.  The highs and lows of week 12 were near heart attack-inducing.  The bottom line is, San Diego walked away with a very important…

  • VegasBoltBlitz Staff Picks ATS: NFL Week 12 By David Greenoge

        Week 12 is here! For the year we are 64-62 (51%). Week 12 brings many key match-ups. Looks to be another exciting week of football. Football in week 12 is upon us and our staff will give our 3 locks of the week ATS. On to the picks!   Locks of the…

  • Pagano5 Keys to beating the Rams By BoogaP

        After defeating the division rival Raiders in a game that was far too close for comfort, the Chargers now face the St. Louis Rams in what is pretty much another must-win game.  Despite an early season five-game winning streak, the fact that the Bolts lost three in a row prior…

  • Butler1Will the Real Butler Please Stand Up By Briana Soltis

        There is no denying that Donald Butler was missing in action for the Miami game and a good portion of this season. In fact, he has looked completely lost at times, and well detached to say the least. Fellow  senior writer, Mike Pisciotta, has already announced an Amber Alert,…

  • ThomasMcCoyRams @ Chargers: 5 and 5 By Will McCafferty

        Last Sunday, the Chargers broke their modest (in comparison to the Raiders) three-game losing streak with a hard-fought victory over the winless Raiders. Although this is not a “signature win”, it is a win nonetheless. All Chargers fans should be happy for the rest of the…

  • TavonScouting the St. Louis Rams Offense By BoogaP

    The Chargers begin a brutal six-game stretch versus very formidable opponents.  That run begins at Qualcomm this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.  Some may look at their 4-6 record and overlook the Jeff Fisher-led team.  I can assure you, that is a big mistake. The Rams are coming off a…

  • GatesGates Goes Into Damage Control, but Has Damage Been Done? By David Parada

        I ask of your forgiveness ahead of time in case my words today bore you.  Yeah, I confess, I had higher expectations going into Sunday's game against Oakland.  I agree, a win is a win. However, what message is the team sending to their opponents these next six weeks?  A…

  • UTI1780143_r620x349Week 12 Preview: Rams vs Chargers By Jarvis Royall

        Thank God for the Oakland Raiders.  While the San Diego Chargers did get healthy over their Week 10 bye, it seemed as if that was the only thing they did.  The Chargers were able to start off their seven-game stretch with a hard-fought 13-6 win at home.  With a whole week to…

  • Q2The Stadium Debate: Thomas Powell, Derek Togerson, Dan McLellan, David Frerker and Booga Peters By BoogaP

        EDITOR'S NOTE:  The need for the Chargers to remain in San Diego is obvious to Charger fans.  The fans here do not want to lose their team to a market like Los Angeles, Portland or San Antonio.  But is that even relevant to the vote or the topic at hand among those in the…

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12 Responses to Home

  • BoogaP
    BoogaP says:

    Thanks go out to all of the #BoltFam that stops by and checks out our site!! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.

  • Glenn says:

    What’s up Booga! It’s your boy @GameTime562. I just learned about your site, looks like I’m a little late to the party but keep up the good work fam! #BoltUp

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      It’s cool man! Thanks for checking us out. Better late than never. Lol. Now that you know, I expect you to be a regular!!

  • teddy says:

    hey mr. booga thanks for the respect on fb… enjoy reading your articles on here. respect big dawg… bolt pride world wide

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      Teddy- No thanks needed, bro. I am really glad we ran into each other on Facebook. Stay cool and keep doin’ what you do!

  • teddy says:

    as a bolt fans of 43 yrs… i enjoy coming on here to reading what you all have to say about the bolts. keep it up respect to you all.

  • teddy says:


  • teddy says:

    training camp is finally here
    ready to get it in gear
    rookies fighting for a spot
    some dreams come true some not
    football is back
    man it was a long off season at that
    dust off your charger gear
    because this is a bolt year
    loyal,true and die hard fans
    will come from all over the land
    charger football is back and no joke
    2013 is the year of the bolt

  • OPBolt says:

    Booga – after last night, I think we saw in the Broncos, a model of what we want the Chargers to be, but have to acknowledge that we aren’t there yet. Just a couple of quick observations:
    – Special Teams, Special Teams, Special Teams – IMO, the tipping point of the game. By that I mean the fatal strategic momentum shift in the game. I don’t mean to imply that the Ravens could have won the game, only that I don’t think it would have been such a complete rout. Ironic since Harbaugh was a ST Coach.
    – Weak, injured, depleted Ravens WR group – no one could get open, when they got open they dropped the ball, when they caught the ball the Broncos defenders crushed them. Uh-oh – who does that sound like?
    – Broncos WRs and Wes Welker – enough said. How the heck are we going to shut them down over two games?
    – Against Payton Manning – pass rush or die on defense, long, time-eating drives (with TDs) on offense (the same formula for the last 15 years). I mean, really, 7 TDs – against the SB champs?

    • BoogaP
      BoogaP says:

      What’s good, OP! Yeah, last night was a site for sore eyes in that we haven’t had regular season games in forever. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the Broncos looked so sharp. They flashed so many things and capabilities that you want in a team. Long, time consuming drives, ability to score quickly, hard-hitting defense and, well, Peyton was out of his mind. I feel like they looked even better than I thought they would. That’s scary because I have them doing big things this year.

  • Vincent Daino says:

    Hey booga and Thomas I promised I’d stop in and check out the website. Love it I’m a fan of it now and will be here everyday checking out some news.

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